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LEI 3707 University of Miami Global Review of Disability & Accessibility Questions

LEI 3707 University of Miami Global Review of Disability & Accessibility Questions

Question Description

This assignment addresses your Global Awareness Outcome, Students will be able to describe the interrelated dynamics (e.g. legislative, attitudinal, linguistic, sociocultural, globalization) that influence accessibility for individuals with disabilities in communities across the world.

  • Role: A leader in the selected country who is trying to increase tourism.
  • China will be the country to choose

Amongst yourselves you are to select a country outside of the United Stated that you are interested in researching pertaining to the specific laws and/or disability rights of that country. Within your role, you are to select and research which questions are most pertinent to your role. Each group will submit a PowerPoint presentation with voice recording and a 2-3-page APA formatted paper explaining your role and the particular questions you researched.


  1. Visit the following website Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (Links to an external site.) (DREDF) and as a group select a country you all are interested in researching and that provides one or more specific law(s)/act(s) on disability rights. (Do not choose the USA.)
  2. Also, review and read through the following websites to help you with your research and in writing the global review of the country and its comparison to the USA:
  1. Next, choose what role you will be assuming.
  2. Research your questions.
  3. Individually, submit an APA formatted 2-3 page paper explaining your role and questions you focused on.

Research and discuss the following questions regarding your selected country for your Global Review of Disability and Accessibility. All questions below need to be answered in a complete manner by whichever role you deem most appropriate.

  1. In your opinion, how did the Americans with Disabilities Act impact society the most and more specifically, people with disabilities?
  2. What current (within the last 5 years) legislation has been passed in the United States that would impact individuals with disabilities? Good or bad
  3. For the country that you chose from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund-International Laws documents):
    • Provide a general overview of disability rights for your chosen country.
    • Discuss how the country compares to different areas you have read about and watched throughout the semester concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act (i.e. compare the ADA titles/content from Chapter 6: Follow the Americans with Disabilities Act and compare this to similar titles/content from the law(s) for your chosen country).
    • How do you feel the country compares historically (are they ahead or behind the US and how)?
  4. In addition, describe what accomplishments society has made (across the world- inside and outside the USA) in overcoming barriers (attitudinal as well as architectural) for the rights of people with disabilities and on inclusion in general. On a global scale, what do you feel we still have yet to do?
  5. What role does recreation and sport services have in helping society (the USA and the world) overcome such barriers in the future and enhancing the rights, independence, and inclusion for people with disabilities around the world?
  6. Locate at least 2 accessible recreation sites in your selected country.
    • Provide an overview of the sites and what they offer.
    • Obtain pictures of the location

7. What specific law would you enact to help increase tourism in your selected country and why

APA Paper (1.5 points)

  • Each student will submit an individually reflection written APA formatted 2-3 page paper explaining your selected role and questions you focused on.
    • Did anything surprise you in your role?
    • Did you have to change questions once you got into the research?
    • How did you feel about your chosen role?
    • How did your group work together or lack their of?
    • This paper is to be written in APA format. Provide citations (if you paraphrase and/or quote) to support your answers/discussion from your course and assignment readings/viewings and from additional literature you may have discovered and read from your research for this assignment. Also, make sure to include the sources of these citations in the reference list at the end of your paper!

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