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ST Thomas University Week 6 Meaning of Food in the German Culture Discussion

ST Thomas University Week 6 Meaning of Food in the German Culture Discussion

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Cuellar, JacquelineTatiana

German Culture and Food Choice

Meaning of Food in the German Culture

Food in German culture makes it challenging for one to stay healthy. Thus, food for Germans entails choices that have high cholesterol levels. According to an article by German Culture (2021) the Germans prefer hearty meals that include poultry, beef and pork with an average individual in Germany consuming about 72 pounds of meat annually. Heuer et al. (2015) while citing the German National Nutrition Survey (NVS II) claim that the German population consumes lower meals that are plant origin and higher amounts of animal origin than recommended. The authors add that there is significant difference between food consumption that exists between the different populations based in socio-economic status (SES), age and sex. Usually women and the elderly individual with higher SES make healthier food decisions. German Culture (2021) adds that bread is an important aspect of the German diet and it is consumed during breakfast and in the evening as sandwiches. It is rarely consumed as a side dish. For Germans breakfast consists of bread rolls, toast and breads with jam, honey or marmalade, eggs, strong tea or coffee (German Culture, 2021). Other food choices include salami, salted meats and ham. Therefore, in the German culture the food that is consumed is high in protein and carbohydrates. Heuer et al. (2015) state that the German population does not consume food of plant origin and while similar trends are being observed in other European nations, consumption of beers, fruit juices and bread is higher in Germany.

Intervention Using Health Beliefs of German Ancestry

Food choice is an important way to tackle the cholesterol levels. Traditionally Germans eat a significant amount of bread as one of the staple foods of the region. Therefore, to reduce cholesterol levels of Mr. Pfiefer, he can take Whole Grain Rye Pumpernickel Bread. Whole grain bread that includes pumpernickel is low in glycemic index, contains some protein and high in fiber as well as B-complex vitamins such as B-3, B-1, selenium and thiamine that assist in converting food into energy (Health Fitness Revolution, 2016). Another traditional food choice that the patient can use and does not have high cholesterol is asparagus. In Germany it is identified as the “vegetable of kings” and it protects the liver with beneficial enzymes and minerals as well as low cholesterol or fat (Health Fitness Revolution, 2016). Another food that can replace the high cholesterol meals is the use of muesli that is rich in protein and fiber. Preparation of muesli involves that use of dry cereal made from toasted whole pats, fruit, wheat flakes and nuts (Kelly, 2017). The preparation of the meal has many options and can be marinated overnight. The mixture provides the body with magnesium, iron and vitamins and can be mixed with milk or yogurt. Muesli has less sugar making it a healthier option for Mr. Pfiefer. He can utilize the traditional ways of food preparation where there is less cooking and use of foods that are high fiber to reduce the consumption of meals that are high in cholesterol.


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