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NUR 600 Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Type Ii and Abnormal Sugar Levels Discussion

NUR 600 Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Type Ii and Abnormal Sugar Levels Discussion

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Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Type II

Diabetes is a chronic disease usually caused by the lack of insulin in the body. The categories of diabetes differ in the way insulin is used in the body. Type I diabetes mellitus occurs when the body stops the production of insulin and thus the blood sugar level falls to be maintained at the required levels. The failure of insulin production in the body is a result of the body’s immune system fighting and destroying the insulin-producing beta cells and thus the body lacks the regulation of blood sugar level. On the other hand, type II diabetes mellitus is characterized by the inability of the body to utilize the already produced insulin in the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body (Abbaslou, Farahmand & Fallahi, 2009). The underutilization of the insulin produced in the body eventually leads to less or no insulin being produced. The body’s unresponsiveness to insulin may be attributed to a number of lifestyle factors like being inactive and overweight. A higher number of people with obesity risk a chance of suffering from diabetes especially type II.

How Glyburide helps decrease blood sugar levels

Glyburide is used in conjunction to exercise and a proper diet to help regulate the blood sugar level. The medicine works through initiating the production of insulin in the pancreas which is utilized in the body as a glucose regulation in the blood. Glyburide ensures that the pancreas produces the required amount of insulin for effective blood sugar regulation. The dosages usually start from a lower dosage of glyburide which can be gradually increased based on the status of the patient (Kraut & Farahani, 2015). Patients who use glyburide are required to regularly monitor their blood glucose level at any time to ensure they are taking the correct dosage or if there may be a need to increase the dosage as should be advised by their doctors.

Key teaching points for patients taking oral antidiabetic agents

Patients taking oral antidiabetic agents have a duty in ensuring that their medications work best as prescribed. This can be achieved through following correct prescriptions as instructed by their doctors. Correct dosage should be taken at the required times to avoid escalating the effects of increased or low blood sugar in the body. Patients are also required to keep monitoring their blood sugar levels at each moment and record their patterns for easier diagnosis (Majeed-Ariss et al., 2015). This would keep track of the effect of the antidiabetic agents being used and if the conditions get worse, the prescriptions may be corrected. Important to note, the patients under the oral antidiabetic agents need to ensure their diet does not compromise the medications used. A proper diet should be maintained for effective blood sugar regulation. Patients therefore should enquire about the required diet that would be used alongside the antidiabetic agents for optimal performance. In conjunction with the antidiabetic agents, patients with diabetes are required to maintain a regular basis activity schedule to keep them active and physically fit. The usage of drugs with minimal activity may not produce the desired results and therefore the antidiabetic agents may be ineffective.


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