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The Bridge in Curve Artwork Grace Cossington Smiths Art Discussion

The Bridge in Curve Artwork Grace Cossington Smiths Art Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a art question and need an explanation to help me study.

I’m studying for my Humanities class and need an explanation.

Every student should make at least one original contextual analysis post and two comments to other students’ posts for each module. Posts should be in full, grammatically correct sentences that create at least one solid response of at least 600 words–make sure you include a word count. The 600 word count does NOT include any headers or references section. All posts must be relevant to the assigned materials (although you may build upon previous knowledge from earlier weeks and include personal observations). Start by answering the prompt, and then build upon the prompt to consider your own perspectives and experiences. You MUST attach photos and web links to support your position. An important part of your grade for this assignment is to communicate with your classmates. Because this is intended to be your opportunity to discuss topics with your classmates, the professor/TA will generally refrain from commenting or actively participating in the discussions aside from reading and grading them.

Each of the two comments should be at least 200 words (include a word count) on two different classmates’ posts each module to receive full credit.

Posts: For this post, select one work of art (two-dimensional or three-dimensional art) has NOT been already analyzed or extensively discussed in the course readings or videos…part of the fun in learning about art is in DISCOVERING it! You are required to make one post. In a narrative format, the post should contain the following elements:

  • Define and Identify: Brief information about the artist and work. For example, birth/death dates, place of birth or work, where work is displayed, name of work, medium of work, context for creation of work.
  • Experience and Appreciation: For example, where you found the work (website, another book, museum), what made you select the work, what about this work speaks to you.
  • Observe and Analyze: Use and underline three terms that were introduced in the module to observe/analyze your chosen work. Add any other relevant information to improve your paper.
  • Critique and Compare: Compare your work to similar pieces or to examples used in the module. Consider the impact of the work on a particular social angle and/or the evolution of the media. Consider the impact of experiencing the work on your general outlook on the medium or appreciation of art.
  • Apply Social Angles AND Context: Identify at least one social angle from the list below that can be observed or analyzed as part of the work. Address how the social angle is connected to the work. Plus, a thorough contextual analysis of the historical, cultural, and social implications should be discussed.
    • race and ethnicity,
    • gender and sexuality,
    • class and highbrow/low,
    • colonialism, postcolonialism, place and regionalism,
    • nature (environment, ecology) and culture,
    • memory, history, generational identity,
    • food culture, and
    • body and mind

Students will be expected to define, identify, and apply at least three terms (underline them so I can quickly find them) from the module in the post. Make sure to underline the terms so that I can quickly identify them. College-level writing and mechanics are expected; however, the purpose of this assignment is to move from experiencing art to analyzing art to evaluating art. Make sure to include a references section at the end of every post, even if you only cite the lecture video. All in-text citations and references should be in MLA.

Comments: For each of the two comments, select a classmate’s post, read the post, critique the post, indicate your reaction to the chosen work, discuss a comparison work from the module or any other outside source that is similar to the work identified in the post, and either add personal commentary or pose a question to stimulate conversation.

EXAMPLE: Here is a pdf file containing a discussion post from a previous semester that earned an “A” to help give you an idea of what is expected. Click HERE to view the example.

Discussion Board Grading:

Original Posts—30 points possible per module: Student has actively connected with the materials and has made a thoughtful and engaging post that considers multiple perspectives in relation to the readings and videos. Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are utilized, as well as direct references to the course materials and an image of the selected work. It is crucial that you cite or reference some material from the class at least once during each original post to earn full credit. Minimum of 600 words per original post. Indicate your word count at the end of your post (example: “Word Count: 553”).

Comments—20 points possible per module (10 points per comment): Student stimulates the conversation and has made a thoughtful comment that is directly related to the original post. Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are utilized, as well as direct references to the course materials.

Comment 1expansion-half-3@2x.jpg

xpansion, Half-Life – Paige Bradley

For my contextualization, I found this full-round (intended to be viewed from every angle) and closed form (intended to be one whole thing, not continuing beyond itself) sculpture that is part of Paige Bradley’s “Expansion” collection. I thought this one in particular was very interesting due to the meaning behind the contrast of the body and the “soul,” so to speak. I like how it created a sharp contrast in color between the muted bronze and the light of electricity, bringing more attention to the light seemingly coming from within the body, rather than the body itself.

Paige Bradley was born in 1974 in California and enjoyed art from a young age, showing a particular interest in the human body. This looks like it contributed to later works, most of which depict some form of this. This particular sculpture is in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City and was created through construction (the combination of materials): combining bronze and electricity. Half-Life, like most of her other works, combines a combination of meaning from her own personal experiences as well as social statements. This sculpture is meant to showcase these through the social angles of mind and body, as well as gender and sexuality and generational identity.

From the perspective of mind and body, it is meant to show the empowerment and the strength that comes from inside of a person as opposed to how they are perceived on the outside. The work is described as portraying “a woman in a meditative state of self-empowerment and liberation, realizing her full potential and identity beyond her physical exterior,” (Biography). Bradley personally explains what her artwork is about given this context: “[The] hiding and emerging. The trusting, connecting, and the releasing. Allowing vulnerability. The birthing and the nurturing. Learning to love openly and to crack myself open to find the brilliance within.” With the electricity, she calls attention to the human experience and the meaning of change within us all. When commenting on her piece, she questions the human usage of the body as a definition for ourselves, rather than judging us based on our personalities and true being:

“From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: A social security number, a gender, a race, a profession or an I.Q. I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in, rather than what we are inside. Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies? Would we still be able to exist if we were authentically ‘un-contained’?”

She also approaches the meaning of the sculpture from a social perspective, explaining that her work is “a harbinger for the feminine spirit of our age, a fractured heroine rising from the flame,” (Biography). This, like many of her works, “[focuses] on feminine strength, empowerment, and the ability to overcome,” (Biography). This is mostly due to the rise in activism seen by women during the 21st century. From Malala Yousafzai to Oprah to Ellen DeGeneres, we have seen a wide range of female identities publicly voice their beliefs through wide stream media, something that was not common in earlier centuries. This has led to an idea of increased feminine empowerment which I feel like Bradley represents in her sculpture. It shows that women are breaking free from these ideas of how society has always wanted them to be to reveal their inner selves. I think this also shows empowerment in the same way that “A Subtlety” showed female empowerment through its sexuality. This sculpture shows the woman naked without overly sexualizing her which further adds to both the artist’s idea of vulnerability as well as this idea of being empowered by who you are rather than how society looks at you.

A third and final way you can view this can also be from a generational perspective. The 2000s as a whole have caused an increased focus on health and spiritual introspection. I think that specifically putting the sculpture in a meditative position was a good way to show this change in culture. This is also reflected in the title of the artwork: “Expansion.” With the increased and evolving idea of spirituality, there comes the idea of inner reflection causing personal growth. One of the ways a lot of people do this is through meditation. I believe that in this sculpture, the meditation is acting to cause this expansion through the vulnerability and introspection of the woman.

Overall, I find this a moving and poignant piece from these three angles. I think that, from a broader viewpoint, this sculpture can help contribute to positive ideas of self-worth and liberation as well as the advancements made regarding gender equality.

Comment 2


Girl on Couch

This art was created by Darian Mederos, a Cuban artist from Santa Clara, Cuba, who currently resides in Nashville. He was born in Cuba in 1992, and considered a prodigy, although he studied at an art school called Leopoldo Romañach, as well as San Alejandro in Havana, Cuba.

This is a recent wet media, oil painting, named “Girl on Couch,” made in 2020. This piece was part of his series named, “Obscura Series.” Mederos is known for his work on the human face and body. His realist approach in this piece involves photo abstraction. This piece includes a form perspective (size, distance, and direction of forms from our viewpoint) dynamic, revolving around the view between bubble wrap and the main character, and leads viewers through a distorted view of the main character up close. Unless viewed from afar, the piece does not fully allow the viewer to see the main character. In the art, it is clear that there is repetition of bubbles that recur throughout the whole piece, in which the bubbles have rhythm (recurrence of elements) and are in harmony (logical repetition throughout the piece). The significance of this work, results from the hyperrealism seen in the oil work. This can be seen as if it were a high-resolution photograph taken of the female.

This oil painting compares to the works discussed in the 2-d art module, for example the famous art, like the “Portrait of King Richard c. 1520” and the “Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck c. 1434” relate to the works of Mederos. The connections that can be made between this medium and the images portrayed can be seen through the vivid color schemes that can be accomplished with oil paints. In addition, these art pieces also depict the human body and face in the work. As this is a more modern oil painting, it differs from oil works that were discussed in the 2-d art module. For instance, the social angles projected by Mederos’ piece is to question what is seen when looking through. According to, Mederos’ approach to these works with bubble wrap, is to grasp the true underlying meaning of what is before us.

I found this artist’s work being appreciated on social media site, Instagram, which made me further explore his work. This piece sparked interest in me, as a result of the symbolism Mederos asks of the viewer to see. According to Conde Contemporary, Mederos’ work revolves around understanding “the core of human identity, from a respectful distance.” The piece can relate to themes discussed in the module, including body and mind, and gender and sexuality, as the art depicts the female human face.

As this piece questions the human identity I feel this relates to the questioning of body and mind in the social context. The main message gained from this image can be seen through how far away one must view the piece in order to fully see the focal point of the art. The viewer is put in a position to question the reality of body and mind through a transparent medium (bubble wrap). In addition, the social angle of gender and sexuality can be seen through the feminine approach that Mederos takes, not only in this piece, but the whole “Obscuras Series” he created. His focus on the female face, brings in the idea of gender and sexuality, however other pieces of his can be seen as more erotic and exposing. I thought this was a good piece to bring to the class, as the approaches he takes in his art lead the viewer to question more than what meets the eye.

Word Count: 667


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