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Understand the epistemological boundaries of the problem definition. Recognize the origins of the problem and its causes and consequences.

Understand the epistemological boundaries of the problem definition. Recognize the origins of the problem and its causes and consequences.

900 words

Assignment Overview

An effective way to learn how to evaluate social programs or  policies is to focus on a social problem of interest to you and then  proceed as Chambers and Bonk do, by engaging in the following:

  • Understand the epistemological boundaries of the problem definition.
  • Recognize the origins of the problem and its causes and consequences.
  • Comprehend who is impacted by this problem, both negatively and positively.
  • Recognize what those gains or losses look like and their magnitudes.

Additionally, Chambers and Bonk (2013) suggest that you must understand the historical and judicial contexts of the problem (p. 185).  Once these elements are clarified, you can identify a specific program or policy designed to address the identified social problem.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following competencies and behaviors:

  • Competency 5: Engage in Policy Practice.
    • C5.GP.C: Apply critical thinking to analyze, formulate, and advocate for policies that advance human rights and social, economic,  and environmental justice.
      • Related Assignment Criteria:          
        • 2. Describe a program or policy designed to address a given social problem.

Assignment Description

Just as Chambers and Bonk (2013) have done in the final chapter of  their text, you, as a social program and policy learner, can apply the  evaluation criteria discussed in the course to a social program or  policy of your choice. In this assessment, you will apply the following  elements to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the program  selected:

  • Program goals and objectives.
  • Eligibility rules.
  • The form of the benefit.
  • How services are delivered.
  • How the program is financed.

It is also important to assess the quality and quantity of the  interactions between these elements as well as those between this  program or policy and others (Chambers & Bonk, 2013, p. 185).

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, complete the following:

  • Explain a chosen social problem. In your description, include:      
    • Ideological or value parameters.
    • Origins, causes, and consequences of problem.
    • The specific groups or population impacted by the problem.
    • The impacts and their magnitudes.
    • The historical and judicial contexts of the problem.
  • Select a group that experiences the chosen social problem. This  group can be distinguished by race, religion, socioeconomic status,  gender orientation, or other characteristics.
  • Describe a program or policy designed to address the selected  social problem. When selecting a program, choose a small program or  internal policy that is manageable, and whose description and mission  statement are concise enough to fit on one to two pages.      
    • Include the following components in your description of the  program: mission statement or goals, and objectives; eligibility rules;  form of benefit; administration; service delivery; and financing.
  • Analyze interactions between these elements within the program itself.
  • Compare and contrast this program’s eligibility requirements with those of a similar program.
  • Explain at least one recommendation to improve the quality of the program you have selected.

Chambers, D. E., & Bonk, J. F. (2013). Social policy and social programs: A method for the practical public policy analyst (6th ed.). Pearson.

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