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Competence Utilizing Technology And Innovation In Healthcare

Competence Utilizing Technology And Innovation In Healthcare

Competence Utilizing Technology And Innovation In Healthcare

Policy, communication, and information technology developers include nursing informaticists. To improve the health of the general public, they define healthcare policies. They create research procedures to transfer new, pertinent knowledge into practice. In my area, hospitals and other healthcare institutions can employ nurse informatics to create systems that can enhance the quality of patient care by fusing workers’ clinical abilities with technical know-how. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Medical Informatics Association are nursing informatics organizations that will give more information to anticipated guests (AMIA).

Information science, computer science, and nursing science are the three main tenets of nursing informatics. The knowledge base of nursing informatics is given to nurses by the integration of these building pieces. The nurses are able to integrate new responsibilities and technological advancements into the field of nursing informatics because of their in-depth understanding of computer science. The data and knowledge produced by nursing practices are one of nursing informatics’ distinguishing features (Collins et al., 2017). Forging, tinkering, and imagining are the characteristics that distinguish nursing informatics leaders.

A degree in nursing and a certificate in nursing informatics are requirements for an informaticist. Alternatively, a nurse must have accrued at least 2,000 hours of experience working as an informatics nurse. A license for registered nursing is required. The face of healthcare is changing thanks to informatics. Informatics is being used in nursing to address the problems which affect how nurses perform in inpatient care. In healthcare institutions, it makes it easier to track workers, workflow, and communication. It enhances information synchronization, enabling nurses to produce better results.

Patients at the center of technological innovation: Deliverable 6 Improvement Plan

First off, Mabel’s hospitalization was a traumatic experience brought on by incompetent medical staff and outdated equipment. Her prescriptions could not be filled because the pharmacy was closed the entire night. Her bill didn’t arrive right away since the computer system was down. Since the computer system was still undergoing maintenance, it had to be sent. The medical records and vital discharge documents that Mabel needed to help with her meds were unavailable to her.

Hospital patients’ experiences and healthcare services can both be enhanced by the deployment of cutting-edge technologies. The use of an approved electronic health record (EHR) will guarantee that patients have quick access to their personal health records and appointment schedules (Sadiku & Musa, 2019). Every patient admitted to the medical facility can provide input to help determine the effects of this EHR., the application of health technology for mobile apps. The wearable industry can make it easier to access and save data using mobile technology and other mobile applications.

According to the case study, Mabel could have easily accessed her medical records on her phone with the aid of mobile app technology. The implementation of a certified electronic health record would have facilitated access to private health information and assisted Mabel in scheduling a visit at the appropriate time.

Commenting on Interview Questions Regarding Emergency Healthcare Technologies and Innovation

I would advise the oncology unit to employ the digital patient flow tracker. I favor technology because it enhances discharge planning by automatically notifying the care team when information is updated.

In order to use the clinical information system ethically, I suggest a patient confidentiality policy. It is improper to disclose a patient’s medical history or test results because this information is regarded as private.

The reform of cardiology unit discharge protocols using mobile technologies in healthcare systems. The technology can also be utilized to provide the patient with follow-up care from home, including health education and information. Mobile technology is convenient, has a greater response rate, and is simple to use.

Implementing a system of access control to protect protected health information (PHI). Access control is a trusted and difficult-to-hack method for controlling who can access or utilize resources in a computing system. Patient safety will be ensured by securing the information.


Collins, S., Yen, P. Y., Phillips, A., & Kennedy, M. K. (2017). Nursing informatics competency assessment for the nurse leader: The Delphi study. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(4), 212-218.

Phillips, M. A. (2018). Understanding Convergent Innovation in Healthcare Technologies: Relational Models for Nascent Ecosystems (Doctoral dissertation, University of Cambridge).

Sadiku, M. N., & Musa, Y. P. A. S. M. (2019). Emerging Technologies in Healthcare: A Tutorial.


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Activity Time:

3 hours, Additional Time for Study, Research, and Reflection: 1 hour


Main post: 

For this discussion, reflect on the course competencies and identify new knowledge gained and how that will impact your nursing practice.

Competence Utilizing Technology And Innovation In Healthcare

Competence Utilizing Technology And Innovation In Healthcare

Course Competencies:

  1. Explain technologies that lead to enhanced decision-making strategies utilizing the technology life cycle.
  2. Analyze how evidence-based practice influences healthcare technology.
  3. Differentiate the impact of various communication technologies on safety and quality improvement.
  4. Analyze ethical and nursing informatics practice standards within the context of healthcare delivery.
  5. Evaluate the role and scope of practice for nursing informatics.
  6. Explain innovative systems and distribution of technology to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery and patient safety.
  7. In addition, you have learned about digital fluency. This transferable skill will help you in your future workplace and/or educational endeavors. Discuss at least one way that you have met this transferable skill in this course.

Peer responses: 

Provide two substantial, well-researched, and well-supported feedback on aspects of your peers’ posts that hey may not have considered.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least two other student’s post by Saturday (last day of class). All posts require references AND in-text citations in full APA format. Information must be paraphrased and not quoted. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates. NOTE: Finalized postings must be submitted by deadlines. Any edits after deadline will be counted as late submissions and deducted accordingly. If you need to make any corrections for clarity’s sake only, you can write an addendum as a reply to yourself. The initial post will still be the one receiving full grade.

Make sure all posts are thorough, well-researched, and meet minimum requirements and word counts (see rubric). 

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