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Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Defining Features of a Developing Country

The following traits best represent a developed country, according to Characteristics of Developed and Developing Countries, 2020. had a high and stable per capita income; thus, the economy was worth more at the end of the year. This suggests that the ratio of poverty in industrialized countries may decline. Another trait that identifies this type of country is the security of its citizens. The people are protected by better, more cutting-edge technology, including guns and other armories because security is guaranteed. A developed nation also has guaranteed or high-quality health care. Developed areas with guaranteed health have many hospitals and other care facilities, and the medical staff is competent and trained. The population of this county has a high life expectancy and low mortality rates.

The low unemployment rate is another hallmark of prosperous counties.

This indicates that in a developed nation, practically everyone is employed due to low unemployment and a high number of open positions. Another trait of a developed nation is its mastery of science and technology. Because of the industrial component, I believe this one is crucial. An example is manufacturing and technology to make goods to facilitate their lives and to resell, moving the economy. The level of exports is higher than imports, which brings us to the sixth characteristic. This is due to the fact that there are more occupations involved in producing goods for export, which naturally implies security, health, and money. As we can see, everyone is committed to keeping the developed nation successful. The United States of America, Germany, and Japan are a few examples of developed nations.

What Makes a Developing Country?

On the other side, we have the developing nations. We have the following traits for this type of nation. The annual revenue is typically lower. This is happening because of the unemployment rate compared to the developed countries where the income a year is higher due to the reduced unemployment rate. Moreover, the population security in emerging nations is poor. Security generally is not as effective or suitable as it is in industrialized nations. In addition to the three previously mentioned qualities, the health is poor, and there is a lack of health care, leading to a higher mortality rate than expected for the population.

Unrestrained population growth is a problem in developing nations. This indicates that there is no control, and the population is still expanding. This is a result of the people’s lack of education and issues with providing them with healthcare. Due to a lack of employment opportunities, developing nations have astonishingly high unemployment rates. Due to the ineffective management of natural resources, developing nations import more than they export. Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries are a few instances of developing nations.

What advantages do industrialized countries gain when they impart their expertise and technology to underdeveloped ones?

The industrialized nations have much to gain from the developing nations in terms of knowledge and technology transfer. But for the time being, I’ll concentrate on COVID-19, the significant issue that is currently in front of us. All countries and nations experienced an earthquake owing to this global pandemic on their economies and state of health. The most suffering occurs in underdeveloped nations. The good news for these emerging nations is that they can try to restart their systems or try to continue progressing thanks to all the knowledge and resources that the industrialized nations have. As an illustration, consider all the PPE and medical supplies that emerging nations require to support their economies and population health, along with the workforce and military needed to assist them.

The objectives for the developed countries to support the developing countries, according to (Developing Countries and Development Co-Operation: What Is at Stake?, 2020), are to aid with immediate needs, including, as I mentioned previously, supporting their healthcare and its workers. This is being done to help at this trying time and situation in order to prevent loss of life, bad financial conditions, and lack of education. Supporting the extension of health and social protection coverage, as well as the support of human resources and human rights, are additional short- and medium-term needs.

What are the advantages, on the other hand, of emerging countries imparting their expertise and methods to developed ones? DGs

The developed nations can learn a variety of things from the emerging nations, but the data for the many processes and situations is, in my opinion, the most crucial. For example, developing countries can provide statistics about mortality, infectious diseases, or even economics and invest in rich countries with valuable information about what thing benefit them or what thing needs to be repaired for a better outcome. By doing this, developed nations will avoid making the same mistake or cycle.

It was required to conduct a study and create a plan with statistics and data on the requirements of both developed and developing countries in order for the United Nations to be able to establish the development goals. With the use of this data and the knowledge from these nations and their people, they may better understand these issues and find a solution.


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  1. Describe the characteristics of a developed country.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a developing country.

    Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

    Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

  3. What are the benefits of developed countries sharing their knowledge and technology with developing countries?
  4. Conversely, what are the benefits of developing countries sharing their knowledge and practices (including health practices) with developed countries?

4 sentences each question

APA format

2 current peer reviewed articles

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