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Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

Characteristics of a Developed Country

According to (Characteristics of Developed and Developing Countries, 2020) a developed country has the following characteristics to describe them. Had a high and secure income per capita, which means that at the end of the year the economic value increases. This is an indication that poverty in developed countries can decrease its ratio. Another characteristic that distinguishes this type of country is the security of its population. The security is guaranteed which means that have better and futuristic technology like weapons and another armory to protect their people. Health quality or guaranteed is another characteristic of a developed country. Developed counties with guaranteed health, have multiple hospitals and facilities that provide care, and the medical personnel is trained and reliable. Mortality rates are low and the life expectancy of the population of this county is high.

Continuing with the developed counties characteristic we add the low unemployment rate.This means is that in a country developed almost everybody works, this is because the unemployment is small and is a high rate of available jobs. Mastering Science and Technology is another characteristic of a developed country. I think this one is very important because is the industrial part. An example is manufacturing and technology to create things to facilitate their lives and to resell moving the economy.  That being said, introduce the 6th characteristics which is the level of exports is higher than imports. This is because are more jobs to produce merchandise to export, this involves security, health, and income of course. As we can see all are attached to continue the developed country being successful. Some of the examples of developed countries are the United States of America, Germany, and Japan.

Characteristics of a Developing Country

On another side, we have the countries that are developing. For this type of country, we have the following characteristics. The income per year tends to be lower. This is happening due to the unemployment rate, in comparison with the developed countries that the income a year is higher due to less rate in unemployment. Also, developing countries do have not good security for their populations.  The security is not as successful as the developed countries and most of the time is inappropriate. In addition to the three characteristics mentioned before, the health is poor and has a lack of health care, thus causing more mortality than living expectancy.

Developing countries have uncontrolled population development. This means that not have control and the population continues growing without a stop. This is a result of the lack of education for the people and problems in providing health care for them. The unemployment rate for developing country is impressively high this is because is not a lot of jobs for their people. The imports for the developing countries are more than exportation, this is because of the poor management of natural resources. Some examples of developing countries are Indonesia, Brazil, and other countries.

What are the benefits of developed countries sharing their knowledge and technology with developing countries?

The developing countries have the benefit to received knowledge and technology from the developed countries in many ways. But at this time, I will focus on the big problem that we have in front of our eyes, COVID-19. With this global pandemic, all countries and nations had suffered the earthquake on their economy and health status due to this virus. The developing countries suffer the most.  The good thing for these developing countries is that all the knowledge and resources that the developed countries have, help them to restart their system or try to continue developing.  For example in this case is all the PPE and health resources needed in the developing countries to help their economy and the health of the population, staff including the military to help them.

According to (Developing Countries and Development Co-Operation: What Is at Stake?, 2020) the goals for the developed countries to support the developing countries is to help with immediate needs, this include to support their healthcare and its workers as I mention before. This is to assist of the difficult time and situation to prevent loss of lives, financial situations and providing education. Also, support the short and medium-terms needs which are the support to human resources, human rights, expansion of health and social protection coverage, etc.

Conversely, what are the benefits of developing countries sharing their knowledge and practices with developed countries? DGs

The developed countries can get knowledge from the developing countries in different forms, however, I will say that most important thing is the data for the different situations and process. For example, the developing countries can share statistics of the mortality, infectious diseases, or even economy and investing to the developed countries with value information about what thing help them or what thing needs to be fixed for a better outcome. That way the developed countries not fall in the same error or the same cycle.

For the United Nations were able to establish the development goals, was necessary to research and have a plan including statistics and data about the needs of the developing countries and the developed countries as well. This data helps them to identify those problems and the knowledge from this countries and population to find a better way to resolved them.


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  1. Describe the characteristics of a developed country.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a developing country.

    Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

    Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches

  3. What are the benefits of developed countries sharing their knowledge and technology with developing countries?
  4. Conversely, what are the benefits of developing countries sharing their knowledge and practices (including health practices) with developed countries?

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