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The Role of Nurses to assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses

The Role of Nurses to assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses

The Role of Nurses to assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses

The scope of practice for NPs varies from state to state, which is one problem. Each state has a very different set of regulations governing NP practice. While it should be possible for all nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training, the current focus is on allowing NPs to do so (Bekemeier et al., 2021). These ideas were expected to be embraced by all governments by 2021, leading to uniform state settings. That is not likely. However, improvements are being made. Because they are certified to do so, you want the nurse practitioners to be able to practice in all areas of their scope (Bekemeier et al., 2021). You should look at places like North Dakota that have passed laws and then emulate them if you want to provide APRNs the ability to practice autonomously and give them autonomy (Bekemeier et al., 2021). As it differs from state to state, whatever policy you intend to enact should be specific to your state.

With help from the state board of nursing, the state nurse practitioner association initiated this process (BON). The second stage was to select the ideal lawmaker to sponsor the measure because the chosen lawmaker was well-respected and had a history of working on health-related legislation (Delaney & Vanderhoef, 2019). The organization finally decided on a reputable lobbyist, a lawyer with knowledge of governmental regulation, health law, and business issues who had also worked with the BON. The lobbyists and the NP group spent much time at the legislature, talking with lawmakers, answering their questions, and forming connections.

This assertion was substantiated by both the national data and the BON’s thorough information on the rarity of disciplinary matters. In support of the bill, four NPs and BON representatives prepared and testified. Because of this rigorous planning and skillful strategic implementation, the bill was a success (Delaney & Vanderhoef, 2019). These changes are required to make sure that the healthcare system is improved and that patient populations have better access to care.

The ACA’s (Affordable Care Act) contribution to easing the labor shortfall in rural areas.

In rural areas, many Americans, particularly those without insurance, struggle to find employment prospects and access to healthcare. A sizable chunk of rural areas in the US is covered by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other entitlement programs. These programs aid numerous people in maintaining their health insurance and enhancing their financial stability, but they typically lack the funding necessary to help everyone who needs it (Behr et al., 2022). The number of people who have access to health care in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years, and the number of people who have access to health care has increased even more (Behr et al., 2022). Because of this, some individuals struggle to effectively manage chronic diseases that could be addressed with more affordable care through Medicaid, other DSH programs, or full-time employment.

The expansion of educational opportunities and training resources offered by conventional and unconventional sources, including colleges, vocational institutes, and many others, is directly supported by the ACA. Additionally, it encourages companies by providing tax advantages for reasonably priced insurance to workers or job searchers through supervised exchanges (Behr et al., 2022). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has a number of provisions that address the workforce shortage in rural areas. The ACA helps in a number of ways to address the human resources challenge in rural areas.

First off, the ACA provides financial assistance to help small towns attract and retain medical professionals. The ACA also creates a federal office for rural health policy to coordinate and improve access to care in rural areas. Likewise, the ACA funds training programs to assist the growth of primary care physicians in rural areas. The ACA also provides financial assistance to rural healthcare providers, assisting them in hiring and keeping staff (Behr et al., 2022). Additionally, it intends to improve treatment coordination between medical experts in rural and urban areas. The ACA also stipulates that each healthcare provider must inform the state workforce agency of any employment opportunities (Iglehart, 2018). This helps to make sure that all available positions are advertised, and that qualified individuals have the opportunity to apply.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which places a new requirement on businesses to offer their employees access to affordable health insurance, is to blame for the labor shortages in rural areas. While some businesses have expressed worries regarding the expense of providing health insurance and the limitations on businesses, other businesses have reported greater hiring, a good work environment, and lower employee turnover rates. The fact that seasonal labor has led to lower wages and longer jobless periods is another argument in favor of reducing the number of workers needed to fill open positions (Iglehart, 2018). Only by conducting additional research on the greatest environments for employees can this problem be resolved.


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How should nurses assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses?” What role does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) play in addressing workforce shortages in rural communities?

The Role of Nurses to assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses

The Role of Nurses to assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses

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