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Sentinel City

Sentinel City

Sentinel City

The Assessment Windshield Survey was the first resource I used during my virtual tour of Sentinel City to gain a decent sense of the area. The Casper Park neighborhood has the most graffiti-covered and littered buildings, in my observation. Typically, brick or stone was used in the construction of buildings, including apartment complexes. Throughout my tour, I did not come across any single-family dwellings.

There was minimal open space and a mix of rural and urban neighborhoods in the communities. There were signs indicating the boundaries of the several neighborhoods. The neighborhood park, where it was seen that people were playing tennis and basketball, appeared to be a popular gathering place. Several homeless people were congregating near the Interfaith Church and soup kitchen.

Public transportation, biking, walking, and personal vehicles are all viable modes of transportation for all four areas. In the majority of the areas, the roadways were in decent condition, and bicycles were being ridden on them. After meeting with a resident who uses a wheelchair, the resident claims she is unable to take the bus because it is not wheelchair accessible. Another senior citizen who is losing her vision is worried about using public transportation when she can no longer drive because of the few bus stops and erratic bus schedules in her area.

The communities are a blend of different religions. The Interfaith Church is a catholic-based institution that provides the locals with a number of services. Together with the Soup Kitchen, it offers a number of support groups to assist in feeding hungry, homeless individuals. There were several persons seen loitering near the soup kitchen and church.

The population’s general state of health did not seem to be very good. Few of those surveyed engaged in a regular workout regimen or practiced healthy eating. A handful of the people who were interviewed were homeless and frequently used marijuana in addition to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. It appears that many mental illnesses, including depression, go undetected. Only one hospital and one clinic that offers contraception and screenings were mentioned. On tour, no urgent care centers were discovered; nevertheless, the neighborhood was home to a number of dental offices.

The neighborhood has a few small shopping centers. Industrial Heights has a convenience shop called Bodega grocery, which appears to feature more expensive goods. People are milling about the front entrance of Joe’s Supermarket in Nightingale Square, and there are stray animals running around. For daily necessities, residents of Casper Park and the Acer Tech Center would have to drive to another area. There was only one restaurant mentioned, Lilly’s, and it has rodents as well as food safety problems. Once more, in order to get better restaurant options, customers would have to go to neighboring towns.

The demographic assessment tool estimates that Sentinel City has a population of 663,862 people, with a majority of white people (80.6%). 18.9% of households with a median income of $246,000 are below the poverty level. Nightingale Square was the wealthiest neighborhood, and Industrial Heights was the poorest. Those without insurance were most numerous in Industrial Heights.

The neighborhood/safety assessment was a useful tool for identifying air pollution from adjacent factories, stray animals, trash, graffiti, burning cars, and other safety risks. The rate of alcohol and tobacco use, as well as a high rate of Hydrocodone usage among residents, were also identified to pose health and safety issues. According to city hall crime statistics, rape, robbery, and exaggerated assault were the most common offenses committed. The high crime rate of aggravated assault (24%), which is attributed to gang violence, is present. Drug use accounted for 16% of reported offenses, trespassing for 31%, littering for 11%, and prostitution for 9%.

I learned about the community resources that are accessible thanks to the scavenger hunt. The park was said to be in use, with people playing tennis and basketball there, but there were also complaints of homeless persons loitering and unkempt conditions. The aged healthcare system consists of independent senior apartments, nursing facilities, and assisted living in addition to senior transportation, service animals, meals on wheels, elder abuse prevention, community centers, and medical care associates. For those who qualify, the city hall and social services provide services, including protective services, healthcare, free and income-based insurance, and WIC and SNAP programs. The Better Health Clinic, which offers contraception, counseling, STD testing, and screenings, is a crucial community resource. Homeless individuals in need of a hot meal can use a soup kitchen service from the Interfaith Church.

With 64%, adults have the highest rate of homelessness. There is an affordable housing project where the exterior of the building appears tidy, but inhabitants have complained about stray dogs, smoke from surrounding manufacturers, police, sirens, noise, and loitering.

The need to enhance environmental health owing to haze caused by manufacturing, car emissions, and public smoking was the first issue that jumped out in Sentinel City. The objective is to “improve health for all through a healthy environment,” according to Healthy People 2020. In addition to other disorders, poor air quality can increase the risk of acquiring cancer, heart problems, and respiratory problems. Bad water quality can cause gastrointestinal, neurological, and cancerous problems. Acute poisoning and other toxic consequences can be caused by some chemicals in both adults and children. Bicycling as a primary form of transportation should be encouraged in order to lower automobile emissions and promote physical activity.

As no secure bicycle lanes were seen during the visit, installing them would be a top priority for the city. A system of support should be established to assist smokers who want to stop quitting, as well as a rigorous no-smoking in public policy.

A significant amount of substance misuse and undiagnosed mental health problems were the second problem identified in the community. Untreated mental health illnesses increase the chance of engaging in risky and hazardous behaviors such as alcohol or drug misuse, aggression, self-harm, and suicide. “Improve mental health through prevention and by ensuring access to appropriate, quality mental health treatments,” reads the Healthy People 2020 goal for mental health.

For the sake of the locals, a mental health clinic should be established, as well as a space where people may gather for conversations. The younger population would greatly benefit from counseling services as well as education for children and adolescents in the classroom.

The lack of places for exercise in Sentinel City is the third problem that needs to be resolved. The objective of physical activity is to “increase health, fitness, and quality of life via everyday physical activity,” according to Healthy People 2020. In the neighborhood, there were few parks to be found, and locals complained about littering and loitering in the few public spaces that were already open. The park’s facilities were only a tennis court and a basketball court. The neighborhood would benefit from the addition of parks and recreational facilities with a walking route that is cleaner and safer.

The town of Sentinel City has resources available, such as the Better Health Clinic, which, depending on income, may be utilized to treat mental illnesses, depression, and substance misuse. Individuals in the community who experience these difficulties seem to be either homeless or living in sub-poverty. On community billboards and radio advertisements, a good preventative theme on resources for mental health and substance addiction prevention would be preferable. In more rural regions, flyers promoting the services and providing phone numbers for suicide and drug prevention hotlines should be put up. The Interfaith Church might also promote itself among those who use the soup kitchen.

My own community will benefit from the assessment skills I have gained through this project. I can now identify the community members who would benefit from more accessible resources, such as more public transportation, more health clinics and facilities, support groups, homeless shelters, and locations to get hot meals because I do not live in a busy city but rather in a more rural community.


Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Healthy People 2020 (2014). Information obtained on January 11, 2019 from objectives


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Assignment Instructions

Enter Sentinel City® and get on the virtual bus. Since this is your first tour, select the slowest

speed and stay on the bus the entire time.

Sentinel City

Sentinel City

Learners will survey the suburban neighborhood of Lake View.

As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically those that align with the

following demographics and/or subsystems.

Describe the characteristics of the people you see in the Lake View Suburb.

What is the race/ethnicity distribution, age ranges, and gender mix?

Are there signs of poverty or wealth? What are they?

Is the area well maintained or in disrepair?

Who do you see on the streets? Parent with a child, teens, couples, disabled persons?

Is there anyone in the suburb you would not expect to see?

Are there homeless persons, beggars, etc.?

Are the dogs on or off-leash? Are there other animals?

What are stores (grocery, retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc.) in the area?

How do residents travel?

What services are available in the community – health care, social services, schools,

employment offices, etc.?

What types of occupations are evident?

Are there churches, and what are their denominations?

Select a target population of interest and discuss relevant demographic data and health status

indicators for this population group.

Identify significant health concerns for this target population. Include a discussion of significant

health concerns in relation to a global health issue.

Apply Healthy People 2030 objectives to the identified population health concerns.

You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe.

After your tour is complete, compile your observations and present the information, with at

least two scholarly references, addressing each item listed above.

Use correct APA format when citing your references that support your rationale

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