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Bullying Prevention And Consequences Of Bullying

Bullying Prevention And Consequences Of Bullying

Bullying Prevention And Consequences Of Bullying

Bullying is a widespread problem among students in grades six through twelve. Bullying is recognized to be a persistent, repetitive activity. In the United States, numerous young adults have experienced various forms of bullying. Suicide and bullying can have a complicated relationship that results in certain bullying incidents. Despite the tendency of the media to oversimplify the connection between bullying and suicide, there are many aspects of both that point to the negative effects of bullying on children. Because of the prevalence of bullying in past suicide instances, the media has coined the term “Bullycide” to describe this connection.

According to the definition of bullying, it is “unwanted, hostile behavior among school-age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance” (Line 1-2, What Is Bullying). A youngster could harm another person by using their physical prowess, their awareness of others’ private affairs, or even their social standing. In schools, there are three basic categories of bullying. There are three types of bullying: verbal bullying, which involves saying or writing hurtful things; social bullying, which involves attempting to damage someone’s reputation or close relationships; and physical bullying, which involves physically harming a person or their property.

Bullying most often takes place verbally. It entails insults, jeers, teasing, threatening behavior, etc. This primarily affects women in this region. “Girls utilize social exclusion strategies and verbal bullying to dominate others and demonstrate their dominance and strength. However, there are also many boys who are skilled at using words to control others and who are skilled at doing so when they want to avoid the problems that can result from physically bullying someone. (Line 11, Statistics on Bullying). The basic goal of verbal bullying is to undermine someone else’s self-esteem. Children are now reluctant to attend school as a result of this. It is also among the most challenging types of bullying to handle. Without the bully even having to touch the victim, this can also have severe bodily repercussions.

The greatest detrimental influence is on one’s self-image. Behavior reveals emotional and psychological distress, which are warning indications of developing depression. Bullying that is verbal can exacerbate any issues a person may already be having. Regrettably, substance misuse, self-harm, and suicide are frequent methods for victims of this kind of bullying to cope.

Social bullying is neglected and more difficult to detect. The victim of bullying might not even be aware of what is going on around them. An individual is primarily humiliated and embarrassed as a result of social bullying. A poll conducted in a middle school in Jamaica, Queens, revealed that 74% of pupils there had engaged in social bullying. “I once informed my buddies about a poor student in my class, and she told the entire class about it. Because of her poverty or because she would receive monies from others, everyone made fun of the girl (Student at Susan B. Anthony, age 13). One kind of social bullying involves lying and propagating untruths. After completing a survey at this middle school, it was discovered that the two most common types of social bullying taking place there were gossip and cyberbullying. 74 out of 100 pupils acknowledged engaging in social bullying. These youngsters had no idea that this was happening. Have you ever left a derogatory comment on Instagram? Eighty-four pupils were permitted to participate. This indicates that 10% of the students who acknowledged making a harsh comment did not even realize they were engaging in social bullying. Such remarks can ruin someone’s reputation, which can cause them to turn to drugs or commit suicide.

Social bullying affects celebrities every single day, and it can lead to negative conduct. Demi Lovato, for instance, was frequently scrutinized by the press and her peers. On her weight or appearance, other celebrities would make crude jokes. She developed depression and hurt herself.

Social bullying, regardless of how covert, is proactive, as stated by the statement that “understanding the variety of social bullying behaviors and the different contexts that motivate students’ actions can help to identify social bullying incidents appropriately and can inform strategies for how to intervene effectively” (

Not only the abuser and the victim but also any bystanders to the bullying are impacted by it. Physical bullying can include any act intended to harm, humiliate, or intimidate the victim, including hitting, slapping, tripping, and pushing. Sexual harassment, however, can also be a kind of physical bullying. When bullying is this severe, it can result in sadness, a low sense of self, and, in the worst cases, violent action.

Bullycide is the phrase used to describe suicide caused by bullying. Bullycide is thought to occur when people are unable to handle the abuse of bullying. This ambiguous term has been used to refer to suicide situations in the past that had bullying as a contributing factor. Bullying is a highly significant problem that can be handled in a variety of ways, which is one of the causes of bullycide. Children who experience bullying may experience melancholy and bewilderment, which may cause them to consider suicide.

Bullycide was originally mentioned in a book written in 2001 by journalists Neil Marr and Tim Field, who were also among the first to bring attention to it. Bullycide was made public in the book, along with how it affected young people all across the world.

Suicide is the most frequent outcome in bullying instances because of the negative impact that bullying may have on a person. Bullycide: Death at Playtime presents a collection of bullying accounts from kids who were not ready to deal with or confront bullies at school. Neil and Tim wanted to call for action and make it known that bullying was becoming more and more common. Bullying victim Tim Field once experienced a psychiatric breakdown. He was personally aware of the negative impacts of bullying and the strong connection it has to depression and suicide.

Bullying is an embarrassing situation. Years can pass before the victim’s mind finally forgets the feeling and physical damage. Bullying can “create an environment so dangerous that they sink into considerable despair and utter hopelessness,”, especially with children (Bullycide, Psy.D Serani). For these helpless kids, giving up seems to be the only option, and many tragically commit themselves. This was referred to by Serani as Giving Up Syndrome. The phrase was originally used in 1965 to help the general public comprehend what happens to a child who is psychologically destabilized before bullying occurs. The following chart, created by Psy.D. Serani details the dynamics that occur when a youngster is bullied and ultimately commits suicide as a result:

(Bullycide. (2018, June 2). (2018, June 2). Retrieved on March 20, 2019, from (

Cases in point include Phoebe Prince, whose mother repeatedly reported the bullying her daughter was experiencing. Unfortunately, nothing was done to assist Phoebe, and a week after her mother reported the harassment to school authorities, Phoebe hanged herself. Bullycide is a serious problem, as evidenced by incidents like these. There are kids being killed by bullies, and when one commits suicide, there is not enough money to cover the threat.

In a poll he conducted in 2010, Dan Olweus found that 17% of students said they had experienced bullying twice a month or more in a single academic year. According to the National Education Association, over 156 000 kids are too afraid to attend school as a result of bullying. Some schools have taken steps to address this issue. All Connecticut schools were required to create a strategy of prevention and intervention against bullying when the governor of Connecticut, Jodi Rell, approved an anti-bullying statute in 2008.

The schools were obligated to look into any allegations of bullying and submit their policies. During this time, the phrase “repeated action against any kid during the school year” was added to the definition of bullying. Luckily, numerous strategies and remedies were being offered to address the bullycide problem. Now, the challenge would be to adhere to these strategies and plans. Senators and Governors should begin introducing or implementing anti-harassment legislation nationwide, and they should be taken seriously in their application.

The objective is to lower the percentage of bullying-related suicides. We are focused on the age group of kids who are most at risk of suicidal thoughts and educating the public about it. Nationwide, 28% of kids in grades 6 through 12 have experienced bullying. Around seventy percent of school personnel and 70% of young adults have either witnessed bullying in action. Of those, 62% have seen it happen more than twice a month, and 41% have seen it more than once a week.

Bullycide has been a persistent issue in schools across America and occurs everywhere. A troupe of performers, ranging in age from thirteen to fifty, toured throughout the nation in 2010 to conduct a theatrical show that was based on Brenda High’s book Bullycide in America. The book is made up of accounts from parents whose children committed suicide as a result of bullying. The Bullycide Project was the name given to this performance.

Individuals were able to raise awareness of this social issue and attempt to effect change through this endeavor. They gave performances in numerous schools and raised awareness of an ongoing issue. It has been a humbling and amazing trip to tell the tales of bullycide victims and to meet and engage with their families.

Matt Epling’s father, Kevin Epling, once told us: “To the World, You May Be One Person, But To One Person, You Are the World.” Matt Epling passed away in July 2002 as a result of bullying.

We act in the manner we do because of this. We will keep being that “one” person. “Speak for the voiceless” (Trust Theater Ensemble, The Bullycide Project).

Bullying has a variety of effects on victims. Shows like The Bully Project raise awareness of this important subject and strike a chord with those who may have experienced bullying and felt helpless, as well as onlookers who have seen bullying’s negative repercussions. When they began performing in October 2010, this group gave folks who do not think their lives matter hope.

Although bullying and suicide go hand in hand, we are unaware of how bullying, when combined with other circumstances, can raise a person’s risk of committing suicide. To be clear, normalizing suicide as a response to bullying is wrong. Suicide is not a normal response to bullying. Bullycide poses a serious threat to our civilization because of this. We need to educate ourselves about the danger signs bully victims exhibit and steer them away from suicidal thoughts and actions. Knowing the origins and ramifications of a bullying incident is another important skill. The implementation of evidence-based, action-oriented prevention is what will raise awareness and, ideally, stop any further bullying-related fatalities.


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Bullying prevention is a growing research field that investigates the complexities and consequences of bullying.  There is also a complex relationship between bullying and suicide.

Bullying Prevention And Consequences Of Bullying

Bullying Prevention And Consequences Of Bullying

Visit and identify resources for preventing bullying

and assisting children who have been bullied.


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