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What strategies might a professional nurse use in his/her work environment to advocate for implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice?

What strategies might a professional nurse use in his/her work environment to advocate for implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice?

What strategies might a professional nurse use in his/her work environment to advocate for implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice?

As the words “model” or “framework” imply, models provides in organizational structure that make clearer connections between concepts (Black, 2017). Theories provide guidance and structure in every profession. Nursing theories are important because they are what make nursing a profession. The difference between the medical model and nursing model is the theory that they utilize in their practice. The Medical model looks at the patient as a disease to cure and the nursing model looks at the patient holistically with a patient centered approach.

Strategies that I would use to advocate for the implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice would be group communication and empowerment through education. In my current environment I would suggest a journal club.

Education is the first step towards implementing nursing theory as a framework for quality practice. As a team we would meet up regularly to critically discuss journals about different nursing theories. Each team member would present literature that they found helpful in practice and share it with the team. The journal club could be a platform that encourages nurses to express their viewpoints, discuss successful patient outcomes, strategies for implementation and remain current about developing research. In addition to a journal club, attending conferences for continued professional development could also be beneficial. In my current work setting I would post flyers with information about local summits or conferences in the area and encourage nurses to attend.

The most used model of care in today’s health care system is patient centered nursing (PCN). PCN is the top framework used in the field of nursing. The focus of the PCN framework is the patient. There are four components: person, health, nursing and the environment. The model focuses on the needs of patient by making sure that the patient’s values and preferences are at the forefront of healthcare decisions. The patient must be involved. At the core of the PCN framework one will see gratification with care, care involvement, sense of well-being, and the creation of a therapeutic environment, this is the outcome of successful patient centered care (McCormack, McCance, 2017). In my current work environment, patients are committed involuntarily for treatment. Unfortunately, the patients are a danger to themselves and/or to others. However, once stabilized, if the practitioners placed importance on the patient’s desired outcome there could be an improvement in the quality of care received.

In conclusion, theory is the basic building block for nursing as a profession. The holistic approach with patient centered care at its core is what sets the nursing profession apart. The PCN Framework is one the best as it allows the patient to be at the center of their care during their journey towards wellness. Professional development is a key factor towards empowerment and implementing nursing theory into practice. The understanding of theory is not only empowering but it will allow nurses to recognizing their distinctive role in today’s healthcare system. The PCN is an intricate approach but when done correctly it greatly improves the quality of care.


Black, B. P. (2017). Professional Nursing Concepts and Challenges (8th ed.). St Louis, MO: Elsevier

McCormack, B., & McCance, T. (2017). Person-Centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care Theory and Practice(2nd ed.). West Sussex, PO19 8SQ, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


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    strategies might a professional nurse

    What strategies might a professional nurse use in their work environment to advocate for implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice?

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