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Healthcare Policy and Financial Management

Healthcare Policy and Financial Management

Healthcare Policy and Financial Management

One of the essential industries in the US is the healthcare sector. The government must step in and effectively play its part to ensure that the population is receiving the best healthcare services available. Good politics are crucial to the healthcare facility’s ability to function (Cahill et al., 2022). Several healthcare-related topics reflect the political stance of either the democratic or republican political parties. Drug prices, surprise billing, telemedicine waivers, and health equity are a few of the political challenges associated with the healthcare industry. Understanding that health equity is a crucial political issue involving health care, one that the Democrats wholeheartedly embrace, is essential.

Health equity was identified by the Democrats as a crucial policy affecting healthcare in 2022 during the presidency of Joe Biden. The Biden administration is highly committed to and focused on the issue of health equity. The health equity executive order was signed as soon as President Biden succeeded President Trump in office. Several health equity initiatives are expected to be realized in 2022, according to reports currently available (Richter & Hampton LLP, 2022). As soon as he took office, the president issued an executive order to advance racial justice and assist underprivileged groups through the federal government.

From my perspective, the Democrats made a giant leap when they addressed the inequities in healthcare. It is because the policy has played and will continue to play a crucial role in advancing racial justice and healthcare fairness across the whole United States. The government must take a broad view of all relevant elements, including poverty, violence, genetics, environmental circumstances, and many more, in order to address healthcare inequities. The socioeconomic determinants of health’s adverse effects must be reduced or entirely eliminated by the policy. Also, the health equity strategy has reduced the institutional barriers that restrict people’s access to healthcare (Maddox & James, 2021). The Democratic Party’s program will lessen racial bias because there are several racial imbalances in the United States.

The key objective of the health equity action plan has been to identify the numerous obstacles preventing equitable access to healthcare. Also, the action plan has identified many strategies that can be used to get rid of all the specified healthcare-related roadblocks. Non-discrimination in health and human services has been listed as a barrier in the Action Plan. The policy ensures that access to languages and civil rights are protected. The objective is to extend access to government-funded programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and other healthcare insurance for all people in the United States (Richter & Hampton LLP, 2022). This will make thousands of residents who previously lacked access to healthcare and health insurance viable.

Health and Human Services are equally significant because they concentrate on finding obstacles for underprivileged communities and their residents when they apply for contracting opportunities. Short deadlines, a lack of transparency, and limited access to financing to improve company development capabilities are some of the obstacles that the action plan aims to remove. The issue will be resolved in accordance with the Action Plan by providing training and ensuring outreach to small, underrepresented enterprises. For easy access to the numerous opportunities, a highly centralized procurement forecast system will be developed.

There is little diversity in both grant applications and funds that are given out, according to the Action Plan for strengthening healthcare equity. According to a suggestion, technical assistance would be given to those who have submitted applications in order to ensure equity. Additionally, it has been suggested that the candidates be given access to the material in a much more understandable manner. An equity technical support team should be deployed to assist in equity assessment and address any potential gaps in order to ensure adequate data and proper equity assessment capacity to identify and address injustices.

Similarly to this, the democrats’ suggestion about health equity is crucial because it addresses issues related to maternal health. An essential component of the healthcare industry is maternal health. According to data, maternal mortality rates among Native Americans, African Americans, and other minority women are pretty high. The action plan-based policy’s goal is to expand postpartum care through Medicaid and Chip (Richter & Hampton LLP, 2022). Similarly to this, it has been suggested that other techniques be used to guarantee better medical care. To ensure that more excellent health is realized for all individuals, regardless of the group they belong to, all the states in the United States have been urged to embrace the Action Plan that was established under the policy.

In conclusion, the health equity policy problem is a crucial step that will assist in guaranteeing that everyone is given a chance to get better care and take part in initiatives that are meant to promote health care. Inequalities in healthcare and obstacles to accessing care must be removed through these political actions. To ensure that everything is functioning, a lot has been done and continues to be done. Promoting health equity involves working with various healthcare institutions, insurers, providers, businesses, researchers, people who experience health inequities, and other stakeholders (Maddox & James, 2021). For a healthier future and a more advanced healthcare system, it is my aim that we continue to work together as a country to eliminate health disparities and promote health impartiality among all Americans.


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Healthcare Policy and Financial Management

Healthcare Policy and Financial Management

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