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Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

 Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

Patient safety and high-quality treatment are crucial and challenging ideas in nursing practice. These ideas are linked because it is impossible to give patients high-quality care without putting safety precautions in place. Safety is regarded as a fundamental human need and can be described as being free from physical and psychological harm (Potter, Perry, Hall, & Stockert, 2017). Hospitals and other healthcare facilities work hard to maintain quality standards that increase patient safety, cut down on readmissions within 30 days after release, and reduce the likelihood of hospital-acquired infections. The overarching objective of quality is to attain best practices, which are assessed by comparing the actual care that is provided to the desired result (Sherwood & Barnseiner, 2017). This essay will discuss a patient case study that demonstrates the importance of safety and high-quality care practices. A description of the nurse’s function, the patient’s part in their own safety, how the care environment affected the patient’s safety and the standard of the care given, and whether a quality model was used will be included with the summary of the scenario.

Example Scenario

A post-lung transplant patient who was hospitalized for an altered mental condition was described to an incoming day-shift registered nurse. A thorough report was provided detailing the patient’s confusion during the night and how he got out of bed by himself without asking for assistance. According to the night nurse, he discovered the patient on his knees next to the bed and assisted him in getting up and to the bathroom. The patient had pulled out his IV later that evening, so mittens were given to prevent him from pulling out any more lines. After receiving reports on three other patients, the arriving day shift nurse assessed this patient first. The patient was agitated, unable to state his name, and kept attempting to get out of bed. A nurse made the bed.

Before leaving the room to inform the charge nurse that the patient needed a sitter, the caregiver turned off the alarm, made sure the bed was at the lowest and locked position, and raised all side rails. In spite of her best efforts, the charge nurse was unable to find a sitter in time to shift the patient to a room closer to the nurse’s station. The bed alarm and a loud thud could be heard when the nurse left the new room, which was close to the nurse’s station. The patient’s head had been struck after getting out of bed.

Patient and Nurse Roles

The patient suffered harm as a result of this avoidable adverse occurrence, which caused him to strike his head. The patient needed frequent reassurance, reorientation, and round-the-clock supervision for his safety due to his altered mental state, which made it impossible for him to understand safety education. The nurse should have asked one of her assistants or the charge nurse to sit with the patient until a patient sitter could get to the floor because they did recognize the severity of the issue. The primary registered nurse was in charge of three other patients who required evaluations and morning meds, so she would not have been able to stay in the patient’s room for an extended period of time.

Conditions and Results

This patient was far from the nurse’s station in the last room, at the end of the hallway. After the overnight primary nurse discovered the patient out of his bed and on his knees, the patient should have been transferred to a nearby room. At admission, it was already known that the patient was confused and had a high risk of falling, and it is recommended that these patients always be close to the nurse’s station for additional safety measures. The charge nurse ought to have requested a 24-hour patient sitter before relocating the patient to a more convenient room. The patient fell and had a lousy patient outcome because he was abandoned, given his current mental state.

Quality Boosting

Every patient who has a medium or high risk of falling is given fall prevention treatment, which may include slip-resistant socks, bed/chair alarms, fall signs, and wristbands. In some situations, the patient may also be moved closer to the nurse’s station or placed with a sitter for their protection.

A post-fall or post-event huddle is held after each fall or significant incident that occurs in the unit. Here, quality and safety procedures are evaluated, and the nurses decide what may be improved. It is noted how high the bed alarm was set, how many side rails were in place, what other precautions were taken before the incident, and what drugs were administered.

In order for management to track statistics, the occurrence is then recorded as an incident report.


In the nursing and healthcare industries, patients must receive high-quality treatment while also being kept safe. Following quality improvement and patient safety models and monitoring data to identify the best course of action for beneficial results are necessary to attain best practices. Nursing staff can review their procedures and think of methods to enhance results by holding post-event huddles.


Potter, P. A., Perry, A. G., Hall, A., & Stockert, P. A. (2017). Fundamentals of nursing. Ninth edition. St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby Elsevier.

Sherwood, G. and Barnsteiner, J. (2017). Quality and safety in nursing: A competency approach to improving outcomes (2nd ed.). Wiley Blackwell.


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Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

Influencing Quality Within Healthcare

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