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Assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status

Assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status

Assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status

The nursing middle-aged theories have a few basic presumptions that are related to having a proxy for a subjective health state. The idea that proxies for subjective health status are mostly temporal suggests that patients can understand what they perceive as healthy or a good life, or they can alter that perception. It is crucial to have a framework so that their caretakers and healthcare professionals are aware of what is affecting them because children and people who are unable to talk are unable to express their views on their health status. According to Rand and Kesselheim, “Assessment measures or proxy subjective health status refers to those measures done for the patient by the family or the healthcare provider” (Rand and Kesselheim, 2021). Another significant underlying assumption to evaluation measures of proxy subjective health status is that QUALY (a quality-adjusted life-year) can review measures for children or the degree of change in children and adults who cannot speak for themselves. The improvement of children’s and non-verbal people’s subjective proxy health status measurements is relied upon by healthcare professionals. They utilize this to assess children’s emotional and social development and rely on the proxy to provide reliable results.

Another supposition is that people who are mute can self-evaluate using the HRQOL (Health-related quality of life) instrument. The patient’s HRQOL is used as a proxy subject for youngsters and those who are unable to talk for themselves to assess the patient’s health status. A study by Germain et al. (Germain et al., 2019) found that proxy assessments of health-related quality of life could replace or enhance patient self-assessment. This tool aids in the evaluation of the patient and their children and provides a proxy-patient perspective that is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. They assist healthcare professionals in understanding concepts impacting children to help them achieve a quality of life (Aas et al., 2020). Everyone needs a good existence free from stress, depression, and negative events, even those who cannot talk. Determining the patient’s subjective experiences and behaviors is made easier by the presence of evaluation measures or proxy subjective health status. As an illustration, consider issues with children’s emotions or relationships at school, weariness, depression, and general quality of life.

However, having these evaluation metrics and proxy measures of subjective health status for children and non-verbal individuals may have unintended consequences. It can be difficult to evaluate these proxies and evaluation metrics because they are complicated. Also, in some cases, when the variable being assessed is the same, the assessment measures and proxies can produce erroneous results. For instance, according to Batool-Anwar et al. (2020), HRQOL is unable to differentiate between real continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and fake CPAP. So, when primarily relied upon, it may result in inaccurate patient assessments and inaccurate findings.


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Discuss the underlying assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures for children or those unable to speak for themselves.

Assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status

Assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status

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