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Self-Assessment Of Leadership Skills

Self-Assessment Of Leadership Skills

Self-Assessment Of Leadership Skills


Nurses capable of developing and embodying competencies in care management are fundamental to improving health outcomes and sustainability (García et al., 2020). The core competencies required from nurse managers are critical in fostering the quality of the care environment. Nurse manager competencies are crucial to excellent service delivery in today’s healthcare environment, noting the influence of the social and economic changes reported in the recent past, including the increased movement of people from different cultures (García et al., 2020). Nurses face some of the challenges during routine service delivery, including encounters with patients from different cultures, which demands high levels of awareness, tolerance, and staff excellence. In recent months, I took the steps towards developing the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) nurse manager competencies, which are essential to success in care services delivery (AONE, 2015). This paper reviews my leadership skills based on the AONE nurse manager competencies, current strengths, improvement opportunities, and an action plan to improve the strengths and improve weaknesses.

I.  Leadership Skills Analysis

  1. Communication and relationship building

In communication and relationship building, I perform excellently in the area as a nurse and leader in the care service delivery setting. The leadership skills and abilities developed include effective communication with other care team members and patients, managing relationships in the care setting, working with diverse people, and engaging others in care-related decision-making and care planning. Despite the mastery of these skills and capacity areas, there are others that I need to master soon, so they do not affect personal and professional performance as a nurse manager

b)  Knowledge of the healthcare environment

Regarding the knowledge of the care environment, the skills and abilities developed include the excellent knowledge of clinical practice, patient care service delivery models, governance and healthcare policy, and the utilization of evidence-based practice to improve care standards. However, there are more skills I need to develop and master, as discussed in section II.

c)  Leadership

Expertise in leadership is essential to nurse managers, primarily because it determines the management of the care environment, thus influencing the work of other practitioners and teams. The skills and abilities gained in leadership include the mastery of critical thinking skills, the use and application of systems thinking, change management, and planning for the change of leadership. Some of the skills lacking that need further development in the future include the effective application of succession planning and ensuring service continuity.

d)  Professionalism

Professionalism is equally as important to healthcare outcomes, determining others’ experiences working around the nurse manager and the effectiveness of teams. The skills and abilities mastered in the area include practicing professional and personal accountability, the importance of ethical practice, and evidence-based practice at the different care levels. Despite the skills developed in the various target area, there is a need to master a few other skills that affect nurse manager professionalism.

e)  Business skills

The skills and abilities developed under the area include healthcare financing, strategic management, the importance and utilization of information technologies in management, and the centrality of human resource management and development. Due to the importance of business skills management for effective practice, it is crucial to develop a few other skills.

II.  Current Strengths and Improvement Opportunities, based on the Self-assessment

  1. Communication and relationship building

Communication and relationship building is crucial in the healthcare setting due to the importance of relationships and service delivery networks. The current strengths include the following:

  • Mastery of effective communication in the care setting when relating with other practitioners, patients, and family members
  • The skill and capacity of relationship management, including conflict resolution, when necessary
  • The skill of working with others from diverse backgrounds, whether they are patients or other practitioners and
  • The mastery of shared decision-making, especially with patients and their families, on end-of-life care planning issues.

Despite the strengths noted, I also uncovered some skills and abilities that need further development, including the ones below:

  • The skill of influencing others and their behaviors,
  • Community involvement, and
  • Developing and cultivating academic

b)  Knowledge of the healthcare environment

As shown in the evaluation area, the strengths mastered include the following: Excellence in clinical practice,

  • Mastery of patient care service delivery models
  • Capacity in governance and healthcare policy, and
  • The utilization of evidence-based practice to improve care

As noted in the evaluation section, some skills and abilities need further development, including the following:

  • The mastery of work design knowledge,
  • Outcome measurement,
  • Expertise in patient safety, and
  • The mastery of quality improvement metrics and risk

c)  Leadership

As demonstrated in the evaluation, the current strengths in the area include the following:

  • The mastery of critical thinking skills,
  • The use and application of systems thinking,
  • Change management, and
  • Planning for the change of leadership

The areas that need further development and mastery include those below:

  • The mastery of foundational and critical thinking skills,
  • Succession planning, and
  • Effective change management, which is essential in managing the care environment of

d)  Professionalism

Owing to the personal and professional development gained in the recent past, the strengths mastered include those below:

  • Practicing professional and personal accountability,
  • The importance of ethical practice, and
  • Evidence-based practice at the different care

However, there are areas of growth that need further development towards ensuring optimal service delivery in the future. The growth opportunities include the following:

  • The utilization of career planning,
  • The integration of evidence-based management practices, and
  • Active participation in professional

e)  Business skills

As noted during the evaluation, the past’s growth and development indicate the importance of strengths developed in the past. These strengths include those below:

  • The understanding of healthcare financing,
  • Strategic management,
  • The usage of information technologies in management, and
  • The centrality of human resource management and

The opportunities for further growth in the area should focus on the following skills and capacities noted below:

  • The application of strategic management,
  • Human resource development for teams and individual staffs, and
  • Marketing healthcare

III.  Action Plan to Capitalize on Strengths and Develop Improvement Areas

The way forward on utilizing the various skills developed under the five nurse manager competencies entails utilizing the knowledge and capacity developed at every available

opportunity. The steps to take include step 1: use the information on current skills and opportunities for growth; step 2: partner with mentors, other skilled practitioners, and nurse managers at the current organization and beyond; step 3: analyze the growth realized through the relationships (Waxman et al., 2017). The next phase is step 4: defining the remaining knowledge gaps and the skills that require further development based on the skills and abilities improved.

Lastly, step 5: exploring the best ways to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become an excellent nurse manager and practitioner. The resources to utilize during the growth process and journey including reading practice and professional books and materials, networking with mentors and other experienced nurse managers and joining professional organizations. Another crucial resource is taking formal and informal courses focusing on the various skill areas at the organizational level and beyond (Waxman et al., 2017).


Nurse Managers are crucial players in care services delivery to patients and are essential in ensuring service delivery quality. The evaluation and the subsequent reflected the current performance levels, the strengths, and opportunities for improvement. As discussed in the action plan, it is crucial to take the steps required to cultivate the current skills and knowledge while also increasing the mastery of the skills and abilities that need further development.


American Organization of Nurse Executives. (2015). AONE Nurse Executive Competencies.

Chicago, IL: Author.

García, A.G., Pinto-Carral, A., Villorejo, J.S., & Marqués-Sánchez, P. (2020). Nurse Manager Core Competencies: A Proposal in the Spanish Health System Minimum of two current. Int J Environ Res Public Hea, 17(9), 3173.

Waxman, K.T., Roussel, L., Herrin-Griffith, D., & D’Alfonso, J. (2017). The AONE Nurse Executive Competencies: 12 Years Later. Nurse Lead., 15, 120-126.


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To assess own leadership skills.

Self-Assessment Of Leadership Skills

Self-Assessment Of Leadership Skills

Content Requirements:

  1. Determine your preferred leadership style using The Foundation of Nursing Leadership’s Leadership Development – Test One – What is your leadership style?Links to an external site.
  2. Analyze your leadership’s skills based on your self-assessment.
  3. Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement based on your self-assessment.
  4. Create an action plan to address self-assessment capitalizing on strengths and addressing opportunities for improvement.

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