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HSN 476. Wk 2 Discussion – Healthcare: Right Or Privilege

HSN 476. Wk 2 Discussion – Healthcare: Right Or Privilege

HSN 476. Wk 2 Discussion – Healthcare: Right Or Privilege

Our country was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Knickman, Kover, & Knickman, 2015, p. Health Care Delivery in the United States (2015) states that “good health is essential to pursue happiness and a good life, to work and support ourselves and our families, to participate in the political and social system.” Having stated that, everyone has a right to get healthcare.

The American government has provided numerous healthcare programs over the years. Because of the ongoing change in our healthcare system, our government should be ready and attentive to its people’s requirements. The U.S. government should take into account the opinions of those who are impacted by the healthcare system, in addition to just addressing policies, costs, and budgets for healthcare. Wellness and the Governing Mechanisms of Healthcare Reform, a 2009 journal article, states that “government mandate is not an effective strategy for controlling health. Instead, wellness-based healthcare offers a logical organizing concept for the government, business, and the medical community to work together in a framework that protects a system based on innovation, ethical business and medical practices, and common sense on the side of people.

Ethical Conundrum

According to its definition, vulnerable populations are “an umbrella word for all of the people who, due to a wide range of causes, are more likely to have poor health status and limited access to healthcare.” p. 151) (Knickman & Kover, 2015). Patients with mental health conditions are one group that has become particularly vulnerable within our healthcare system. “Many persons who have a mental illness or drug addiction do not get the comprehensive care they require. Many eventually become destitute or are imprisoned. p. 161; Knickman & Kover, 2015). In my personal experience working in both long-term care and acute care, I have seen doctors discharge patients without properly addressing their mental health requirements, and those patients are then readmitted to the institution within a month. Mentally ill people not only have higher rates of homelessness or incarceration, but they also considerably raise the cost of emergency department care in hospitals across the nation. p. 161; Knickman & Kover, 2015).

Both community resources and inpatient facilities with appropriately qualified staff who are familiar with handling patients with mental health issues are insufficient. Starving in the Midst of Plenty: The Mental Health Care Crisis in America was the article I chose to read. I picked this article because it discusses how mental health has fallen to the wayside while other issues are given more attention. Our mental health services have been gradually deprived of the resources they require to function over the past ten years. Psychiatric services have been systematically underfunded in both the public and commercial sectors. (2014), paragraph 1 (Appelbaum). Our healthcare delivery system has shifted its emphasis from treating mental health diagnoses to just treating acute medical disorders.


Our mental health patients are not receiving the high-quality care they need as a result of the mental health crisis we are currently experiencing in the United States. In order to provide financing, community resources, and greater access to care for the mental health population, this deserves to be addressed by the government.


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Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member. All responses must be at least 175 words to be considered substantive.

HSN 476. Wk 2 Discussion – Healthcare: Right Or Privilege

HSN 476. Wk 2 Discussion – Healthcare: Right Or Privilege

Due Thursday

Respond to the following in at least 175 words:

  • Think of a situation in which the Triple Aim framework could help you adapt to changes in the delivery of patient care. How could you use the framework to reduce the per capita cost of healthcare in your own work environment to better align the needs of your organization with 21st century healthcare practice? Provide an example, either within your work environment or in society at large, of when an ethical or legal dilemma impacted your organization. Support your position by citing at least 2 references.

Due Monday

Post 2 replies of at least 175 words to classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional. Support your position by citing at least 1 reference.

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