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Discussion Evaluating Film:’Away from Her’ 

Discussion Evaluating Film:’Away from Her’ 

Discussion Evaluating Film:’Away from Her’

‘Away from Her,’ directed by Atom Egoyan, tells the story of Fiona, a woman with Alzheimer’s disease, and Grant, her husband, who is responsible for her care. An Alice Munro short tale titled “The Bear Came Over The Mountain” is used as inspiration for this work. Short story characters are faithfully portrayed in the cinematic adaptation.

In this case, Grant is taking care of his wife Fiona, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Julie Christie plays Fiona, and Gordon Pinsent portrays Grant. In both roles, the actors did an excellent job. Julie Christie’s portrayal of an Alzheimer’s patient was compelling. Gordon Pinsent also did an excellent job portraying a husband who genuinely cared for his wife.

Aside from expressing the characters’ feelings, the film also performed a terrific job. You can see Grant’s sorrow in his eyes when he confides in his pal about Fiona. When he talks to Fiona about her Alzheimer’s, you can see the pain in his eyes. Grant’s emotions were well conveyed in this fashion. There is a lot of truth in the film’s depiction of the difficulties of a husband caring for his wife, who has Alzheimer’s. Grant’s conversation with his friend regarding Fiona illustrates this point beautifully.

Fiona’s illness is clearly affecting Grant in this scene. The film also performed a fantastic job at portraying the story’s locale. The plot is set in Ontario, which is where the film was shot. In my opinion, Atom Egoyan, the filmmaker, did a good job with this one. It was a success in conveying the story’s characters, emotions, setting, and overarching concept through the medium of film.

An Alice Munro short tale titled “The Bear Came Over The Mountain” is used as inspiration for this work. Film justifies story’s primary concepts. The husband’s effort to care for his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, and the impact of Alzheimer’s on a relationship are two of the story’s central concerns. The picture skillfully conveys these topics.

When Grant is chatting about Fiona with a buddy, you can clearly feel the grief in his eyes. This sequence does a good job of illustrating the toll Alzheimer’s disease takes on a couple’s relationship. As well as depicting the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the movie is well-acted and entertaining.

While at the doctor’s office, you can clearly see Fiona’s confusion and lack of direction. In this scenario, Alzheimer’s disease is clearly shown to the audience. An excellent job is done in justifying the story’s core concepts.The film Away from Her, directed by Sarah Polley, follows an elderly woman named Fiona (Julie Christie) as she seeks treatment for her Alzheimer’s disease. In no time at all, she meets Grant, a patient with the same condition (Gordon Pinsent). In the event that Grant shows interest in Fiona and approaches her for a date, she accepts.

Over the next few days, they begin to fall in love as they get to know one another better. When they get to know each other more, they start talking about their ideal future together. As the sickness progresses, Fiona’s ability to identify Grant diminishes. In his frustration, he thinks she has forgotten about him, which produces tension between them. Finally, he decided to break up with her because he thought their relationship was doomed owing to her condition.

Based on a short tale by Alice Munro, the film is a work of fiction. The plot revolves around a couple in their early seventies who decide to relocate to an assisted living facility. Grant and Fiona are both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and Grant is having a difficult time dealing with the situation. Couples dealing with worsening mental health and Grant’s health difficulties are depicted in the film.

Watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking experience for everyone involved. Film appropriately reflects Alzheimer’s disease on its sufferers and carers. Anyone who sees this film will be moved to tears.

While at the doctor’s office, you can clearly see Fiona’s confusion and lack of direction. Accurately depicting Alzheimer’s disease is depicted in this scene. It’s also realistic to see a husband’s struggle to take care of his wife with Alzheimer’s, in my opinion. Grant’s conversation with his friend regarding Fiona illustrates this point beautifully. The movie is realistic and not overly romantic in its overall tone.

The story isn’t overly emotional in this movie. An accurate depiction of Alzheimer’s disease is shown in this film. A person’s mental decline due to Alzheimer’s disease is depicted realistically in the film. The acting is top-notch, and the performances are convincing because they are grounded in reality. The story is well-written and easy to follow from one scene to the next. As a whole, the movie is excellent and comes highly recommended.

An excellent film adaptation of the short story is on display in this rendition. In my opinion, it captures the essence of the story’s characters, concept, and tone. It also does an excellent job of illustrating the concept of love and its problems – love is difficult to maintain and can lead to conflict and tragedy. Overall, I think the film is a good adaptation of the short tale, and that I prefer it to the short narrative.

Original short story characters and overall framework are faithfully reproduced here. One of the best examples of realistic portrayal. I recommend this film to anyone who has read the short story or who wants to learn more about it.


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For this discussion, you should view the film Away from her (Egoyan et al., 2006). This week we will use the Munro short story “The bear came over the mountain? (2013) as the criteria against which to evaluate the film Away from her (Egoyan et al., 2006). You will be making a judgment based on the evidence from the story and the film to evaluate how well the film depicts the story and how well the story and the film depict Alzheimer’s.

Discussion Evaluating Film:'Away from Her'

Discussion Evaluating Film:’Away from Her’


  • Do you think the film accurately depicts the characters in the short story?
  • Do you think that the film justifies the themes of the story?
  • Does the film accurately depict Alzheimer’s?
  • Does the film present as overly sentimental?
  • Do you prefer the film or the short story? 

You should post a total of three times (minimum) with activity on at least three separate days during the unit.


Egoyan, A. Hirst, V., Iron, D. Mankoff, D. Urdl, S. Weiss, J. (Producers), & Polley, S. (Director). (2006).

Away from her. [Motion picture]. Canada: Foundry Film

Munro, A. (2013, Oct 21). The bear came over the mountain. The New Yorker.

All citations from the film should be: (Egoyan et al., 2006).

Add timestamp number to citations with direct quotes from the film.

Add a para. number to citations with direct quotes from the story. 

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