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Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica 

What are date rape drugs, and how can a person be unaware that such a drug has been ingested?

Date rate drugs are substances or drugs capable of incapacitating an individual and making them vulnerable to sexual assault. According to Schwartz, Milteer, and LeBeau, (2019), there are several date rape drugs, including gamma-hydroxybutyric acid commonly referred to as GHC, Rohypnol, and ketamine. These drugs have various side effects including confusion, weakness, and loss of memory, which may make victims unable to defend themselves. In extreme cases, some date rape drugs have been known to cause fainting and death. Victims are normally unaware that they have ingested these drugs because they are tasteless, colorless, odorless, and they dissolve quickly in drinks.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Individuals can mainly protect themselves by ensuring they do not accept drinks from strangers or people that they do not trust. Considering that many instances where an individual can be given date rape drugs are social events or gatherings, it is important to ensure that one takes care of their drinks or they are with people that they trust (Dodich & Siedlarz, 2018). If a drink is left unattended after visiting a restroom or stepping aside to pick a phone call, a new drink should be requested, especially when in the company of people that cannot be trusted. In case one feels intoxicated more than usual after taking a few drinks, they should call a trusted person, inform them of your location, and ask them to pick you and take you home.

What do you do if you think you have been sexually assaulted?

If an individual feels that they have been drugged using date rape drugs and sexually, they should first get to a safe place and call someone trusted (maybe a healthcare provider, a close friend, or a relative) and inform them what happened. Secondly, one should preserve the evidence by avoiding taking a shower and wrapping the clothes in a non-plastic bag, and visit the nearest health facility for checkup and treatment for any STD and guidance from a HCP (Girard & Senn, 2018). After visiting the hospital, it is advisable to visit the police station and make a report regarding the incidence.

What can you do when someone you care about has been sexually assaulted?

First it is important to understand the situation they are in and avoid judging them, considering that people react differently to sexual assault. Additionally, it is important to make the victim understand that the incident was never their mistake. Proving comfort and a listening ear is important since it helps the victims to easily express themselves (Campbell, Greeson & Fehler-Cabral, 2018). If the victims have not sought medical advice, ask them to preserve the evidence of the crime as stated above and advise them to see a healthcare provider, and accompany them if necessary. Do not bombard them with many unnecessary questions; however, listen to them and determine what they need.

What role does a nurse practitioner play in the care of sexually assaulted patients, particularly in the adolescent age group?

The nurse practitioner’s role is to provide a secure and confidential environment, where the victim can free to tell their story without being judged. Not that it is the professional duty of nurses to determine the needs of a patient and offer the most adequate and care to meet these needs. Therefore, a nurse should be able to determine the tests to be done and guidance the patient should get to minimize the risks of getting infections (Mulla, 2014). The nurse should then develop the best care plan that will ensure the best recovery path for the patient. This may include the patient’s medications to take to prevent chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.


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Instructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions.

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica


– Formatted and cited in current APA 7

– The discussion must address the topic

– Rationale must be provided

– Use at least 600 words (no included 1st page or references in the 600 words)

– Use 3 academic sources. Not older than 5 years

– Not Websites are allowed.

– Plagiarism is NOT allowed

CASE STUDY: Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica

Sexual assault includes any type of sexual activity to which an individual does not agree. Because of the effects of some drugs, commonly called date rape drugs, victims may be physically helpless, unable to refuse, or even unable to remember what happened. Jessica, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, expresses concern to the school nurse practitioner that she knows someone who might have had sex “without knowing it.” How can the nurse practitioner answer these common questions?

Reflective Questions 

1. What are date rape drugs and how can a person be unaware that such a drug has been ingested?

2. What can you do to protect yourself?

3. What do you do if you think you have been sexually assaulted?

4. What can you do when someone you care about has been sexually assaulted?

5. What role does a nurse practitioner play in the care of sexually assaulted patients, particularly in the adolescent age group?

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