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Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is a condition that changes the person’s mood and causes a continuous sadness feeling and lack of interest. This disorder can affect you emotionally and physically. It can make you feel that there is nothing food in life. Major depressive disorder may require treatment for a long time though most people get better with psychotherapy and medications.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of major depressive disorder include feeling hopeless, sad, empty, and tearful. It involves poor sleeping patterns like lack of sleep or too much sleep, weight loss, lack of appetite, and anxiety. Low level of thinking, suicidal thoughts, irritability and slowed body movements. (Pierce, 2018)

Pharmacological Treatment

Patients with major depressive disorder get treated by the use of antidepressant medicines. They may as well get counseling. Medications for the major depressive disorder include tricyclic antidepressants, dopamine reuptake inhibitors, and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

The antidepressants regulate feelings, response to stress, and other body drives of appetite and sleep. The American Psychiatric Association Treatment Guideline shows the approach to treating major depressive disorder. (Chen & Shan, 2019)

Nonpharmacological Treatments

Physical Activity Programs: Physical activities for both groups and individuals have proven positive results. Intensity, frequency, and duration give faster results.

Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: It is a type of psychotherapy that bases its argument that symptoms of depression are related to emotions, behavior, and interactions. A patient can access the technology alone or with the help of a therapist.

Light Therapy: It is a type of therapy that works well treatment of nonseasonal major depression disorder. Bright light seems to be effective in treating seasonal depression. In light therapy, the efficacy is uncertain. (“Nonpharmacological versus Pharmacological Treatments for Adult Patients with Major Depressive Disorder,” 2016)

Guided Self Help: This is where the nurse gives the patient several books and manuals designed to treat major depressive disorder.

Appropriate Community Resources and Referrals

One of the resources is Community-based support groups. These groups gather people with similar problems and provide strategies to improve their mental wellness. Referrals for community links include Cyber psychologist, Mental Earth Community, Bipolar Support Alliance, Find Support, Find the Light, and Depression Chat and Depression Support Group. Other referrals include Community Intervention Service (ACIS) and Befrienders Kenya. (Komarek & Schroer, 2013)


Major depression disorder is a serious concern that needs urgency. Patients need to seek medical attention immediately and get treated. The community should help educate teenagers to control their emotions, protect children by nurturing them and support those with stress and older people.


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Research signs and symptoms for the diagnosis (Major Depressive Disorder), pharmacological treatments, non-pharmacological treatments, and appropriate community resources and referrals.

Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder


In a 300- to 500-word blog post written for a patient and/or caregiver audience, explain signs and symptoms for your diagnosis, pharmacological treatments, nonpharmacological treatments, and appropriate community resources and referrals.

Reading Resources

Hilt, R. J., & Nussbaum, A. M. (2016). DSM-5 pocket guide for child and adolescent mental healthLinks to an external site.. American Psychiatric Association Publishing.

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Required Media

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Medication  Review

Review the FDA-approved use of the following medicines related to treating mood and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents.

Bipolar depression Bipolar disorder

lurasidone (age 10–17)

olanzapine-fluoxetine combination (age 10–17) aripiprazole (age 10–17)

asenapine  (for mania or mixed episodes, age 10–17)

lithium (for mania, age 12–17)

olanzapine (age 13–17)

quetiapine (age 10–17)

risperidone (age 10–17)


Generalized anxiety disorder Depression

duloxetine (age 7–17) escitalopram (age 12–17)

fluoxetine (age 8–17)


Obsessive-compulsive disorder

clomipramine (age 10–17)

fluoxetine (age 7–17)

fluvoxamine (age 8–17)

sertraline (age 6–17)

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