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StrengthsFinder assessment

StrengthsFinder assessment

StrengthsFinder assessment 

There are many successful leaders who may have gone through some sort of formal course or workshop to develop and hone their leadership skills. Within these formal opportunities, they might ask participants to engage in some sort of self-assessment tool or experience that will provide feedback on their strengths and opportunities as leaders (Marshall & Broome, 2017). Walden University was gracious enough for afford us the opportunity to conduct our own leadership self-assessment through Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder assessment tool (2018). After completing the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment (2018), I was amazed at how accurately it portrayed my personality traits. Each of the strengths found in the assessment were different aspects of my behavior tendencies in social and professional situations. Although I immediately recognized that the results were spot-on, it was enlightening to have the characteristics dissected in a way that shows how I can use these strengths to my advantage in a leadership role. My top five themes were: Empathy, Includer, Developer, Positivity, and Woo (Gallup, 2018).

According to Schmidt (2015), men in nursing share common professional core values such as empathy, compassion, teamwork, respect, and others. Two core leadership values that I would like to strengthen based on my results are advocacy and honesty (Schmidt, 2015). As a leader I would need to advocate for those who are under my leadership. I will have to find the strength in myself to fight for what is right if I see team members in an unfair situation or if changes need to be made. In terms of honesty, I would have to find it within myself to be completely honest, to be critical, and to offer constructive criticism to my team members if needed.

Two strengths I would like to strengthen would be “developer” and “woo” (Gallup, 2018). As a “developer”, I see the potential in others and thrive on helping them reach success (Gallup, 2018). However, I do not see myself as the best at teaching. I have room for improvement when it comes to explaining things to people.                               With “woo”, I enjoy meeting new people, enjoy winning them over, and I’m also eager to learn about them, find commonalities, and build rapport (Gallup, 2018). However, I tend to do this just on a personal level, and I would like to build on this strength and do it in a more professional sense.

Two characteristics I would like to strengthen are being empathetic and being positive.With empathy, I am able to sense the emotions of those around me, and while I don’t necessarily condone the choices others make, I understand (Gallup, 2018). I am able to sense their unvoiced questions and anticipate their needs as well (Gallup, 2018). However, I need to not let the empathy skew my judgment or decision making in the workplace. As a leader, I may empathize with someone who is constantly making mistakes due to certain circumstances, but I also need to take action beyond empathy to correct the situation. With positivity, I am generous with praise, always offer a smile, and tend to see the positive in any situation (Gallup, 2018). While this is one of my characteristics, I still let the stress of nursing get me down at times, and the positivity diminishes.

Response to Instructor

Do a search to find out what various professional nursing organizations are out there, pick 2 or 3 specific to your interests and specialty. identify their mission and goals, and share with us, their next annual conference, where will it be? when? Dr S

Thanks for your response, Dr. S. Although I have never belonged to a professional nursing organization, I do realize the benefits of joining one, especially now that I am choosing to advance my career. The two organizations I would be interested in are the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) and the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN).

The APNA’s mission and goals are to facilitate professional advancement through continuing education and providing resources for all levels of PMH nurses. The APNA advocates for mental health care and champions PMH nursing through the their development of positions on important issues, dissemination of new knowledge within PMH nursing, and also through promoting evidence based advances in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the mental health consumer population (APNA, 2019). Their next annual conference will be their 33rd annual, held in New Orleans on October 2nd through the 5th, 2019.

The ISPN’s mission is to support advance-practice psychiatric mental health nurses in promoting mental health care, literacy, and policy worldwide (ISPN, 2019). Their goals or practices are to strengthen the presence and voice of advance practice PMH nurses through contributions to standards, curricula, and public policy statements to promote quality mental health care to individuals, families, and communities. The ISPN also aims to promote research and development of scholarship through funding, presentations, and publications, as well as provide education, leadership development, and networking for members through conferences, service opportunities, and partnerships (ISPN, 2019). Their annual conference was just recently held May 29 through June 1, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Information on the next annual ISPN conference in 2020 is yet to be determined.

Response 1

I enjoyed your post, Edewor. You have some great strengths that you can build on to become an amazing leader. Your story is quite interesting, that you grew up in extreme poverty and now you find it in yourself to want to work with the underserved population. That is very admirable. As Marshall & Broome (2017) stated, the world needs your influence, and you will be amazed at your ability to make a difference. Marshall & Broome talk about one’s obligations as a leader, that one should share their wisdom and watch for influential things they are doing that might help someone else in a similar situation (2017). As you work with the underserved population, find ways to connect with fellow nurses and share your wisdom about the population, and know that you are showing your leadership capabilities and leading others to become better nurses. In an article that discusses ways to address the gaps in mental health care needs of underserved populations, authors Pearson, Hines-Martin, Evans, York, Kane, and Yearwood discuss five nursing interventions to address said disparities that can be performed well within the nursing scope of practice (2015). Some of the interventions include implementing home health programs to assess for depression, implementing a parent teaching program to reduce behavior problems in culturally and economically diverse children, and implementing a health promotion intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors in at risk adolescents to name a few (Pearson et al, 2015). Someone with an in-depth knowledge of social determinants of health, such as yourself, paired with your strong leadership characteristics would be great at spreading the knowledge and implementation of interventions such as these. Thanks for your post!

Response 2

Thanks for your post, Jerome. I think you have a great combination of strengths that will propel you to great leadership. I think the ability to be a learner is one of the most important traits to have, as even the best leaders continue to learn and strive to improve. I especially like your strength in positivity, and that having a good time is your top priority. If we aren’t enjoying our time in what we do, then why do it? This is why you could be a great leader. You already have some of the key characteristics to maintain your own happiness through the stresses of leadership. Leadership can be a taxing, lifelong pursuit, and self-care is crucial to preserve one’s own sense of being (Marshall & Broome, 2017). Balancing energy and managing stress are important things to think about when faced with the physical and emotional effects of leadership (Marshall & Broome, 2017).



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Marshall, E., & Broome, M. (2017). Transformational leadership in nursing: From expert clinician to influential leader (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.


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Post a brief description of your results from the StrengthsFinder assessment. Then, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment

StrengthsFinder assessment

StrengthsFinder assessment

Required reading for referencing

  • Broome, M., & Marshall, E. S. (2021). Transformational leadership in nursing: From expert clinician to influential leader (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.
    • Chapter 1, “Frameworks for Becoming a Transformational Leader” (pp. 2–19 ONLY)
    • Chapter 6, “Shaping Your Own Leadership Journey” (pp. 182-211)
  • Duggan, K., Aisaka, K., Tabak, R. G., Smith, C., Erwin, P., & Brownson, R. C. (2015). Implementing administrative evidence-based practices: Lessons from the field in six local health departments across the United States. BMC Health Services Research, 15Links to an external site.(1). doi:10.1186/s12913-015-0891-3. Retrieved from

Grading Rubric

Answers all parts of the discussion question(s) expectations with reflective critical analysis and synthesis of knowledge gained from the course readings for the module and current credible sources. … Supported by at least three current, credible sources. … Written clearly and concisely with no grammatical or spelling errors and fully adheres to current APA manual writing rules and style.

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