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The Role of The Nurse Practitioner

The Role of The Nurse Practitioner

The Role of The Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practioner (NPs) have the opportunity to provide direct care to patient through acute and preventive care. NPs are the primary developers for health course of action. Through heir train they acquire skills in mixing nursing and clinical leaderships in groups, family and individuals. They have the power of introducing a case for passing enactment on matters on healthcare. Nps are the building blocks of medical services who relate to patients’ encounters an treat them while regarding to the impacts of the enactment(Barratt & Thomas,2019).The essay will consider the distinguishing roles of advanced nursing practioner and the various concerns that surround them.

Select and Describe an Advanced Nurse Practitioner Role

The role of advanced nurse practioner (APN) is invaluable, they provide patients with timely care and negates unnecessary delay in receiving treatment. APNs are equipped with additional education and competence which give them the ability to analyze, treat and make recommendation on indistinguishable diseases. Patient require to have quality life hence they need to take care by highly qualified personnel with proficiency and quality.APN are autonomous in decision making on assessment ,diagnosis and interpretation of test hence they can independently prescribed medication and recommends a specialists if necessary. Innovative trained personnel are required in the rise of elderly population as they are able to address the different wants of patients.APN are able to fuse their medical knowledge with their passion in educating (Hussein and Osuji, 2017). APN are not only educators in class but I all applied environment; they should shape their peers in the nursing field. They act as medical tutors who gives leadership essential to apply in proof based practice (Anderson, 2018).APN provides a more holistic approach to patient care, assess patients, provide diagnosis and order treatments.

Why Are You Becoming A Nurse Practitioner?

Since childhood I always knew I want to train as a nurse and become an exceptional nurse in the world. This feeling has not changes now that am an adult ,I believe that nurse have a huge role in fulling issues as much as saving lives is concerned. It was my goal to continue my education as a nurse .Nursing is a constant area of learning and I always aimed to upgrade my skills to higher level .This field of study appealed to me because I wanted to care for my patients in different levels .offer the whole perspective and provide care. I am a considerate and passionate individual who does not like seeing others suffer or grief hence I believe I can impact individual lives as medical professional. As a nurse professional I have the duty of ,I should observe my duty and effect on ailing individual and that of the society in general. I enjoy working everyday and getting to care for my patients by giving the love in all ways, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This is my favorite part of the job ,it is fulfilling to place a grin on a sick individual’s face and improving the quality of life.

My favorite part of nursing is being able the relationships I gather with patient. My would love to create an educator impact in my nursing profession, I am a huge educators as I love to educate my colleagues and my patients .Being able to make an impact on my patient through education of disease processes gives me satisfaction. Nursing career according to statistics s very lucrative hence job stability is a motive ,according to (Martsolf et al., 2017),nursing jobs are lucrative and have am adaptable working routine ,this is another motivation f becoming a nurse practioner. Overall, being able to do what I love lures me into nursing as I believe that nursing is a plea but not a profession. As a nurse practioner I will be able to provide help broadly tp patient of different se, race, age and of different background. I consider myself a exceptionally sympathetic person therefore it will give me satisfaction to attend to ailing persons with adoration.


The nurse practitioner role in oncology: Advancing patient care. In Oncology Nursing Forum

the article discuss the roles of nurse practioner in the provision of cancer care in Canada. The article highlights the significance of nurse profession in caring for cancer patient and gives recommendation for enhance better support of the responsibilities of nurse practioners.NP assume duties that ensure cancer patient are guaranteed ideal health care. According to (Wall, and Rawson, 2016),some obligations of the NP include working with doctors in intensive care units, directing cancer observation, giving palliative care and advance plans and developing policies and recommendations. Further the article suggests that it’s the role of NP to provide patient edification and carrying out all other evaluations. The article gives a view of the problems that NP faces such as lack of institution support, lack of acknowledgement and uncertainty. NPs should not be regarded as low cost work(Wall, and Rawson, 2016).Through all encompassing methodology NP are distinguished healthcare workers who are equipped to give a different approach on healthcare.

What Does the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Say about The Need Of Nurse Practitioners?

Regarding the different subjects on roles and responsibilities of nurses and the general healthcare system the IOM reports zero .There is an increasing demand for NPs in the US as research propose more increment of NPs. The IOM report suggest that medical caregivers should practice to the degree of education and training(Hallock, 2019).According to the report NPs are crucial as they directly impact patient’s care. Some of the critical roles taking up by NPs include evaluation of patient appraisal. Delivery of care in the emergency units. The level of care the patient receive depend on how medical practioner carry out their roles and responsibilities. To extend the accessibility of quality healttcare the report recommends the expansion of the amount of nursing experts in long lasting and primary healthcare. Additionally, by permitting NPs to agree to copious choice of care we improve the accessibility of patient focused care. IOM suggest that crucial role of NP is the provision of care at people’s dwellings.NP do not offer their services at medical clinics only but on in other settings such as schools and other open spots. The report suggest that clinical professional and doctors should partner to close the gap of the growing NP healthcare provision hence there is need for NPs to advance their education levels and training framework.

Identify And Describe The Effects That You Will Have As An Advanced Practice Nurse In Terms Of Healthcare Industry And Patient Outcomes

Advanced Practice Nurses(APN) have the required level of education and training hence have the power to access plan ,actualize care and give a diagnosis(Bryant‐Lukosius et al., 2017).My advance degree , training and competence as an APN will e ale to provide therapy on different health conditions. Since I have the necessary understanding I will be able to make and settle for choices about patient care .As an APN it is the our goal to anticipate for the best in each situation and impact health services confidently and get positive results(Lamb et al,2018).

Therefore as and APN I will work confidently and jointly with other parties such as patient and medical professionals to enhance quality healthcare , patient domino effect, and take effective interest in essential and intense care. I will give reassurance to patients to help them fing the best procedure and safeguard their information from unapproved persons.

To improve quality of life of patients I will give my all in improving wellbeing by providing counseling, guidance and counseling and illness preclusion. This will be possible by engaging and spending more time with patients where we can have vulnerable communication that will create a safe, convenient and patient centered responsiveness, it will help in accomplishing positive outcome and prevent re admissions. I will ensure there is no bias and ensure etiquette and harmless treatment and management of patients. My clinical services will profound quality patient care and experience as I wish to achieve encouraging patient results.


NPs give a patient focused medical care services to the population, it’s a basic requirement for them to practice a full scope of training. The vision of the American association of nurse practioner is to offer therapeutic services to all patients therefore as the country is facing problems in the healthcare provision system; it’s the role of NP to address them as they carry solidarity of nursing workforce.


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Select and describe an Advanced Nurse Practitioner role.

The Role of The Nurse Practitioner

The Role of The Nurse Practitioner

Why are you becoming a Nurse Practitioner?

Find one research article, expert opinion about the Nurse Practitioner role and summarize the article.

What does the Institute Of Medicine (IOM) say about the need of Nurse Practitioners?

Identify and describe the effects that you will have as an advanced practice nurse in terms of healthcare industry and patient outcomes.

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