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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Describe one method of multi-factor authentication that you have experienced and discuss the pros and cons of using multi-factor authentication.

One method of multi-factor authentication that I have experiences has been when logging into a website. The first step is to enter in a password, then they will either text and/or email a separate password to confirm that it truly is you. The only Con is that it is quite repetitive, although the Pros would be that it protects all your information and is much more secure that way.

What are some of the latest advances in encryption technologies? Conduct some independent research on encryption using scholarly or practitioner resources, then write a two- to three-page paper that describes at least two new advances in encryption

High-speed quantum encryption is one of the latest advances in encryption technologies. Quantum computers have been found to have a huge effect towards hackers in a very helpful way. It may soon allow for the idea to access high secured codes and passwords to multiple sites. If this does end up coming true, many sites with very sensitive information may come to life for many people who have no right. Now, there must be a protection of sorts to stop this epidemic from happening in the future. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Duke University, and The Ohio State University may make this technique come true with a new system that is being created. The system that they have created is able to develop and output encryption codes at megabit per second rates, existing methods would be 10 times slower compared to this system.

What is the password policy at your place of employment or study? Do you have to change passwords every so often? What are the minimum requirements for a password?

At my place of employment there is a common password for the computer logins. That is about it and we do not change the password often, the requirements are that it must be a minimum of 7 characters.

When was the last time you backed up your data? What method did you use? In one to two pages, describe a method for backing up your data. Ask your instructor if you can get extra credit for backing up your data.

I feel as though a majority of the time my data will back-up on its very own. Although the last time I manually did so had to have been a little over a month ago. The method I mainly use is my iCloud backup system that is in place on my Mac book. The cloud backup is very convenient in many cases. It allows so much room for multiple documents and quite a lot of data to be saved. It never gets deleted and everything I need is always there. It is also very accessible for me. I will not even have to be on my own laptop and will still be able to access it. It is able to be accessed with the help of any Internet source. It is a very cheap and easy to use method. I have been using this for years now and it has never failed me. It will always keep my stuff up and running whenever I need it.

Find the information security policy at your place of employment or study. Is it a good policy? Does it meet the standards outlined in the chapter?

Yes, I believe it is a good policy. Stating that you must not give out password information to others, which is very important. Yes, it meets the standards outlined in the chapter.

How are you doing on keeping your own information secure? Review the steps listed in the chapter and comment on how well you are doing.

I believe that I do quite well at keeping my own information secure. I do not use very obvious passwords that are easy to guess, and I also do not use the same password for multiple sites. In reference to the chapter, I believe I’m doing fairly well.

Write 1 paragraph listing 5 large companies that have had data breaches in the last 3 years

 In November of 2018, Marriott International had a huge problem impacting about 500 million customers. They had announced that “cyber thieves” had taken data that had belonged to those 500 million customers. It seems that these attackers have breached the system since the year 2014 and have been in the system since. Late in 2016 Uber had a major problem with a breach as well. Not only had the 600,000 drivers who worked at Uber been compromised, but also the 57 million Uber users. Two hackers were able to get information on the many people. In April of 2019 Microsoft Email Services announced a data breach on their non-corporate email services, including,, and Hackers were able to access these email accounts by misusing Microsoft’s customer support portal. In April of 2018 Panera had been breached and was of risk to 37 million consumers. Credit card numbers taken as well as addresses and phone numbers. Lastly in September of 2018 a major website, Facebook, had been breached. Allowing for 87 million Facebook users to be victims. Private information had been leaked along with private conversations between millions.



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Describe one method of multi-factor authentication that you have experienced and discuss the pros and cons of using multi-factor authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

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