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Myers-Briggs Personality Test Findings

Myers-Briggs Personality Test Findings

Myers-Briggs Personality Test Findings

This world is filled with individuals that have different characteristic patterns. These patterns consist of an individual’s thinking, feeling and action that determine how they will react to a wide range of different situations. These characteristic patterns affect how we as individuals make decisions, manage conflict, politics, resolve problems and even cope with stress. A test widely used to determine one’s personality traits is The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test provides us as individuals a look into all 16-personality types while providing us the ability to determine our own. This paper provides my findings from completing The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test.

I am currently serving our Country in the United States Navy. Have been serving since the age of 18. My current command position is assistant to the shop supervisor. I have encountered many different types of personalities in my several years in the Armed Forces.

Although many have been pleasant, some have been individuals that never seemed to see eye to eye with. Above serving this amazing country I am also a mother and wife. My personality test findings where not only accurate but shocking. I will provide you with a look into not only both my 4-letter type and 2-letter temperaments but life experience that make my results accurate to the person I am.

Jung Typology Test and Keirsey Temperament Results

By taking the Jung Typology Test I was provided with my 4-letter characteristic type and the ability to find my 2-letter temperament results. Some of the questions was able to answer without thinking too much and others made me ponder of what type of person I really am. Isabel Briggs Myer said, “It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences” (The Myers and Briggs Foundation, n.d.). I believe this to be vital to understanding yourself as an individual. I have an Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP) personality type and my temperament fell under Keirsey “The Idealist’ (NF) group.


Based on research ENFP’s have many characteristic’s that I value and have been told that I possess. For instant ENFP are considered both “idea”-people and “people”-people (Butt & Heiss, n.d.). What that means is that we are naturally like to help other and want to be liked by other. To be seen more as a mentor to those around you. ENFP’s also have strong values and viewpoints, which I can attest to being accurate. I carry my values close to my heart. I always try to instill the best of me to those around me, let it be in the workplace or personal life. For instance, over the last 3 years I have been assigned to a Naval Recruiting District in South Florida and although when I first reported it was difficult for me to find my grove, I was able to establish a work ethic that not only helped me succeed but those around me as well. I looked for challenges and when others would say to me “Chapman, that won’t happen it’s never been done” it pushed me more to show that anything is possible. In Mark 9:23, “Jesus said to him, ‘If You can?’ All things are possible to him who believes” (Bible, n.d.). Believing in oneself is extremely vital in accomplishing all one puts in front of them and that is exactly what I do. I will break down each letter and provide insight to how it relates to me in my personal and professional life.

E- Extraverted.

Based on Jung Typology Test I am 28% Extravert. Once I received my score, I wasn’t sure what that meant. After some research found that being an extravert you are more outgoing, a risk taker, and approachable. Being an extravert has helped me seek challenges and focus on the outcome I desire. In my current career self-growth is as important as professional growth. We are part of a bigger plan in this world and how we contribute to it makes a difference. I enjoy empowering and inspiring those around me. For instance, at work every accomplishment individual made by me pushes those around me to achieve the same type of success. As a leader we not only have to be stern but inspiring to those we lead. I learned that early in my career. I have encountered both extraverted and introverted leaders and although both presented positive and negative outcomes at time, they both provided me with a platform from which to learn from. In my option we have more introverted leadership in the military which works well once you are sitting in a high-level position but that doesn’t work well in middle managements. Our subordinate need guidance and mentorship. I know that as an extravert I have some weakness that do hinder me in making lasting connections with people at work. Due to the nature of my job I am constantly meeting people it its hard for me to break from negative individuals. But this is also true for my personal life. Also, once I feel bored or unutilized, I tend to distance myself from it. This is due to my desire to continue moving forward.

I- Intuitive.

 Being intuitive took me by surprise because after some research, I determined that more introvert individuals have a high intuitive character. I scored a 16% in intuitive, which makes since to what I found. To be intuitive is to go by what one feels is true when it comes to taking in information. In other words, following your instincts. Intuition is highly important in my life. I know we are taught to rely on facts, science, and even others experience but as individuals we must also listen to our instincts when making life decisions. There have been moments in my life where I failed to rely on my instincts and followed what others told me was the right route.

Which in turn derailed my personal and professional life. In 2011 I decided to longer consider other thoughts of how I should do things. Once I did that and started to trust my own intuition many doors started to open, such as job positions and promotions. For a long time in my military career I was stuck in the same position, not being able to be promoted to the next pay grade and it wasn’t lack of knowledge but lack of self-belief and not trusting my instinct about those individuals in my life that where holding me back from greatness. Sophy Burnham, bestselling author of The Art of Intuition, tells The Huffington Post. “It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis … It’s a knowing without knowing” (Gregoire, 2017), and as individuals we have to listen instead of analyzing it. It’s a got feeling we get. Just like anything being intuitive has its weakness. For instance, in a workplace environment your first intuition of and individual may be misleading and cause work conflict.

F- Feeling.

Having a trait of feeling is something I expected. I was shocked I only scored 16%, I expected to get a higher percentage. Individuals with this trait prioritize people and emotions when it comes to making decisions. This is true in my case. I put a lot of myself in whatever I do. I work with many individuals and met new people daily. Providing a great service to those individuals gets to me daily. I believe I let my feeling get the best of me in times. But that devotion and dedication to providing them with what they desire brings me a sense of accomplishment. Based on the course book Emotional Intelligence (EI) “is the ability to monitor your own emotions and those of other…” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2015, p. 105). I determine this to be extremely important in any aspect of an individual’s life. EI gives me the opportunity to create a great team cohesiveness in my office. Feelings is part of EI because if you are not able to control emotions in your life, I can hinder many aspects of it. In the military you are isolated and can only communicate with the individuals in your work center, they become your family and emotions just like in a family situation always tend to provide conflict. Although I care my heart on my sleeve, I have established a functional work environment for myself and those under me. Feelings is a part of being human is how you control those feeling that determine how affective of a mother, wife, leader or coworker you will be. I genuinely care about each person in my life and will help in any way I can to ensure they are taken care of, that is without loosing myself or values. I believe feelings help add more worth to your task in hand.

P- Perceiving 

Mr. Ganapathy states, “Perceiving types are spontaneous and take their own time to arrive at a decision. They can successfully multi task. They are good in managing exigencies. Their biggest problem is procrastination. They work well under last minute pressure”(Ganapathy, 2014). His description of a perception base individual is exactly how I am. Even though I score in the 16%, I believe I relate more to this as of how I take in information and decide on an outcome. I tend to make up my own mind based in information I gathered. Multi- tasking is something I do on a regular based. Although it can be stressful at times, I believe my mind is clearer during those moments. Individuals that a judging are considered close minded and decisive which doesn’t work in the military. We must be willing to take all the information and analysis every aspect before concluding. Any bad decision can cause millions of dollars or someone’s life. In the military we are not only dealing with one task but multiple at a time. Being perceiving does have its weakness such as procrastination, this can cause missed deadline or even simple as appointment with family doctors. I never feel like I have a break, always on the move. This is how many individuals in my line of work get burned out.

NF- “The Idealist CHAMPION”

As ENFP we focus more externally and on intuition to determine our mode of life. In contrast to that, we deal with feelings internally. Keirsey describes my temperaments (NF) primary objective as “Identity Seeking”. Under the NF “Idealists” you’ll find ENFP to be “The Champions”. This of course intriguing to me. It goes on by stating EFNP are passionate, explores, enthusiast, authentic, eclectic and functional networkers (Keirsey, n.d.). I tend to maintain a cool head during extreme circumstances, which happen office in Recruiting Duty. We are always hit with quotas and deadlines. The mission falls under everyone in my command, so if another office is not provided the needed quotas my office and other offices must pick it up. This is frustrating to many of my coworkers because it causes them to be overworked, this is I as the leader provide them with inceptives for their hard work. I don’t hold my feelings back in the workplace with it comes to inspire and motivate my coworkers. When I am passionate about something, I will show it to those around me. For instance, I set a goal one I checked into the command saying I will be named Recruiter of the Year for 2018 and my station will win the station of the year. Many of my coworkers said it couldn’t be done. So, I devised a plan and put it into action. Within 5 months my station had written over 25% of the commands goal. This was a big accomplishment for us. Two of my coworkers were promoted and award Navy Achievement Medals. No task is to big if you have the right mindset to make it happen. This is what I live by everyday at home and work. The feeling of being an inspiration to others is addicting and it pushes me to continue in my progress as an individual and leader. My children are getting older an as continue my education they see that it can be done no matter the circumstances of your life.

Step 2

Myers-Brigg Personality Test has expanded my knowledge and self-awareness to my own characteristics and personality traits. For instance, I understand more in deep my acceptance of people’s differences and my willingness to assist those in need. My organizational doesn’t provide much guidance outside of the military code of conduct. Taking this test provided me with a clear and effective was to change the organizational behavior with my own office.

Although I believe that I have established some guidelines that my coworkers have taken to and have strived in, there is always room for improvement. A leader never stops growing or learning. I welcome criticism because it helps me grow and work on faults I may have not seen if not informed of them. We live in a society of constant change and with changes comes necessary personality traits depending on the environment.

Based on the book Type Talk at Work, “A zest for life combines with social gregariousness (Extraversion) is linked with endless possibilities and alternatives (iNtuition) which ENFPs apply to a host of interpersonal encounters (Feeling) while always working their day-to-day events so as to maximize their options (Perceiving)” (Kroeger, O., Thuesen, J. M., & Rutledge, H., 2003). Kroeger also continues by stating that ENFP’s can contribute to the workplace by empowering others. This is something that I admire of my personality trait and try to put to practice every day. To be an individual that encourages her coworkers to succeed is my goal. One down side that comes to my personality trait is stress. Stress is usually coming from all aspect of my life, private or professional. When this happens, I usually can’t find the proper outlet to distress. Although my qualities are admirable stress can hinder my ability to perform my duties at work or home. Thanks to the book I have gotten a better understanding to why and how it occurs. A perfect example of this is last minute taskers at work that come right before the end of workday. Because we work for the US Navy, we are on 24/7 no matter what. Last Monday a critical tasker was dropped on my desk and two of my coworkers had already left for the day.

Being the senior enlisted in the room, I had to drop what I was doing to complete this tasker that took the cooperation of other supervisor in different offices. When I wasn’t getting the assistance needed my stress level went from 0-100 fast. I try to keep everything in house. In this situation this couldn’t happen, I had to make a few calls to the higher up and tell them of the lack of cooperation I was receiving from there supervisors. The task for completed in less than an hour, but it did cause some negative remarks from the supervisors that where directed to send their information to my office. As an ENFP I like to please those around me but at what cause. Thanks to this self-assessment I have been able to analysis the areas needing changes and those that lack progression.


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Please the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test Findings

Myers-Briggs Personality Test Findings

Personality Test of Myers & Briggs’ 16 Types | TypeFinder® (

After you complete the assessment please share your results. In this discussion answer these questions.

Do you agree with the results?

Are there any additional traits that you feel should have been added you your results

How accurate do you feel self-assessments(self-report inventories) are?

What careers do you think complement or match the results you were given?

What are the pro and cons of taking personality assessments?

Did you learn something about yourself that you did not know?

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