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An organization can temporarily increase the size of its workforce by using temp agencies, which can contract out temporary employees for a fee to the agency. This will provide temporary workers, who are trained and skilled in a certain field, which can minimize the amount of work and stress that is currently being placed on your organization’s employees. Sometimes through these agencies, you are able to find great employees that would be interested in full employment with your organization. Another way that an organization can increase the size of its workforce is by outsourcing some of its work to other companies. By outsourcing some of the work, the company may be able to save on labor, by cutting back on things like overtime.

Summarize three (3) basic legal issues involved in layoffs.

If not done properly laying an employee off can prove to be expensive for a company.

The employee may qualify for unemployment, being that they were terminated illegally. The employee can sue for benefits to be covered while he finds other employment. Another legal issue that can arise from improperly laying off an employee is a fine or even forced closure by the government. If the employee was discriminated against, they can sue the company, and the government can impose a fine on the company for failure to comply with laws. An additional legal issue involved with layoffs is a company not giving the employees enough notice. Current laws state that the company must let the employees know 60 days in advance, and sometimes severance packages may be offered to the employee to help them get through until they find their next job.

Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover.

 Involuntary turnover is turnover initiated by the employee. When a manager sees that a department or even certain employees are no longer fit for the company, they may force the employees out of the company by firing them. This often happens with employees who would rather stay at their current employment. Voluntary turnover is when the termination of employment is initiated by the employee. Usually, the company would like to keep them, but ultimately the employee ends up leaving.

Discuss the process of progressive discipline and explain its importance to organizations.

The process of progressive discipline is when the severity of the punishment increases over time.

The first step can be a verbal warning, and the second step can be a written warning. The last step in progressive discipline can be termination of employment. Sometimes instead of a written warning or a verbal warning, the manager can choose to simply send the employee for further training. The reason that progressive discipline is so important to an organization is that it helps to improve performance before termination becomes an option. It gives both the employer and the employee a chance to review what is going wrong and a way to fix it before it leads to termination.

What is employment-at-will? Comment on the positive and negative characteristics of This concept.

Employment at will is the right to terminate an employee for a good reason, or no reason at all. Since employees have the right to leave a company at any given time, this also gives the right to company to terminate the relationship with the employee with no reason needed. The positive characteristic of this is that if an employee is being a nuisance, you don’t need to wait for them to have a legitimate reason to fire them. The negative aspect of it is if you terminate the employee without a valid cause, the employee can sue the employer and therefore have his or her job back. This is why documentation is so important.

Describe realistic job previews and comment on their role in rightsizing.

A realistic job preview is communicating both the positive and negative aspects of a job from the very beginning. By providing candidates with the proper knowledge and tools needed to decide if this is the right fit for them, you are able to right-size the company.

Rightsizing in a company is when you adjust and optimize the work to the correct size for the company. By rightsizing from the beginning and communicating not only the positive but also the negative, it can better prepare a candidate for the role, and help avoid turnover later on.

What are the basic causes of job dissatisfaction?

The basic causes for job dissatisfaction are the nature of the work, pay and benefits, and supervisors and coworkers. The employee must enjoy what they do in order to make sure they are putting their best effort forward for the company. If an employee does not feel that they are getting compensated properly, they may also feel discouraged to do the work properly. Benefits are also something that can keep an employee motivated. This way they don’t feel that they are working for nothing. Having good coworkers and good supervisors can also make a difference in employment. Employees can be motivated and look forward to spending time at work if they get along with their coworkers.

What are the basic consequences of job dissatisfaction in the workforce?

The basic consequence of job dissatisfaction is voluntary turnover. If an employee is not satisfied with their employment, they are more likely to leave an organization. Another effect of job dissatisfaction is disengaged employees. Sometimes the employee may not be able to leave the employment due to finances, or lack of skills, so instead, they do the least amount of work possible, just enough to keep their job. They may often show disengagement by showing up late, or purposely not doing certain aspects of their job.


Denisi, Griffin. (2017). Human resource (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage


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1. Explain how organizations can temporarily increase the size of their workforce.



2. Provide a detailed summary of the basic legal issues involved in layoffs.

3. Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover.

4. Discuss the process of progressive discipline and explain its importance to organizations.

5. What is employment at will? Comment on the positive and negative characteristics of this concept.

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