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Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

Purpose Statement

Students can obtain the direction, instruction, and safe atmosphere they need in our classroom to succeed in their studies by actively participating in the learning process. We aim for every student, regardless of colour or handicap, to feel accepted in the classroom.

We will strengthen our relationships by using kind and encouraging words in the classroom. I want to learn more about how trauma affects each student individually, their families, and the social, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives. I’ll learn more about my students through several “Get to Know You” exercises. All children can participate in the educational process through classroom occupations that encourage active participation. In order to discuss the diverse ethnic origins of impairments, I will draw on various resources, such as literature and film clips. To promote multilingual language acquisition, I will also name various items in the classroom in both the student’s native tongue and English. Together, we will develop the rules for the school, which we will then post on the wall for all students to view and refer to all year long. I will respond to all behaviours in various ways, such as giving praise or having private, one-on-one conversations. The interventions and evidence-based practices will be based on my conferences with each student. The meetings will serve as the basis for my needs for my pupils related to trauma.


School wide Regulations

Be respectful of the faculty and students nearby. Adhere to the administration’s dress code.

Every day, arrive on time for school.

Classroom Regulations

  1. Attend class each day.
  2. Considering your classmates
  3. Be ready and do your best.
  4. Enjoy learning!
  5. Procedures
  6. early entry

Put your personal items away before entering the classroom, and turn in any unfinished work in the homework bin. After turning in their work, the students will take the assignment from the individual work and work on it silently at their desks. Also, there will be a smartboard attendance screen that the students will mark as present when they enter the classroom. This will enable the teacher to read notes from the students’ guardians or parents. The youngsters will have 15 minutes to finish their solo tasks.

morning conference

The class will assemble on the carpet for the morning meeting after the 15 minutes of independent work. During this time, the calendar will be updated, essential information for the day will be discussed, and school announcements will be made.

Completing tasks and Submitting them

Every assignment needs to be turned in at the start of class. The students will use a homework bin on a table outside the classroom’s front door to turn in all of their assignments. After the trash bin is put away, any work that is not turned in will be marked as being late. At the conclusion of the day, the student will be permitted to talk to me to discuss why their homework was late. The assignment will be marked as delinquent, and the student will lose points if they do not have a valid justification.

Retakes and Tests

The kids will be separated during all tests, which will be given in the classroom. During the test, speaking will not be permitted. Throughout the test period, I will be moving around and observing behaviour. Any student who talks or tries to cheat will instantly receive a zero on the test and will not be allowed to retake it. Every student who receives less than a 75% may retake the exam, but they will only be able to score up to 90% this time. Each student who wants to retake the test has until the end of the test day to speak with the teacher and arrange a time. The test can be retaken by the students one week after the initial date.


System of Positive Behavior Support and Reward

We’ll have a class store in our class. Because we established them at the start of the school year and reminded the kids of them frequently during the first four to six weeks of classes, the student will already be aware of the rules and expectations of the classroom. All students will be able to see the classroom rules posted in the front of the room. Students will earn tickets that can be redeemed for items in the classroom store if they behave well, such as by being kind to others, submitting their work on time, or helping another student. I will ask the kids whether they feel they are doing their best and remind them of the class rules if they are behaving badly.

Directed Reaction by the Instructor

I will provide the pupil with three verbal warnings if they engage in unruly behaviour in the classroom.

A private, one-on-one warning with the pupil. The student will be questioned about their mistakes.

Second warning: Individual 1-on-1 instruction with the student and a change of seating.

Third warning: Private 1-on-1 meeting with the student and call home.

I will ask the student’s parents to schedule a parent-teacher conference if the behaviour occurs more frequently than it should.

Observation and Introspection

I intend to keep track of my student’s progress throughout the academic year. I’ll want comments from the neighbouring teachers, my students, and their parents. This is to guarantee that my classroom is operating effectively.

By using this behaviour management strategy, I can prevent burnout and excessive stress. By using this plan, everyone involved will be able to understand what is expected of my classroom and ensure that we are all on the same page. The strategy in place will ensure that the requirements of each student are satisfied and that the classroom runs smoothly. In order to improve, I want to get input from others.


The IRIS Center. (2012). Classroom management (part 2): Developing your own comprehensive behavior management plan. Retrieved from


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Using the guidance from our text and page 8 from the IRIS Center Module, create your Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan. Your plan must include the following components:

Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

  • Specify grade level and subject area
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Routines/Procedures
  • Rules
  • Logical Consequences
  • Intervention Plan for chronic discipline problems
  • Physical learning environment arrangements for 2-3 different learning activities

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