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Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Sexual harassment is described as unwelcome sexually explicit behavior that includes vulgar remarks, inappropriate behavior, and unwanted physical or verbal contact. As a result, every form of harassment that occurs at a workplace has terrible effects on everyone involved because it impacts not only the victims and the harasser but also the entire company and other employees. With regard to employees not feeling comfortable at work, the company is likely to have bad fallout (McLaughlin, Uggen, & Blackstone, 2012).

Consequences of workplace sexual harassment

It is accurate to say that sexual harassment has an influence on everyone at work, not just the victims. Due to the hostile environment, the company may initially lose employees since the current staff may fear that the incident could happen again or that retaliation is likely to occur. Employees might not want to work in such a struggling company as a result. Also, it damages the reputation of the business more if it fails to help the victim or stands up for the harasser.

Moreover, sexual harassment has an impact on employees’ emotional health. In actuality, sexual harassment endangers the victim’s emotional and psychological well-being. It causes self-esteem damage, which in turn is likely to jeopardize interpersonal connections. Stress and worry are brought on by sexual harassment at work (McDonald, 2012). Not to mention that physical health and emotional health are intertwined; as a result, these victims endure both mental and emotional disorders, which frequently result in physical health problems, including headaches, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep. Yet sleep difficulties can also lead to other major health issues, such as a higher risk of high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, and hormone imbalance.

In addition to harming one’s health, sexual harassment has a negative financial impact. As a result, it’s critical for the victim to let their sexual harassment attorney know about any financial repercussions of the harassment, such as unpaid time off or lost income, among other things (McDonald, 2012). However, those who experience sexual provocation may eventually face more severe career repercussions, such as job loss; as a result, they may decide to leave their current jobs in order to avoid a hostile work environment.


The business and the employers have a responsibility to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. In order to eradicate and prevent sexual harassment, organizations must implement thorough and effective training approaches. Companies who spend in training to avoid sexual harassment show concern by giving their employees a safe working environment (Snyder, Scherer, & Fisher, 2012). In the workplace, managers might avoid sexual provocation in the following ways:

Requiring sexual harassment training and retraining for all employees, especially for all managers and supervisors, at least once a year. Sexual harassment should be understood by everyone working in the industry, along with what to do in its event.

Managers should develop anti-harassment policies and procedures as well as explain how they function to prevent retaliation. It can get reliable guidance on this rule to ensure that it is complete and complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

If an employer finds oneself in such a situation, they should make sure their team is aware of their preferences. Employees should understand that they have the authority to demand that the behavior stop.

Businesses need to define sexual harassment conduct’s repercussions explicitly and implement them consistently when harassing behavior is uncovered.


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Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

How does Sexual harassment affect workplace’s relationships

  • Impact on victims
  • Impact on coworkers
  • Impact on the workplace

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