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Artworks that Display the Theme Death

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

I pick two pieces of art from the Neo-classicism and Impressionism eras.

The Death of General Wolfe (1770)[ CITATION Joh19 \l 1033 ].

The Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863)[ CITATION Imp19 \l 1033 ].

Benjamin West created the artwork about the Death of General Wolfe during the Neo-classicism era (1770). This particular picture depicted the death of Major-General James Wolfe, which occurred during the War of Quebec in the year 1759 on the plains of Abraham. This particular Major was killed by musket fire during that brief battle because he led the British military forces to victory, which signaled the French fall of Canada. We can picture him lying down on the field of battle, surrounded and comforted by a group of majors. His light face is ignited with a Christ-like radiance, making him the optical and emotive focus of the effort. His figure forms the base of a pyramidal assembly that increases to the partially curled flag directly above.

Édouard Manet created the artwork “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863),” which is French for “Lunch on the Grass,” during the Impressionist era. Manet had previously disassociated himself from the Realist drawing tradition and the scholarly pursuits of a salon when he painted this. Des claims that the artwork caused a disturbance when it was displayed at the Salon of 1863 due to both its visual manifestation and its “entertaining” content. The painting defies the norm of the ideal feminine theme associated with Neoclassicism by positioning the lady on the left who stares honestly out at the viewer—she is combative rather than quiet. The portrait depicts the meal al fresco of two fully dressed males and two stark-naked females.

The Impressionists were later influenced by the background’s dense, hazy brushstrokes, destruction of three-dimensionality, and use of unconventional subject matter in their depictions of everyday life and the typical biosphere.

A painting’s iconography is its visual representation. The flag behind General Wolfe in the Death of General Wolfe artwork serves as a compass, pointing at the Major and the sky to indicate that General Wolfe’s soul will ascend into heaven. The clouds that sweep over the head are another allegory that represents Wolfe’s impending death and the passage of his soul. The naked women have been utilized as a symbol of sex and even fertility in the artwork “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.”

The history of the painting Death of General Wolfe is about the death of General Wolf in North America during the French and Indian War. On the flat Abraham lands outside of Quebec, the Major suffered a mortal injury at this time. Le déjeuner sur l’herbe demonstrates Manet’s defiance of convention and the beginning of his newfound liberation from cliched subjects and illustrative techniques.

Political elements are shown in the artwork for Death of General Wolfe. The leader, Major James, was mortally shot and killed by gunfire. He was the military commander who led the British forces to victory and signaled the French loss of Canada.

The way one thinks about the world, the cosmos, and society is referred to as philosophy.

The philosophy’s ideas are vague and abstract. In the artwork for The Death of General Wolfe, philosophy is portrayed through the story of Wolf’s demise, and the work of the West was revolutionary for art.

Religious affiliation

Religion is the term used to describe the social-cultural framework of rituals or behaviors, the morals and worldviews of individuals, the holy sites, and the morals of a certain group of people. In the Death of General Wolfe artwork, where people have gathered to care for the dying Pieta, there is a religious representation. These folks are certainly Christians since they have gathered to take care of their leader. Le déjeuner sur l’herbe also includes a representation of Christianity as a religion practiced while on one’s knees.

Social realism.

The characters in “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” congregate to demonstrate the social standing of banding together as a family, neighborhood, or town. People are huddling together and getting close. In the same vein, Death of General Wolfe depicts a type of social life in which individuals congregated in groups. The General was the one in the middle, assisted by the other two members of his staff. The six military members who had come with the other groups were also deeply concerned about the dying General.


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Choose one of the the following themes:

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

love, identity, nature, power, death

Choose two artworks that display the theme you have chosen. Write a 2 page describing each artwork and how each shows the theme. Your should include both a description of the artwork in addition to a discussion of the artworks’ meaning and historical significance. You may do research for this assignment, however, the description and ideas should be yours.

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