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Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Quality Commissioning Engineer was the main emphasis of my internship at Kinkisharyo International Ltd. The major responsibilities are to locate, analyze, and fix problems with the LA Metro Light Rail Vehicle. Also, I act as a point of contact for LA Metro and my management, relaying any information to the workers on the ground. As this is my first work following graduation, I’ve got a chance to learn about the numerous career options a company offers. My understanding of many professions has increased as a result of engaging with several departments at my organization, including the software department, the manufacturing and production department, and the numerous Metro divisions.

To “Combine classroom information with an opportunity to gain those disciplines, skills, and attitudes which can best be learned on the job; such as self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative” is one of the course’s learning outcomes. The MBA program has given us a chance to use classroom material to advance our professional careers.

I now have extensive knowledge of the information system thanks to my present course, BUS530- Managing Information Systems and Technology. This course covers issues including e-commerce, ethics and managerial choices, and the security and vulnerabilities of information systems. Examples are given to help students comprehend the ideas. Due to the fact that I work in a different industry, I have not had the chance to apply what I learned in this course directly to my job. I do, however, now grasp how and why technology is helpful in gathering data, analyzing it, and helping us make decisions. We’ve had to read a lot of research articles for this class, and we’ve had to participate in group presentations with other students. The presentation helped me develop my research, communication, and teamwork abilities, and the research papers were practical in nature.

Success and Difficulties

The material presented in this internship course has aided in my professional and personal development. I’ve prioritized my work and improved my time management abilities thanks to lessons on journaling.

Maintaining a work journal can be helpful in analyzing one’s thoughts and feelings about work issues and work decisions, according to Katherine Murphy (2002). Instead of becoming bogged down in a daily routine, journaling can help people focus more effectively, keep ideas organized, and write about their future objectives and how to get there.

Because of the nature of my business, I do make a list of the things I accomplished during the day and any problems I need to concentrate on the next day. On my desk at work, I frequently utilize sticky notes to keep track of numerous other tasks. Keeping a work log has greatly simplified and organized this activity. I can manage my tasks in a more effective and efficient manner.

Jawaad mentioned an area of my journal that I like to keep up with (2017). This section is for any unanticipated jobs that may arise. When circumstances suddenly shift, this method helps prevent panic or anxiety. Journaling can also be used to control emotions. Everyone has been in this situation before, waking up tired or dealing with a difficult coworker who can ruin your entire day. A notebook would aid in controlling these feelings and allow the writer to concentrate more on the things at hand for the day. Keeping a work notebook has assisted me in reducing both physical and mental stress.

Making a portfolio was a subject that was covered in the course. I never understood how useful a portfolio could be for my sector as well; I always assumed it was only used by the architecture and graphic design industries. This course offered some excellent advice on building a portfolio, including a summary of how to build a strong portfolio and a discussion of its various components. A portfolio includes information on our extracurricular interests, such as volunteer work, musical talent, and outdoor hobbies, in addition to our schooling and work history.

Employees are essential resources for any firm to sustain over time. Sahoo and Sahoo (2018) state that “Organizations should emphasis on employee happiness which may produce a pleasant and productive workplace to boost organizational performance along with employees’ professional growth.” Any employee, though, must make an effort to keep a positive working connection with their management. The workshop gave useful advice on how to improve relationships with managers, including how to check in frequently and treat coworkers with respect. Some of the issues raised in the post are things I need to improve on. Taking the initiative, for instance, when giving presentations and speaking in public. One piece of advice that particularly struck me was to plan and talk with my manager about how I could get feedback on my work in order to strengthen my knowledge, skills, and talents.


With my internship with Kinkisharyo International Ltd, I got experience in a working setting, applied my knowledge to real-world situations, and picked up new skills. Through journaling and a portfolio, the course materials for this class helped me grow personally and professionally while teaching me how to survive in the workplace.


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In a 3 – 4 page paper based on your internship course experiences and the learning objectives achieved, review your internship experience successes and challenges leading to growth.  You should include in your paper a description of your professional portfolio, with examples which provide evidence of accomplishments that you have acquired during this session.

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Provide at least two (2) references, including one (1) peer-reviewed sources. If you have completed this CLA assignment in an internship course prior to this class, select new examples and sources to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor.

Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources. If you have completed this CLA2 assignment in an internship course prior to this class, select new examples and sources to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor.

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