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Peer Relationships and Middle Childhood Development

Peer Relationships and Middle Childhood Development

Peer Relationships and Middle Childhood Development

Peer pressure on young children’s development between 6 and 12 has been selected as the chosen factor. As I am interested in how connections develop in children and the effects of early relationships, I made this decision for my personal growth and education. Throughout their school years, children engage with classmates most of the time. Analyzing the influence of each child’s personality is necessary to comprehend the influence of classmates.

According to the class notes, “Peer relationships are influenced by the individual (unique skills and temperament); interactions (which vary by social situations and characteristics of the peer); relationships (influenced by characteristics of the children involved as well as past and anticipated interactions); and groups (shared beliefs that help define interactions).” “Week 4: Development in Middle Childhood” 2021).

The necessity of lifetime relationships is crucial for well-being to start. Peer interactions begin the moment a youngster enrolls in school. Friendships in middle childhood: Links to peer and school identification, and general self-worth, states the article. (2018) Maunder et al., “Peer ties, but not affiliation with peers or school, were positively associated to self-worth. The association between the number of returned friendship nominations and self-worth was mediated by best friendship quality. Children who had a best friend who reciprocated had superior relationship quality and peer identity to other kids. According to Maunder et al. (2018), “When the best friendship was reciprocated, the connection with identification with peers was mediated by positive friendship quality. The essay acknowledges the need for more studies on how peers affect middle childhood development. However, it polled students aged 7 to 11 to learn more about their perceptions of friendship, how they associate with other students at their school, and how they view themselves.

Another article goes into detail about how peer relationships affect children’s development. This is explained in the article “Addressing Well-Being in Early and Middle Childhood” (Bennett, 2016). Children under more stress in their early and middle years are more likely to have depression and anxiety symptoms as adults, which will lower their HRQoL (health-related quality of life). To aid in developing skills that support healthy living, a psychoeducational recreation therapy (RT) intervention was developed (Bennet et al., 2016). The study concluded that adequate treatments could improve a person’s quality of life in adulthood and that these interventions could begin as early as childhood. The study made mention of a fourth-grade investigation.

A child will develop their personality and temperament through friends, making middle child development crucial. According to the research, peer interactions are a topic with many facets. Peer connections have an impact on many aspects of life, particularly health. The first suggestion would be to teach kids how to create friends by being aware of their emotions and those of their peers to profit from peer interactions. The second tactic is to teach young kids to recognize and accept the differences they observe in others and their own. Finally, if children lack the social abilities to interact with their classmates, modeling positive behaviors as adults would be the final method.


Bennett, J. R., Negley, S. K., Wells, M. S., & Connolly, P. (2016). Addressing Well-Being in Early and Middle Childhood. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 50(1), 21–32.Retrieved January 1, 2022,

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“Week 4: Development in Middle Childhood” (2021). American Military University. Received December 2020. Course handout. Retrieved January 1, 2022, erOnDatesAndDepth%3D1


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As children move through middle childhood, parental influence is accompanied by a number of outside influences that can shape and impact development during this stage. These outside influences include peers,  schools, television/video games, and stress.

Peer Relationships and Middle Childhood Development

Peer Relationships and Middle Childhood Development

Write a summary detailing which outside influence you believe has a significant impact on middle childhood development outside of the home. You should include the  following aspects:

  • Introduction to your chosen influence and why you chose it.
  • Research:  Find two current (within the past 5-7 years) research articles that support your belief or refute your belief regarding your chosen influence on development. Summarize each article individually to include the purpose of the research, a brief description of the methodology of the research (do not include specific statistics), and the findings of the research.
  • Conclusion:  Write a concluding paragraph discussing how your opinion may or may not have changed on the topic based on your research. Also, include in your conclusion two or three strategies for managing this influence.

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