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The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

For some youngsters in the US, domestic abuse has long been a part of daily life. The long-lasting effects of domestic violence continue to affect individuals who have been victims of it long after the actual violence has stopped. Domestic abuse is the largest cause of violent crimes against women, and most of the violence is committed by a family member, according to Stop Abuse Against Women. Every nine seconds, a woman is beaten or assaulted. The likelihood of a woman being assaulted by her husband or lover is higher in the United States. Children who witness abuse are twice as likely to commit violence themselves or accept it as a necessary part of life. This essay focuses on how domestic violence affects children and how it affects them even after the violence has stopped.

The aim is to help society understand how important it is to provide for the needs of these children.

The kids will experience various problems, including emotional, psychological, and social problems, to name a few. Children who experience domestic violence are more likely to be exposed to traumatic events, to be neglected, to experience direct abuse, and to lose one or both of their parents. All of these may impact children’s well-being, safety, and stability (Carlson, 2000; Edleson, 1999; Rossman, 2001). I want to educate readers on how domestic violence has wreaked havoc on children’s lives, how it affects them, and how we may spot warning signs of trouble. Those suffering in silence do not need to do so; numerous organizations can assist you in finding solutions to your issues on a physical, mental, and emotional level. My main objective in writing this essay is to make the reader aware of the fact that domestic violence has long-lasting impacts that continue to cause suffering even after the violence has stopped, as well as to let the victims know that there is a safe place where they may go to discuss their issues and find solace. I will talk about some of the ways that domestic abuse has affected my siblings and me personally. My mother was able to help us recuperate and somewhat heal from the violence we witnessed from her abuser in various ways. The writing, the tales, the reactions, and the laws developed due to domestic abuse will elicit a wide range of emotions in the reader.

Emotional Impact

Impact on the heart Children who experience domestic violence emotionally experience cognitive and behavioural changes. I will focus on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depression in this essay. Flashbacks, anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about the events are symptoms of PSTD, a mental health condition where traumatic events are remembered. People with PSTD find it difficult to use coping methods. It is commonly known that PSTD affects how children who have experienced domestic violence respond in social situations.

A recurring pattern of protracted melancholy, brief sadness, unexplained tears, loss of appetite, fluctuating weight, and lack of interest in once-enjoyed activities characterizes depression. The mental processes of persons who have watched or experienced domestic violence are impacted. Children typically misbehave and are disrespectful to the parent who is being abused or abusive to other children; later in the article, I will discuss parent-child interactions in a domestic violence environment. (

Social Effects

Domestic violence has numerous negative effects on society due to its emotional toll. I want to start by discussing how children who have experienced domestic abuse interact with others; the violence they observe shapes how they respond to everything. Domestic abuse has a social consequence that permeates every aspect of our social fabric. Domestic violence is a global problem. Here are some global statistics and data on domestic violence. Domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic not restricted to any nation or area. According to a World Health Organization study of 10 countries, including Brazil, Japan, Ethiopia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Serbia, between 15% and 71% of women had experienced domestic abuse. According to studies conducted in Uganda, Chile, and Nicaragua, domestic violence prevalence rates were 59%, 41%, and 53%, respectively. 2011, “Community Cost of Domestic Violence,” ( The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that the total cost of domestic violence in America in 2003 was $5.8 billion, including prosecution, therapy, legislation, and preventative initiatives. Domestic violence raises the price of health care, human and social services, and the legal system. Domestic violence causes abused women from low-income areas to seek medical attention in hospitals without health insurance, raising medical care costs. The abused woman must leave with the kids, but because she has no income, she must apply for public help, including welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and housing, all paid for by our taxes. When prosecutors must begin domestic violence cases but the victim decides not to press charges, the law becomes more complex, leading to rules that do not allow the victim to participate in the filing process. Domestic abuse has a significant negative emotional and social impact on children; we are only beginning to understand this. You can see how domestic violence affects every one of us in some manner, even if we have not caused it or even lived in a violent household.

The Solution:

Family counselling can assist in finding a solution to the long-term effects of domestic abuse may seem small for the victims, but I am here to tell you that aid is available. Counselling can help people heal. According to my research for this paper, talking about the problem and getting to the root of it is the best way to find a solution. Family counselling was the aspect of the therapy that struck me the most. Small children, teenagers, young adults, parent-child interaction, and family counselling are some categories into which family counselling is divided. I mentioned that, for personal reasons, family counselling caught my attention or piqued my interest the most. Healing can start when the family stops hiding their emotions and shares them with the abused and the abuser. I think the entire family must exterior for the process to be effective. We suffered together; let us heal together. The family will be stronger when they can heal together, and it helps them comprehend what the other person is experiencing. Family counselling allows for true emotional purging in front of everyone concerned, which sets these sorts of counselling apart from other types. Family counselling provides benefits but can sometimes be unpleasant.

Family members will have a neutral party to guide them on their path to recovery and are more receptive than strangers. We were all individuals impacted by the abuse. Therefore, I wish my family would consider seeking counselling to discuss how we felt both during the abuse and now. I have seen how the violence has affected me and my siblings and persisted into adulthood. While we have survived and managed to cope, I can honestly tell that certain difficulties still need to be resolved. In the publication, I will go into more detail about my results and the long-term impacts on my life. I explained why family counselling is the most effective for treating domestic abuse. Here are some statistics supporting my position on preventing domestic violence’s long-term impacts on children. This kind of aggression physically tears families apart. The table below illustrates how the family is the most crucial setting for domestic violence counselling, with abused families making up 36% of residents in the Dane County, Wisconsin, homeless shelter.


Figure 1 illustrates the connection between the housing problem and domestic violence.

When it comes to families that have been uprooted because of domestic abuse, The United Way outlines an approach in an article.

Violence. Homes First, a United Way initiative, assists families in finding secure homes before tackling the other issues that led to their homelessness. By offering families the means to avoid or exit the emergency shelter system, Housing First strives to end family homelessness. Families are given the resources to do this by receiving comprehensive case management, financial counselling, and creating landlord/tenant connections to prevent eviction. Thanks to United Way housing, 2,100 at-risk families in Dane County will keep their home stable this year. ( A contributor to the article named Christine Dellahauser said, “Based on our Housing First model, we are investing in a special program to provide women, and their children, who are survivors of domestic violence, homeless, or in need of housing to flee a domestic violence situation, a safe and stable place to call home.”

The Advantages of Family Therapy

The advantages of family counselling are numerous and obvious. The advantages of family counselling are extensive, but they also benefit each family member alone. The counsellor helps people have open discussions so that the problem can be the major topic of discussion. If the talk veers off-topic, the counsellor can help bring it back on track. Everyone can speak during family therapy, and everyone is heard. The major goal is to identify the true source of the issue. Once the issue has been identified, the counsellor will start a conversation so they can get to the bottom of it and give answers that will help the family recover. (The Benefits of Family Counseling.html), Family Counseling Centre, 2014 Resources for Family Counseling. Regarding age, gender, and other family dynamics, the family covers parent-child interaction and all sorts of domestic counselling. I would advise anyone who has experienced domestic abuse to seek family counselling.

The entire family needs to recover from the traumatic event together. Family counselling helps the family in three ways: identifying the issue, encouraging conversation, providing solutions, and providing follow-up support so that the family may benefit from the counselling. In so many ways, family counselling can save the nation. Just look at how it impacts the housing market in Dane County, Wisconsin. As I mentioned earlier, domestic violence has an impact on many facets of society and has an impact on our tax dollars. Due to marital abuse, 50% of women and children were homeless in 1987. To provide a clearer picture, I will describe how it impacts every child during their upbringing in an abusive home. An abused woman is more likely to miscarry during the prenatal stage, or the kid may be born with a congenital disability; with newborns, excessive crying, delayed developmental milestones (walking, crawling, and talking), and occasionally maternal neglect. Toddlers often have developmental delays and can be more aggressive, withdrawn, or attached to other kids. Elementary students start lying, bedwetting, nightmares, and bullying because of their bad academics. Teenagers and young adults experience every symptom the four preceding age groups experienced. The adolescent will either aid the battered mother in her battle against her abuser or flee and encounter all sorts of difficulties. (, The ripple result. I have given you convincing proof of why the family must be handled if there is ever going to be true healing, as you can see that domestic violence affects the entire family from the womb up to young adulthood. I can only speak from my own experience. My mother used to cry when abused, and I recall being upset with her for continuing to live with her abuser. I harboured that rage for a very long time and yearned to murder the man who was torturing my mother. Because of the violence I witnessed, I have a strong sense of dominance. I vowed never to strike a woman in my life and to never let anyone treat me badly as he did to my mother. He enraged me. Through my mother’s desire to get and keep us grounded in prayer and the Lord, we could cope, and she eventually left the guy and grew closer to God. I can relate to what the researchers said about how the ripple effect trickled down through the family and into society because one of my sisters required professional counselling to talk about what she saw, how it was affecting her, what she was feeling, and why she was acting out in school. We reduce the effects of domestic abuse on taxpayers, the family, and society.

Anyone who reads this essay should realize that domestic abuse needs to be addressed as a social blight that cannot be ignored. I have demonstrated how it impacts society on all fronts, including economically, socially, and through the enactment of laws to stop this violence against women and children. I wrote about the effects on children because the vicious cycle continues if we do not stop violence while they are still young. We will keep spending billions of dollars on abuse when we could put that money to good use, like giving all our bright young minds a free college education. Let us halt domestic violence and save the children!


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The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

The Impact That Domestic Violence Has On Kids

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