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The Mosuo clan, a complicated semi-matriarchal social group, is located in China’s Luga Lake region under the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. They follow the maternal line, where women oversee the family’s affairs. The Mosuo people are infamous for having walking marriages, in which men and women can switch spouses whenever they like (Feng & Xiao, 2021). Over time, the women’s respectable power has been credited with maintaining the clan’s cultural existence, particularly as demonstrated during the Communist Revolution (Feng & Xiao, 2021).

As a result, the main tactic used by the Mosuo group to preserve its cultural wealth is to enable older women to continue to practice their traditional ways despite modernization. The youthful Mosuo generation, particularly their male counterparts, relocates to towns for various jobs. To avoid multicultural biases, most of them prefer to change adequately in their new contexts during this process (Feng & Xiao, 2021). The following generations rely on the cultural customs that earlier generations followed. The sustainability of the same traditions in the future is appropriately considered by putting cultural diversity in the hands of women since they remain in their maternal homes and raise the children per customary requirements.

The element of the common house is another tactic employed by the Mosuo community to improve their cultural well-being. The geography of the Common House has remained the same despite changes in literacy and civilization in China’s socioeconomic structure, according to research done in nine Mosuo villages in Yongning Township (Feng & Xiao, 2021). The family resides as a unit. In this analogy, despite pressure from adjacent communities that embrace new lifestyles to keep up with socioeconomic trends and technological advancements, the cultural aspect that the older women of the family coordinate continue to thrive. Cultural endowment, where women take charge of the cultural inheritance from previous generations and carry it to succeeding younger generations over time, and the power of the common cultural house, which ensures a typical culture-endowed lifestyle in the community, are two factors that have a significant impact on cultural diversity in future generations (Feng & Xiao, 2021).

Captain James Cook’s shield, kept at the British Museum, illustrates a traditional relic. Cook is reported to have acquired the shield, a symbol of strength, during his initial encounter with the Gweagal in April 1770 (Thomas, 2018). Cultural objects are historical markers for certain occasions, traditions, or notable figures that shaped a particular community.


Thomas, N. (2018). A case of identity: The artifacts of the 1770 Kamay (Botany Bay) encounter. Australian Historical Studies, 49(1), 4-27.

Feng, H., & Xiao, J. (2021). Dynamic Authenticity: Understanding and Conserving Mosuo Dwellings in China in Transitions. Sustainability, 13(1), 143.


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When indigenous groups feel pressure from outside forces—colonialism in the past or the seeming juggernaut of a global economy now—historically, the outside forces tend to overcome the indigenous groups. However, indigenous peoples are working toward self-determination and exercising their own agency, or power, to shape their destinies in response to globalization. In this Discussion, you explore the alliances and partnerships that work toward indigenous sustainability.




  • Review this week’s Learning Resources, noting the ways in which indigenous groups ally themselves with others and adapt to change.
  • Identify a threat to cultural and biological diversity and/or environmental justice and sustainability in an indigenous group.
  • Investigate whether or not the indigenous group is partnering with an external activist to maintain cultural and biological diversity and/or promote environmental justice and sustainability.
  • Detail the joint actions that are undertaken or the opportunity for joint actions that could be undertaken to work toward diversity, justice, or sustainability for indigenous peoples.


Post two paragraphs that describe the joint actions undertaken—or that could be initiated—toward maintaining cultural and biological diversity or promoting environmental justice and/or sustainability for the indigenous group you identified. Analyze to what extent diversity, justice, and sustainability are important for the future of indigenous peoples.

Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced.

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