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Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

 Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

The argument over transgender bathrooms was constantly discussed, but I never understood why society would make such a little matter so significant. Reading both papers was enjoyable. The debate over transgender bathrooms is shaped by three myths, according to a federal court ruling that transgender students must be let to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender. Both authors provide excellent illustrations of many concerns about allowing transgender people to use toilets for the opposite sex. Both authors mentioned above have made it abundantly clear that transgender people should be able to use their respective bathrooms without problems.

There are also allegations that sexual predators will take advantage of any accommodations rules that allow transgender persons to attack women and children, even though there has never been proof of an attack in a public location thanks to the prior anti-discrimination safeguards for people who identify as gender nonconforming. Currently, anti-discrimination laws exist in 19 states, the District of Columbia, and numerous municipalities that permit transgender people to use public facilities that correspond to their gender. There were no instances of toilet attacks after their policies went into force, according to a tiny study CNN performed, demonstrating that the assertions are merely assumptions.

A federal court in Florida found that it is illegal for schools to prohibit transgender students from using facilities that correspond to the gender they identify as. A former Ponte Vedra’s Allen D. Nease High School student was involved in a case.

Drew Adams, who is from Florida. The transsexual male Drew. Before an anonymous claim, he visited the boys’ restroom without apparent problems.

Drew Adams was singled out by the other students in the school and told by school administrators that he would only be permitted to use gender-neutral facilities due to the anonymous report. The predicament of Drew Adams is unquestionably a prime illustration of the power differential. When one partner or group can control the decision-making process or expresses its influence in a way that disadvantages other partners or is not in the best interest of attaining the partnership’s goals, as was Drew’s case, there is a power imbalance. The administrators at the school pressured Drew into using the bathrooms.

Being picked out in public places is unpleasant and presumably difficult to experience. The fact that Drew Adams had to use the gender-neutral restroom at his high school made him feel ashamed. Because the school punishes Drew for being transgender, he naturally feels less valuable. The judge in the federal court ruled in favour of Drew Adams. “The School Board’s bathroom policy, as applied to Mr. Adams, singled him out for different treatment because of his transgender status,” the judge wrote in his decision.

Any ethical ramifications resulting from discriminating against transgender people will further increase discrimination. To single someone out based solely on the gender they identify with is immoral. Furthermore, it was claimed that transgender people have a mental illness that makes them want to be the other sex, even though no medical or psychological studies support this.

Drew Adams’s situation had legal repercussions because he was punished by his school board only because he was transgender, which resulted in a lawsuit in a federal court. Fortunately, the judge decided in Drew Adams’ favour during the trial. The results or repercussions of legal participation are known as the legal implications. Drew’s circumstance serves as a complete illustration of a legal implication.

In conclusion, it is wrong to pick out somebody based solely on the gender they choose to identify with. It is unfair to imply that transgender people suffer from mental problems due to gender identification. Everyone ought to be given the respect they merit.


 Grinberg Emanuella, Stewart Dani   (2017). 3 Myths That Shape the Transgender Bathroom


Cohen Li (2020). Federal Court Rules That Transgender Students Must Be Allowed to Use Bathrooms that Match Their


Anticipating, Managing          and          Mitigating          Power power-imbalances.pdf


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Week 6 Assignment – Beliefs and Opinions of Authority


Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

In this assignment, you will discuss how the imbalance of power creates or sustains systemic issues by examining one of the topics below. In so doing, you will examine the ethical, legal, and political implications of inequality and inequity at a societal level. This will increase your awareness of how social intelligence can help leaders make fairer decisions for society. You can also apply this learning to your personal decision-making process to make choices that benefit the people you interact with every day.


Use two sources listed in the Requirements to support your writing. Cite the sources listed at least one time within your assignment.

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