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Assessing Financial Performance

Assessing Financial Performance

Assessing Financial Performance

Find the financial documents demonstrating dedication to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). List the financial and other records that marketing and sales keep that TBL can access.


The number of minority community members and the donations ABC receives from local sales have increased. The sales and marketing departments keep vital records of membership and donations. The Marketing division helps with community donation coordination, and the Sales division keeps track of customer loyalty programs. These focused gifts have improved ABC’s goodwill, represented on the balance sheet as an intangible asset.


The cost of carbon offset purchases made by ABC demonstrates the company’s significant commitment to the environment. Although there is no established method of accounting for carbon offsets, they are disclosed on the balance sheet (Haller, T., & Holdren, G., n.d.). The balance sheet’s Financial Assets column at ABC includes carbon offsets. The marketing division keeps track of the offsets’ environmental impact and employs that data in marketing initiatives.


The impact of both the drop in packaging prices and the rise in the usage of recycled materials in our packaging can be seen in ABC’s net cash flow. Both programs assist ABC in fulfilling its promise to “promote and use a platform of reuse, recycling, and sustainable energy use” (ABC, “KPI and Triple Bottom Line”).

Assess the strategic plan’s alignment with KPIs using the TBL scorecard. Your main goal should be applying what you’ve learned about the scenario to the strategy. Which plan concepts adhere to the KPI standards? Mention particular concepts that fit the bill. Describe how they satisfy the requirements.


Does ABC qualify as a “global contributor to the communities we operate in” (ABC, “KPI and Triple Bottom Line”) if we observe an increase in the number of membership accounts of customers who voluntarily identify as members of one or more minority groups? ABC can learn more about the new members by gathering more information on the membership application. Because of this understanding, community donations can be directed toward the causes that matter most to each community.

Through the upfront purchase of carbon offsets, ABC also acts as a “global contributor to the communities we operate in” (ABC, “KPI and Triple Bottom Line”). As shown below, these purchases benefit the planet and the areas where the projects are being developed.


The company’s strategic goal is to “reach a global audience with healthy and sustainable products” (ABC, “KPI and Triple Bottom Line”), and the upfront purchase of carbon offsets by ABC aids in this goal. ABC uses its upfront carbon offsets to pay for green building projects. This indicates that buildings are made to have a sustainable power source rather than relying on nonrenewable energy sources. The marketing team developed some amazing advertising campaigns highlighting how many energy-efficient hours the projects we’ve sponsored have produced. Consumers occasionally need help appreciating the value of ABC’s upfront carbon offset purchases. The Marketing department uses data from the US Environmental Protection Agency, a reliable source, to explain the impact of this investment in terms that the average consumer can understand, such as a decrease in miles driven, the number of tanker trucks of gasoline that won’t be used, and the number of trees that will be grown from seedlings.


ABC is promoting and utilizing “a platform of reuse, recycling, and sustainable energy use” by making refillable products more widely available (ABC, “KPI and Triple Bottom Line”). When the ABC loyalty rewards members met frequently, the sales department brought samples to show how simple it is to use the refillable items. The Marketing division developed several marketing for the recently refillable items. ABC’s commitment to the vision of “producing and supporting products and initiatives that sustain the health of our people and the planet” (ABC, Vision) was made clear by these campaigns.

Describe how the KPIs and TBL data are related. Determine whatever additional TBL financial line items are required in order to accurately quantify each criterion’s cost.


The marketing department worked with several other departments to enhance ABC’s loyalty membership applications and collect more data from members. New members can voluntarily disclose household information, birthdates, and ethnicity. With the help of this information, ABC can track its progress toward the KPI of growing the number of customers who identify as belonging to one or more minority groups. This KPI’s financials are difficult to separate from marketing expenses. The income statement’s pay and pension expenditures have increased due to the marketing expenses, including employing workers in new geographic locations.


ABC can determine if the carbon offsets it acquired are equal to one percent of sales in that period by tracking the price of carbon offsets purchased in a certain period and ABC’s gross sales during that period. The upfront carbon offset vendor supports new construction projects built in an environmentally sustainable way with the money ABC has committed. In other words, ABC’s support enables the construction of the new structures in a way that won’t result in the emission of more greenhouse gases (Native, 2021). The offsets are represented as inventory on the financial statements, while gross sales are displayed as revenue on the consolidated income statement.


The cost of buying and installing the new machinery that allows us to make our packaging from recycled materials was a considerable expense for ABC. ABC also had to replace the outdated packaging equipment to ensure that the recycled materials passed through the packaging process without any problems. No tax credit is available from the Federal Government of the United States for using recycled materials. Fortunately, the state that offers a tax credit of up to 25% of the cost of the machines is where ABC’s plant is situated. These savings are represented as decreased current tax liabilities on the balance sheet.

Using the SWOT analysis from Project One as a reference, describe how functional factors in each department affect financial performance.

Each department should consider ABC’s overall vision and strategy when developing its strategies. Departments may spend money and people on departmental goals that may not be the best use of resources for the firm if they adopt a myopic or walled perspective.

For instance, the information technology department presently touts the recent update of digital security to protect our clients’ data as one of its strengths. However, the Marketing division laments the “slow development of digital content creation/posting” and lists an Information Technology responsibility as a weakness (ABC, “SWOT Analyses”). Such inconsistencies might be avoided with better departmental collaboration. Making a priority matrix for the usage of resources, including information technology skills, is one way to establish consistent priorities. Placing the most emphasis on initiatives with the biggest influence will guarantee ABC’s best financial performance.


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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Assessing Financial Performance

Assessing Financial Performance

  • Assess the current performance of an organization through analysis of financial statements.


In Project One: Applying Strategic and Operational Thinking, you prepared Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the marketing and sales departments of your product line.

Now, the CEO has provided you with a revised set of KPIs. You need to apply these KPIs toward the analysis of a proposed marketing and sales initiative to increase loyalty card memberships in neighborhoods with predominantly low-income populations, whether the populations are in rural, suburban, or city locations.

The CEO wants this analysis so that she can chart the sustainability and growth of the initiative while assuring it meets standards for Corporate Social Responsibility.

The CEO has provided you with several documents, available in the Supporting Materials section of this project. She wants you to use the provided Triple Bottom Line Balanced Scorecard to assess the strategic plan’s compliance with the KPIs and summarize your findings in a memo.


Complete the following to provide the analysis required by the CEO:

  1. Identify the financial records that indicate a commitment to TBL.
    1. Outline which financial and other records marketing and sales maintain where TBL can provide data.
  2. Using the TBL scorecard, evaluate the alignment of the strategic plan with KPIs. Remember, there may be multiple outcomes of this exercise. Your focus should be to apply your understanding of the scenario and evaluate the plan accordingly.
    1. Which ideas in the plan support the KPI criteria? Cite specific ideas that meet the criteria.
    2. Explain how they meet the criteria.
  3. In your memo:
    1. Describe how the TBL data relates to the KPIs.
    2. Identify which additional TBL financial line items are needed to measure the cost for each criterion.
      For example, should there be a line entry for hiring temporary workers?
    3. Referring back to the SWOT analyses from Project One, explain how functional considerations of individual departments contribute to financial performance.

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

KPI and Triple Bottom Line Balanced Scorecard

  • Complete and submit the KPI and Triple Bottom Line Balanced Scorecard. In the scorecard spreadsheet, identify one additional KPI, a related SMART objective, and its measurement criterion. You need to do this for all three elements of TBL: people, planet, and profit. You have been provided with one example for each TBL element.

Analysis Memo

  • In a Word document, write a memo outlining your analysis. Ensure that the memo is organized by TBL element with a header for each segment of your analysis. The Word document should use double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This memo should be no more than 6 pages in length and include references cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

The following resources support your work on the project:

Document: Consolidated Balance Sheet

This is a consolidated balance sheet for the company. The CEO has highlighted the areas of the financial statements she wants you to focus your attention and analysis on.

Document: Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

This is a consolidated cash flow statement for the company. The CEO has highlighted the areas of the financial statements she wants you to focus your attention and analysis on.

Document: Consolidated Income Statement

This document is a consolidated income statement and a consolidated statement of comprehensive income of the company. The CEO has highlighted the areas of the financial statements she wants you to focus your attention and analysis on.

Document: KPI and Triple Bottom Line Balanced Scorecard

This is the final and authoritative draft of the KPI Scorecard the CEO wants you to use. This scorecard provides three KPIs: one for a social measure (people), one for an environmental measure (planet), and one for an economic measure (profits). You need to identify three more KPIs and associated information.

Document: Marketing and Sales Executive Summary

This is a proposal from the sales and marketing departments to increase reward memberships in low-income markets. This summary includes a high-level estimate of projected sales, costs, and profits.

Document: SWOT Analyses from Sales and Marketing

This document contains a combined SWOT analysis of the two departments.

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