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Policing In America

Policing In America

Policing In America

Robert Peel founded the London police in 1829, where the modern idea of policing originated. Peel believed that while the law should handle the prosecution and trial stages, a different entity should handle the conviction and sentencing phases. Robert’s viewpoints saw community policing as a single entity and the primary objective of social crime prevention. The political era, the reform era, and the community policing era are the three police eras in American history.

Election Period

Between 1840 to 1930, there was a political phase in policing. It emphasized developing close ties between police and politicians and taking the initial steps toward generating a joyful political environment. The link between police and the communities they served, whether on foot or during a patrol, was highlighted throughout this political era (Bayley, 2015). Politicians had a big say in what laws were passed and how the police were organized.


The legislation added to the state’s laws during the poetical age assisted the police organization. The politician supported police work and reform efforts. Governments used the police force as their security during the political system, making forming law enforcement organizations easier. The political era impacted police methods, ensuring that all security officers would receive a fair shake.


The political era involves a great deal of politics with numerous opposing topics and multiple points of view in the methods employed. Everything became politicized during the political era, which put pressure on policing efforts.

The period of neighbourhood policing.

The community policing era began in 1970, and contemporary police services continue to use it. The era put much emphasis on the collaboration between the police and the community. The public can collaborate with the police to stop crimes using community policing and problem-solving techniques. Robert Peel’s conception of police was sound, and numerous initiatives have been taken to ensure policing tactics are successful in society (Bayley, 2015).


In the US, community policing has been successful in protecting state residents. The community is a vital aspect of police work since it contributes to it, aids in reporting, and maintains community policing. The age of community policing strengthened the relationship between the police and the community, boosting public trust in police operations.


As residents form vigilante organizations, community policing has shown signs of weakness, which has resulted in the abuse of residents’ discretion. Many people act violently, just like police officers, because they believe they are police officers.

Examine at least two (2) current law enforcement concerns, and describe their effects on society.

modern technology

In order to adjust to the evolving internet crimes and cyber terrorism, police work must overcome numerous obstacles. Technology has given criminals the means to commit crimes that are too complex for the authorities to handle. The fight against social instability in society has been made easier by technology, which has lessened the threat of cyber terrorism. Technology enables the creation of WMDs, leaving their control in the hands of law enforcement (Alpert, Dunham, & Stroshine, 2014).

Escalating radicalization

Religious organizations have served as training grounds for the majority of global terror attacks, which has led to the emergence of radicalized groups that continue to pose a threat to the police force. Because of terrorist actions, society has a harder time responding to crimes. The fact that society sees police as enemies prevent many people from reporting crimes, leading to many of them going undetected.

Because most crimes are not recorded, possibilities for offences are increased, which negatively influences social order. To maintain public order, offences must be under control (Coase, 2013). The methods used to uphold law and order must be fought for to keep the community secure.

Decide where you think law enforcement will be in five years. Discuss the key difficulties you feel law enforcement will encounter and how you see the future of policing.

In terms of providing societal safety and security, policing has a bright future. The advancement of policing requires better technology, which must guarantee the control of the police service’s emphasis. The speed at which society tackles problems enhances police activity, which advances police work. Terrorism, technological difficulties, political constraints, and the emergence of internationally organized criminal groups are a few potential obstacles in police work (Bayley, 2015). In order to combat the development of WMDs and ongoing global radicalization gaps, the police service must develop.

Describe the role that the public will play in working with the police soon to enhance relations between the two parties and to best cooperate in addressing upcoming difficulties.

It would be beneficial for police work to have public collaboration. The ways society can take action to reduce crime must be considered. Competition among social groups improves police work by increasing the number of crimes reported and their control in society (Coase, 2013). As the community and the police work together to eradicate all crimes, community policing shows promise for the future of police work. Crime would successfully be under control in society.

Community involvement fosters teamwork, which guarantees a social impact on enforcement methods.


Bayley, D. H. (2015). Police and political development in India. Princeton University Press.

Alpert, G. P., Dunham, R. G., & Stroshine, M. S. (2014). Policing: Continuity and change. Waveland Press.

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Policing in America

In this course, we have been learning about the different time periods of policing. Based on the current climate, there is a level of distrust today between the police and the public. Riots, marches, and protests in response to high-profile police shootings have eroded the relationships that were built through community policing. With the hopes of improving police efficiency and finding new approaches to working together with the public, we move into a new period of policing.

Policing In America

Policing In America

Using the Internet links provided this week and your textbook, look at the different periods of policing up to today. Based on the changing role and function of police officers over the years, address the questions below, ending with the current state of policing and how it is affected by technology.

Use the Policing in America Template [DOCX] in which you will:

  1. Examine different periods of policing and discuss their main strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Identify the period of policing that you believe has had the greatest impact, and justify why you feel that is.
  3. Explain how technology affects policing in today’s society, including both the pros and cons.

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