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Racial inequity

Racial inequity

Racial inequity

The political spectrum has various interpretations and applications of racial injustice. Liberals and progressives view racial inequity as an objective term for an imbalance that reflects underlying societal patterns, including but not limited to racial attitudes and bias, and that subtly undermines but excludes socioeconomic systems rooted in the legacy of slavery and legal discrimination. Although the conservative viewpoint believes that opportunity is the most critical issue, especially now that the legal restrictions have been removed, each person’s advancement is a function of their work. People owe society nothing more than to remove barriers.

(Sides, All) Joseph Williams published an article in 2021 about America’s battle against racial injustice; this essay seeks to provide a broad overview of the subject.

African Americans were twice as likely to contract the virus and pass away from COVID-19 than whites in the spring of 2020, as the coronavirus epidemic raced over the country. George Floyd passed away face-down on a Minneapolis street as the pandemic death toll grew, a white police officer pushing his knee to the Black man’s neck. A bystander’s video of the murder sparked ferocious rallies around the country, calling for justice and inspiring a long-needed reckoning with race. Williams, and (2) You start to worry about the type of society we live in and how the laws are made when considering how the law was applied in Floyd’s death. Does race have an impact on guilt or innocence? Does a police officer’s colour affect whether they receive a reprieve or punishment? It might be challenging to have faith in the legal system when you witness many situations like this.

Then, in January, a mob of far-right extremists, white nationalists, and supporters of the late President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol in Washington, intent on rigging the 2020 presidential election with violence, if necessary. Some crowd members wore MAGA attire, while others were donning neo-Nazi garb and waving Confederate flags. If President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 was supposed to be the beginning of a unified, “post-racial America,” then the past 13 months’ worth of events have shown that the country is still bitterly divided on the issue of race. A country that serves as a symbol of democracy and independence worldwide is still unable to atone for its “original sin” of slavery some 156 years after the Confederate Army submitted to Union forces at Appomattox to end the Civil War. Williams and (2)

It is saddening how society is still covertly racist regarding the racial imbalance issue in some places. My grandmother trained me to love all people since she attended church. I got a different perspective from my father, who was always upset with “the white man” for forcing him to drop out of school in the eighth grade so he could work in the cotton fields to assist his grandmother in supporting his siblings. Fortunately, I did develop my own opinion, and today I have decided to weigh the facts carefully before making a decision. In today’s environment, if you don’t study, tabloids, social media, and news reports can influence your behaviour and opinions concerning racism before you know the facts. Since everyone has the right to like or dislike whatever they choose, I don’t think it’s wrong if you have a problem with another race. However, using that problem to incite hatred and violence is wrong, leading to injury or death.


2022. Racial Inequity.

Joseph Williams. April 13, 2021. America’s Struggle to Overcome Racial




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We all have different experiences going through life. Those experiences shape how we view and behave in the world. In this assignment, you will look at your own experiences of the world and culture we live in by being reflexive. As you have learned over the past few weeks, reflexivity is “disciplined self-reflection” meant to build a deeper understanding of ourselves and the larger world. Reflexivity aims to understand others so that we can understand ourselves and grow. To be disciplined, the reflection needs to be purposeful and directed, meaning we need to look at something specific in the world, compare it to our own experiences, and decide if this new knowledge changes how we think and feel.

Racial inequity

Racial inequity

This assignment provides an opportunity for you to delve deeper into your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences and gain a better understanding of your lens. By being reflexive, you will better understand how social and cultural norms, assumptions, biases, environment, and background shape your worldview.


Find an article published within the last 18 months that discusses issues related to one of the following topics:

  • Economic inequity.
  • Racial inequity.
  • Global inequity.
  • Health care inequity.
  • Gender and sexuality.

Then in a 2–3 page paper, discuss the following:

  • Summarize the issue presented.
  • Describe your overall impression of the issue as presented in the article:
    • Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why?
    • What is your personal experience may have influenced your thinking about this issue? Consider social/cultural norms, religious beliefs, environment, and background.

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