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Environmental health research focuses on understanding how the environment affects human health and disease. Natural components, including the air, the ground, and the water, are called the environment. However, it also discusses our daily environment’s biological, chemical, and sociological aspects. It is important to remember that the physical environment consists of artificial or artificial buildings that enclose our homes, workplaces, and even schools. Social factors include socioeconomic status, physical activity, and food. The interaction of their genetics impacts the health and balance of an individual’s environment. One of the current concerns of medical and ecological researchers everywhere is the study of the environmental elements influencing human health. Understanding how the environment affects health requires ongoing research.

Environment’s Impact on Health Dubos (1978) defined adaptation as the fit between a person’s environment and themselves. One of the most important factors to consider while examining creativity is the dynamic interaction between environment, person, and health. An unhealthful and unstable civilization is typically associated with a filthy environment. Pollution has a wide range of negative effects on society. Maintaining a healthy community in a region with frequent pollution would be difficult. Damage from pollution affects not only the environment as a whole but also people, animals, and plants.

Soil, water, and air pollution are the three types everywhere worldwide. According to Dubos, an environmental adaption that affects pollutants might cause anything from pain to difficult diseases. A heavily polluted environment may substantially influence an unwell society. The severity of complicated disorders like physical abnormalities and cancer is influenced by intensive pollution. Pollution promotes unhealthy living by harming the community and other living things. People who have adapted become immune to diseases spread by society. It is important to note that people not acclimated to a particular environment will get sick. Diseases, including asthma attacks, respiratory issues, and lung inefficiencies, can all be brought on by air pollution. In a nutshell, environmental pollution impacts society’s overall health. In the community, maintaining environmental health is a vital idea. Eliminating environmental pollution, which creates an unhealthy environment, is extremely challenging for many people (Dubos, 1978). Reduced infection and disease will invariably be made possible by reduced environmental pollution, supporting healthy living.

Many of our generation’s most difficult ethical issues deal with the interplay between the environment and human health. Environmental ethics generally covers global, dynamic, interdisciplinary, and complicated topics. According to Dubos, it will be necessary to find satisfactory solutions to environmental health issues as the ecological repercussions of human activity continue to exacerbate the link between the environment and human health. Exposing people to food contamination and other social issues, including bad working conditions, subpar housing, poverty, environmental hazards, and pollution by industries, harm people’s overall health. Due to the rapid chemical releases, people who live in noisy surroundings are more likely to experience depression, heart disease, and several types of cancer. As a result, the environment will impact the population’s overall health and well-being (Dubos, 1978). To improve the entire population’s health, it would be essential to carefully evaluate chemical emissions to the environment, even with partial regulation.

Most of the time, humans can adapt to their physical surroundings. Understanding how humans behave in a certain way requires knowledge of how they adapt to their surroundings. Even a slight change in the physical environment hurts people’s reactions and responses to the changes imposed upon them. The increased use of fossil fuels in any setting will harm the health of residents in that community. Fossil fuels’ contribution to global warming may cause discomfort for people. People who live in such conditions run the risk of developing heat-related illnesses, including skin cancer. An environment with less diversity will impact people’s health, giving the populace fewer opportunities for innovation and adaptation (Dubos, 1978).

It is also important to remember that a physical environment with deforestation may bring a long-term high mortality rate. New technologies like nanotechnology, biofuels, and genetically engineered organisms impact human health. Dubos (1978) asserted that genetic selection and coerced adaptation are effective ways to adjust to environmental constraints. His main thesis argues that social animals and partial success drive the natural environment, creating equilibrium. The narrator implies that people’s fundamental health can suffer from the effects of the human environment. The inability to adapt to the natural environment affects creative behaviors, which is detrimental to people’s health. A change in the creative activity of people on a worldwide scale may badly impact the ability to interact fully.

Depending on how society responds to the numerous environmental conditions that are present, the variety is enormous. Population fluctuation affects a sensitive population subset. Thus, humans must start regulating and controlling pollution as a profitable pillar of public health. To improve their health, humans must subsequently interact with their surroundings constructively.


Dubos, R. (1978). Health and creative adaptation. Human Nature, 1(1), 74-82.


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Using Rene Dubos’ words “Health and Creative Adaptation,” give the effects of the environment on health.
Requirements: 2 1/2 pages, APA style

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