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Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Concerns with Academics and Behavior

Although Jordan, who is four years and six months old, has achieved his reading milestones, his refusal to engage in the block and art centers worries me. Jordan should provide personal art significance and use various materials to demonstrate a creative imagination per cognitive developmental stages for his age (Follari, 2015, p. 80). To promote interest in the creative arts and the use of manipulatives as a focus for cognitive development, I would want to introduce some concepts into the classroom and work with Jordan’s parents. In addition, Jordan occasionally screams at other students while they are working in groups and will not share. Jordan does not get along with other students, although this is typical behavior for kids his age. Bossy, aggressive, and frequently contentious conduct is typical social and emotional growth milestones in kids Jordan’s age (Follari, 2015, p. 80). Jordan’s behavior toward other students is not unusual, although kids his age prefer to play with other kids than play alone and frequently work together (CDC, 2021). Because Jordan is demonstrating behavior counter to what most children his age should experience, I would like to focus on an action plan to assist him in reaching his social and emotional milestones.

Educational Techniques

I want to give Jordan more chances to form friendships in the school to support his development of social and emotional milestones. I will promote team-building exercises designed for sharing and having fun while working toward a common objective. Jordan is reaching his linguistic milestones and excels in reading and writing activities, so I want to introduce more stories emphasizing sharing and teamwork. I also think that story time, music, and movement will help to emphasize these qualities and promote sharing and better cooperation skills. I would like to offer manipulatives like blocks and ink pads with a letter focus to bridge Jordan’s developing reading skills with his artistic milestone aspirations. Since Jordan excels at the emergent reader level, this might inspire him to explore new interests and develop his cognitive art abilities.

Collaborative professional specialized expert work

Jordan needs help to reach his cognitive, social, and behavioral milestones, so I would like to bring together a team of specialized experts from various early childhood fields. I will work with our family support counselor to carry out this strategy. This is the first professional to work closely with the parents, kids, and instructors to ensure Jordan has the right pros on his team. I want to hire a behavioral therapist to work with Jordan to ensure he achieves his goals, help him learn how to manage his emotions and give him the skills to communicate his feelings without getting angry or shouting. In addition to helping with cognitive development, a cognitive behavioral therapist can help with mental or behavioral health conditions (Pietrangelo, 2019).

Family Outings

Jordan’s family can apply certain activities to promote cognitive and behavioral development at home that will aid in Jordan’s development and help him accomplish milestones. When at home, it is a good idea for Jordan to participate in one family group activity, such as a developmentally appropriate board game or even something as basic as putting a group puzzle together, which will assist him with building his collaboration and social skills and hopefully give him a better idea of sharing and group cooperation. To assist with his aversion to art and block play, Jordan should be encouraged to use manipulatives such as blocks, stacking toys, or Legos that may be shaped like various letters. The same toys can be painted or played with playdough to encourage his inventiveness.

Progress Reporting

I will offer a few channels for status updates so that Jordan’s family and I can constantly contact him on his milestone progress. The first method of communication will be through monthly in-person or Zoom meetings. Email and phone communication are other options that can be used in between our monthly sessions. I would like a quick weekly update on Jordan’s progress that enables parents to express any worries and the instructor to offer any relevant information that can foster Jordan’s development, like new tools made available by an ever-evolving educational system. Jordan will grow, prosper, and reach his cognitive, social, and behavioral milestones if his family, teachers, and professional experts use consistent, well-honed communication and collaboration approaches.


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For this assignment, imagine you are the teacher in a four-year-old preschool classroom, and you have a student whose behaviors concern you:

Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Evaluating Developmental Milestones

Jordan is four years and six months old, and he is capable of reading at an emergent reader level. You noticed that he does not like the block center and refuses to go to the paint center. He does not work well with the other students during group work, sometimes yelling at them and refusing to share.

You are preparing for a meeting with the family of Jordan. Develop an action plan for the family in which you will discuss your observations and strategies that would help the student’s development. The action plan will explain the following:

  • Identification of the specific academic or behavioral concern for Jordan.
  • Explanation if you think the academic or behavior concern is a delay in a milestone or a learning style preference, and justify your thought process. (Note: Teachers cannot diagnose a disability.)
  • Description of two instructional strategies to support the child in the classroom.
  • Explanation of how you could collaborate with other professionals, including specialized experts, to support the student’s learning outcomes.
  • Description of two activities families can engage in with their child at home to support their child’s development.
  • Description of how and when you will communicate the student’s progress with the family.

Support your action plan with 2-3 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES.

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