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Hero Builder Case Study

Hero Builder Case Study

Hero Builder Case Study

The offered case study is a descriptive one. According to Schindler (2019), a descriptive study aims to identify the who, what, when, where, and how much. This is also referred to as descriptive studies, which gather new data and mix it with already-existing data to create research that can be straightforward or in-depth (Schindler, 2019). We can see that the researcher was thinking about the topic of “who” due to general trends and an effort to identify additional market participants. Vicale also decided to look into the potential of the action figure industry. Vicale discovered dozens of businesses, some large and some small, were involved globally after using the Internet as a starting point (case study). The case study also explains the exploratory research results piqued Vicale’s curiosity. The development of an online store to sell action figures based on contemporary heroes was motivated by evidence of the extent of the action figure market and a deep love and respect for the 9/11 heroes.

Exhibit 2-1 outlines the steps necessary to do successful researchResearch. According to Schindler (2019), a purpose must be clearly stated, the study design must be carefully planned and carried out, high ethical standards must be followed, the needs of decision-makers must be sufficiently analyzed, constraints must be openly disclosed, and findings must be reported in a clear-cut manner with supporting insights and conclusions. The business plan “combines vision and frequently novelty with concrete information to offer a thorough, coherent argument for the proposed business,” according to Clippinger (2019). carried out an initial test study before commencing the business of producing superhero and villain action figurines. discovered the broad information needed to locate and comprehend competition when it appeared in the target market using this research methodology. 2011 (Cooper & Schindler). Even though this kind of research was less organized than

Descriptive researchResearch provides the flexibility, effectiveness, and precision to analyze the necessary fundamental facts, later used to formalize and structure it. 2002 (Christopher, Payne, & Ballantyne).

  • Vicale looked at the viability of producing action figurines of popular heroes and potential markets online.
  • Vicale also conducted surveys of retail establishments, counting the number of things that were taken.
  • Vicale also sought legal advice to ensure his proposition would be enforceable due to the repeating parties.
  • customer analysis to see whether such a market may be
  • To determine whether performing some activity statistics would be

Mr. Vicale’s research was not carefully examined as a description of the experimental design to increase understanding of a topic that needed more prior knowledge. Mr. Vicale began his company by pursuing his love of collecting historical topics. He conducted the above research after becoming alarmed by the treatment his 911 doll was receiving. He began searching online for action statistics and eventually learned that Hasbro pioneered the industry.

The fact that he needed to utilize a non-experimental study design to determine the causal relationship and the impact his dolls would have on the whole market was a mistake (DJS, 2009). The problem could have been handled more successfully and effectively if the media and public response had been better assessed, and this would have been a means to improve.

Finally, he was forced to conduct descriptive research; despite his inconsistent approach, he could offer insightful commentary on several overlooked planned topics, including whether the company was ready to launch and the framework it would employ (Rutgers, 2009). has been a commercial success and has gained in popularity, but we identified a few crucial areas where Mr. Vicale could have made improvements and created research spaces to consider before marketing. Mr. Vicale seems to have mostly concentrated on his interests without making enough effort to understand how e-commerce and businesses are growing to prosper in a fast-paced environment. Businesses, people, policy groups, the media, and a variety of other stakeholders are all becoming more active, according to a 2016 study.

Furthermore, Mr. Vicale did not mention any marketing initiatives, buyer research, rival pricing strategies, or distribution channel efforts supporting his new product. To be successful, I would incorporate these in my research program.

The case study also serves as a reminder to get back to the fundamentals and adhere to a sound definition of research. Research is “a systematic process of acquiring knowledge and learning about life and society” (2017: 1). Mr. Vicale may have taken this concept a little too seriously, but I would keep this in mind if I were to start a study project on this subject.


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1.) Which of the four types of studies are presented in this case?

Hero Builder Case Study

Hero Builder Case Study

2.) Using Exhibit 2-1 criteria, evaluate the Research that conducted before launching its hero and villain action figure business.

3.) What issues, other than those Vicale chose to evaluate, would you have included in your research plan for

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