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ART 210 American University of Puerto Rico Abstract Expressionism Presentation

ART 210 American University of Puerto Rico Abstract Expressionism Presentation

Question Description

Movement Analysis


Activity 5.1 gave you the opportunity to explore different movements and to identify specific artists within those movements. You also had to locate some reliable sources. You will build on that assignment to focus on one movement to analyze style.

Activity Instructions

Select one (1) movement from the Movements Chart you completed this week. Create a presentation in which you explain the movement by providing the following:

  • Background information on the movement: how the movement started, significant events or developments (or something that happened prior to the period) that influenced the movement (i.e., the historical, socio-cultural, political, or scientific context), common themes/subjects, common stylistic qualities, etc.
  • Examine at least three (3) artworks by three different artists with regard to style (formal style – see Section 4.5 in the textbook) and how they fit into the movement. Your selections can show how artists had similar styles in the movement and/or how they were different (and why they all still were part of the same movement). Provide personal context as it is relevant to the artwork/movement. You may use the artworks you selected on your Movements Chart, or you may select different artworks as they fit the approach you want to take for your presentation.

Use the following structure for your presentation:

  • Slide 1: Title Slide
  • Slide 2: Introduction (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 3: Background on movement (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 4: Background on movement (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 5: Background on movement (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 6: Artwork Example 1 (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 7: Artwork Example 2 (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 8: Artwork Example 3 (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 9: Conclusion (min. of 100 words in notes)
  • Slide 10: References

By this point in the course, you have had some practice at art analysis, so you need to provide ample details in your notes area.

Integrate at least 1 reliable source for the background information and at least 1 reliable source per artwork (for a total of 4 sources). The sources should be articles on the movement, artist, or artwork, not just a link to image files. You may use the sources you noted in Activity 5.1, but you may need to conduct additional research depending on the artworks you select. Make sure what you are integrating is relevant to the topic and helps support your analysis of the quote. Using primary sources (e.g., the artist’s own words from letter or other writings) can provide great support for your points.

  • How to integrate: Incorporate quoted or paraphrased ideas from the sources, including both in-text and reference citation (and quotation marks if using quotes).
    • Do not use more than 20% quoted material. Most of the content should in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the material.
    • When using quotes, make sure to elaborate and provide further explanation or analysis of your own.
  • How to check reliability: You will need to locate the author and determine if the author is an expert on the topic (will likely have an advanced degree in art history or a related area). If no author is discernible or the author is not reliable, locate a different source. The library is a good place to find reliable sources.

Note: If you cannot find adequate research on an artist or on an artwork by the artist, select a different artist or artwork. “I could not find…” is not an adequate response in this activity.

Tips for Success

  • Include arrows or cropped images to point out details that may not be obvious to the viewer.
  • Do not overcrowd your slides with text or images.
  • Use bullets to highlight points in short phrases. Do not place paragraphs of text on the slide. Use notes area for full analysis instead.

Writing and Submission Requirements

  • Minimum of 10 slides
  • Title slide
  • References slide (minimum of 4 reliable resources)
  • Notes area or narration to elaborate on your analysi

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