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CHEM 318 GMU Kinetics Virtual Lab Report

CHEM 318 GMU Kinetics Virtual Lab Report

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Iodine Clock Kinetics

1.Reaction Rate.Calculate the initial reaction rates (in M/s) for each of your mixtures. Show your calculations below.(Since you did more than one trial, you can do one calculation using the average time value for your two trials as long as the two temperatures are the same.)Make sure to label your numbers with the correct units.

2.Determining the Rate Law.By considering how the initial rate changed when you changed the initial concentration of either iodate or iodide or H+, write the experimental rate law for the reaction below. Show all work in determining the reaction orders.

What is the overall order of the reaction?_________

3. Calculating k values.Using your calculated initial reaction rates and the experimental rate law, calculate the value of k, the rate constant, for each of the trial mixtures include units. Be sure to label your numbers with units.Show your work below. Final result should be an average k (± 2 x standard deviation).

4.Fill out the summary table below or Make table on Excel and print out.The table includes columns for the natural log of k and 1/T because these values will be used for your graph.Make sure you keep at least 3 significant figures for the k, ln(k), and 1/T values- if you don’t you may get rounding-off errors that will affect your graph.

Summary Table of Calculated Values


Temp (K)

rate (M/s)

k (M-1s-1)

ln (k)


Mixture 1

Mixture 2

Mixture 3

Mixture 4

Mixture 5

*since you did multiple trials, please only include average values in this table

5. Finding Activation Energy.Make a graph of ln k as a function of 1/T using the data from mixtures with varied temperatures (which all had the same reagent composition). Be sure the graph has a specific title and properly labeled axes.When making the graph, use the scatter mode and then add a linear regression trend line- be sure to have Excel print the equation for the line, and the R2 value on the graph.Attach a copy of your graph, which should be done using to the report.

Using the slope of your graph, as determined by linear regression, calculate the value of the activation energy (in kJ/mole) for the reaction. Be sure to label your numbers with units.Show this calculation below:

6.What is your R2 value for your linear regression line?Comment on this value and what it tells you about your data.

7.Sketch a potential energy diagram for this reaction on the axes below. For this reaction, ?H = –300. kJ/mole.Use your experimental value for the activation energy.Each square on the energy axis represents 50 kJ/mole.Be sure to label the reactants, the products, the transition state, ?H and Ea on your diagram.

Potential Energy


Reaction Coordinate (Reaction Progress)

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