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COM 2223 FITM Registration Process & Gasoline Price Organizational Patterns Discussion

COM 2223 FITM Registration Process & Gasoline Price Organizational Patterns Discussion

Question Description

I have edited to just 10 questions.

Submit answers on Word Document. It is not necessary to include the question

  1. Identify the best organizational pattern for a discussion of each of the subjects that follow. For example, a discussion of distance education and on-campus courses could be organized using the comparison-and-contrast pattern. Write a brief explanation supporting your selection. (Use each of the organizational patterns discussed in this chapter at least once.)
    1. how to register for courses at your college or university
    2. how you propose to reduce the time required to register for classes or to change your schedule
    3. your car’s dashboard
    4. the reasons you chose your college or major
    5. two music-streaming services
    6. increased security in airports
  2. Revise the following list so that the lead-in is clear, easy to understand, and punctuated correctly. In addition, be sure the bullet items are grammatically parallel with one another.

There are several goals being pursued by the Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research office;

  • the development of cost-effective in situbioremediation strategies for subsurface radionuclides and metals;
  • an understanding of intrinsic bioremediation as well as accelerated bioremediation using nutrient amendments to immobilize contaminants;
  • identifying societal issues associated with bioremediation research, and communication of bioremediation research findings to stakeholders.
  1. In the following paragraph, transitional words and phrases have been removed. Add an appropriate transition in each blank space. Where necessary, add punctuation.

One formula that appeared foolproof for selling computers was direct sales by the manufacturer to the consumer. Dell, , climbed to number two in PC sales by selling customized products directly on its website. , the recent success of Acer, now number three in sales, suggests that the older formula of distributing commodity items through retailers might be best for today’s PC industry. Acer’s success can be attributed to three decisions it made. First, it sold off its division that manufactured components for other PC brands. , it correctly concluded that consumers, who generally prefer preconfigured PCs, would outnumber business customers. And , it decided to expand its line of inexpensive netbooks (small PCs for surfing the web) just when the economic downturn increased the demand for cheaper PC products. These decisions appear to have paid off for Acer: last year, its market share rose 3 percentage points, from 8 to 11. , Dell rose only 0.1 point, from 14.8 to 14.9.

  1. The following sentences might be too long for some readers. Refer to the advice on page 127 (Links to an external site.), and break each sentence into two or more sentences.
    • If we get the contract, we must be ready by June 1 with the necessary personnel and equipment, so with this in mind a staff meeting, which all group managers are expected to attend, is scheduled for February 12.
    • Once we get the results of the stress tests on the 125-Z fiberglass mix, we will have a better idea of whether the project is on schedule, because if the mix isn’t suitable we will really have to hurry to find and test a replacement by the Phase 1 deadline.
  2. Refer to the advice on pages 133 (Links to an external site.)–34, and revise the following informal sentences to make them moderately formal.
    • The learning modules were put together by a couple of profs in the department.
    • If the University of Arizona can’t figure out where to dump its low-level radioactive waste, Uncle Sam could pull the plug on millions of dollars of research grants.
  3. Refer to the advice on pages 139 (Links to an external site.)–41, and revise the following sentences to make them more concise.
    • The instruction manual for the new copier is lacking in clarity and completeness.
    • We remain in communication with our sales staff on a weekly basis.
  4. Refer to the advice on page 142 (Links to an external site.), and revise the following sentences to eliminate fancy words.
    • This state-of-the-art soda-dispensing module is to be utilized by Marketing Department personnel.
    • We have failed to furnish the proposal to the proper agency by the mandated date by which such proposals must be in receipt.
  5. Refer to the advice on page 143 (Links to an external site.), and revise the following sentences to eliminate sexist language.
    • Each doctor is asked to make sure he follows the standard procedure for handling Medicare forms.
    • Policemen are required to live in the city in which they work.
  6. Refer to the advice on pages 143 (Links to an external site.)–45, and revise the following sentences to eliminate the offensive language.
    • This year, the number of female lung-cancer victims is expected to rise because of increased smoking.
    • Mentally retarded people are finding greater opportunities in the service sector of the economy.
  7. Refer to the advice on pages 139 (Links to an external site.)–41, and revise the following sentences to remove the redundancies.

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