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EGL 1100 Prince George Community College Laws for The Whites and Blacks Paper

EGL 1100 Prince George Community College Laws for The Whites and Blacks Paper

Question Description

Causal Argument Assignment

The overall point of this assignment is:

1. to trace the causes that led to the proposal and/or enactment of a

policy/law/program and/or

2. to argue for the potential effects of sustaining, implementing or abolishing the


Also, please keep in mind that for our purposes, racism can be reasonably extended

beyond skin color to discrimination based on ethnicity and country of origin. If you are

interested in focusing on other forms of discrimination, please discuss it with me before


Topic Options –

? 13 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1865) – understood to be the

federal law that ended slavery in this country.

? 14 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1868) – gave black men full

citizenship and equal protection under federal law.

? Jim Crow Laws – any state law passed in the South that established different

rules for blacks and whites.

? Voting Rights Acts of 1965 – prohibits racial discrimination in voting.

? Stand Your Ground Laws – under certain circumstances, individuals can use

force to defend themselves without first attempting to retreat from danger.

? Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers – the intention of Use of Force

policies is to keep law enforcement officers from abusing their power.

? Minimum Prison Sentencing Guidelines – automatic prison terms for

certain crimes, specifically, but not limited to drug-related crimes.

? Prisoner Disenfranchisement – policies that link voting rights and felony


Consider the causes: Why was this law/policy/program put into place? What

circumstances contributed to its implementation? What problem or potential problem

was it aiming to control or solve?

? Consider the effects: What are the results of this law/policy/program?


? Short-term/Long-term

? Necessary (What will definitely happen?)/Possible (What might happen?)/Likely

(What will probably happen?)

? On an individual/On the community/On society overall

Assignment Outline

You are not required to follow this organizational structure, but it may help you to get started.

EGL-1100 McComb

I. Introduction

? Begin with a hook to pull in your audience. Consider using a notable statistic

or a story that clearly illustrates the point of your essay (real or hypothetical).

? Give a brief overview of your essay.

? Include a thesis statement which specifically sets out what you are proving to

be true regarding the causes of the situation.

II. History/Background to Current Situation

? This section should take as much space as needed—a few to several


? Discuss the significant and relevant history of your topic up to the current

situation and how it came to be.

? Use research as needed to give precise and accurate background for context.

III. Evaluative Claim

? Once you have given a brief history/background of the current situation,

evaluate the situation as it is at present.

? In essence, you are passing judgment on the situation, arguing evaluatively.

? Again, use research as appropriate to support your judgments.

? While this section of your essay could run anywhere from one to three

paragraphs, typically one paragraph is the norm.

IV. Causal Argument

? This is the heart of your work. Once you have detailed the history/background

to current situation and evaluated the current situation, you are ready to

present your causal analysis.

? Demonstrate a link between the current situation and the causes for its

negative condition.

? Use current significant and relevant research to support your causal claim.

Find as many logical causes for the current situation as possible.

V. Conclusion

? Summarize the meaningful conclusions you have drawn clearly and precisely,

remembering to resummarize your thesis.

? Revisit the hook that from the Introduction.

Essay Details

? 4 to 5 pages plus a Works Cited page

? MLA formatting – Times New Roman; 12-point font; double-spacing

? MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page

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