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FIU Wk 3 Managing Stress at Workplace Discussion Response

FIU Wk 3 Managing Stress at Workplace Discussion Response

Question Description

Please reply to the following two post 100 one reference each

Discussion Board Week #3

#1 Yulier Rodriguez Medina

In a large and complex organization, workplace conflict is inevitable. It may arise from structural issues, incompatible personalities, or differing opinions, and is exacerbated by demanding jobs, long hours, pressure on resources, organizational change and societal factors. (Jones L et al (2019) A common strategy is to try to reduce or eliminate conflict. First it is priority to define if the source of the conflict is inherent to the workplace.

Conflict can arise from many factors, such as internal power structures, incompatible personalities and differing beliefs and opinions. If episodes of discord between staff are inevitable, current management strategies – which focus on reducing or eliminating conflict – need to be replaced. To develop new, effective strategies, the nature of workplace conflict and why it occurs must be understood.

As a Unit director, some measures should be taken in order to solve issues as they arise. Some strategies based on occupational psychology research, demonstrate that targeting the source of the problem is the first step to the resolution and effective actions can be implemented depending of the nature of staff individuals involved:

Conflict Resolution Training;

Hold conflict resolution training sessions for nursing staff so that any minor conflicts can be resolved successfully by nurses themselves.

Intervening at the right time;

Managers should be cognizant of the correct time to intervene and mediate the situation.(NUMA; Nursing Management: June 2019) – Action should be taken when it becomes apparent that the behavior of one or both of the parties has had a tangible, negative impact on the working environment.

Meeting with both parties;

The most effective way to resolve conflict is for managers to discuss the incident with both parties in the same room, affording them both an equal amount of time to state their case. This approach promotes fairness and balance, more effectively paving the way for a peaceful resolution.

Developing Goals;

Managers should encourage the individuals to explain how they wish to resolve the situation going forward. Both individuals should cultivate shared goals that they can commit to in a bid to move on from the tension.

The leaders who I respect the most are constantly learning. They aren’t afraid to ask for feedback and they listen, not for what they expect to hear, but what’s being said. Nursing leadership requires wholeheartedness. (American Nurses Association; 2015) We need to invest in ourselves and our own growth to serve others well. It’s time well spent to learn new skills, add to communication tools, and process difficult conversations.


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doi: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000558479.54449.ed

#2 Yulier Rodriguez Medina

1.-It is a known fact that workplace stress creates a negative impact on employee attitudes as well as their behaviors, which in turn results in reduced profit margins for your restaurant. Occurrences such as increased potential workplace injuries, elevated food waste, increased stress levels all affect the decision-making capabilities of the employees (Mack, n.d.). As a manage, it is important for you to understand how stress affects employee attitudes,

Managing a nursing department requires strenuous efforts. Organizations are forced to be flexible, efficient and productive to excel at their performance. The nursing staff demands strong motivation, stupendous leadership and great understanding between workers. Leaders need to create willingness amongst the employees to operate at their highest potential; this willingness is referred to as motivation. This report is based on a content/needs theory of motivation (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a five-tier model which was developed by Abraham Maslow in 1943-53 and his book ‘motivation and personality’ was published in 1954.

2.- For the last decade, sustainability and quality maintenance at affordable cost were the main targets of all healthcare systems against which they compete to achieve. The concept of efficiency together with quality and productivity, in terms of what’s called lean management, has been introduced from 2008-2018. Review of these practices identified cases of lean transformation and record positive results. (Arisha A, Rashwan W;2016) Moreover, there is a significant positive relation between leadership and organizational performance. Relationships between leadership roles, practices and performance, clear definition of methods and indicators, the real proportional value of particular aspects of leadership, the real motivator of professional towards leadership practices, appropriate role of clinical mangers, specific medical background that dominate, transitional leadership, and which clinical background promotes and facilitates this change to improve the performance.

Essential II Organizational and systems leadership: This Essential is critical to the promotion of high quality and safe patient care. Leadership skills are needed that emphasize ethical and critical decision making. (AACN; 2015) The master’s-prepared nurse’s knowledge and skills in these areas are consistent with nursing and healthcare goals to eliminate health disparities and to promote excellence in practice. Master’s-level practice includes not only direct care but also a focus on the systems that provide care and serve the needs of a panel of patients, a defined population, or community.


Arisha A, Rashwan W. Modeling of healthcare systems: Past, current and future trends. 2016 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) 2016;76:911–22. doi: 10.1109/wsc. 2016.7822203.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2015). The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice.

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