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IS 301 GBC 3D Printed Keychain Objects Containing Moving Parts Project

IS 301 GBC 3D Printed Keychain Objects Containing Moving Parts Project

Question Description

Name on Keychain: KEOUGH

Chapter 3 Assignment: Create a 3D Printed Keychain


Discussed within this chapter are many different forms of Input and Output technologies. One such technology is the ever evolving printers. Differing from other output technologies printers create a hard copy that is permanent and unchanging.

While there are many differing types of printers that serve a variety of purposes the focus of this assignment will be the history, use, and implementation of 3D printers.

3D Printers

Instead of printing on paper, these printers typically form output in layers using materials such as plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, or glass during a series of passes to build a 3D version of the desired output—a process referred to as additive manufacturing because material is added instead of being taken away as in traditional subtractive manufacturing.

3D printers can even print objects containing moving parts, such as gears and action figures with movable joints. 3D printers are available in a variety of sizes, from personal printers for printing smartphone cases, toys, jewelry, and other personal objects to professional printers for printing working product prototypes or custom manufacturing parts.

They can even print custom medical and dental prosthetic and implants using FDA-approved 3D material, as well as edible products printed from sugar or chocolate. In fact, the FDA recently approved a 3D-printed epilepsy medication built with layers of powdered medication. This drug is the first 3D-printed product approved for use inside the human body and has the advantage of dissolving instantly to make it considerably easier for patients to swallow than the typically large traditional epilepsy pills.


The intention of this assignment with the steps is for you to interact with new technologies and create a three-dimensional product with two dimensional tools. You will be created a key chain that will follow ALL of the steps below and look similar to my example above as an end product. You are able to get creative and add in cool shapes and designs as you wish but they must included the below listed requirements.

Requirements for this assignment include:

– All of the letters to be staggered heights.

– All of the letters must be the same color (one that is listed below).

-The key ring must be connected to the ring and both are program to be level and flat on the surface.


1. Watch the Tutorial:

    • Begin by watching this short tutorial about the online program Tinkercad. This video will introduce you to the features available in Tinkercad. Topics discussed are changing the views, where the tools are and what they do, and where to find objects.

2. Create a free account at: (Links to an external site.)

    • This website will be the location that you will build your key chain. This resources is very user-friendly and allows beginners to easily create custom items to be printed in 3D.

3. Access the New Design Window:

    • Once you have created an account click the “Create new design” button. This will bring you to a blank workspace. The grid on the left will be where you will create your key chain and the right in a drop down menu with basic shapes, texts and numbers, characters, and connectors.

4. Select Your Letters:

    • Click the drop down menu to access the texts and numbers. Expand the Text panel on the right side of the screen, then click and drag the letters onto the blank work plane.

    • Drag each letter of your name onto the work plane. I have used the letters for my last name, but you should use the letters from your name or any other word that you would like to turn into a key chain.

5. Align the Letters:

    • Click and hold down your mouse to draw a box and select all the letters on the work plane.
    • Select Align from the Adjust menu on the toolbar.
    • Align the letters so the bottom of each letter is in line with the others by clicking on the black dot.

6. Make the Letters Overlap:

    • In creating items that are 3D printed it is essential to consider spacing. To create a key chain that is one piece all of the letters must overlap to ensure they are connected.
    • Begin by rotating your view using the cube in the top left hand corner. Rotate your view so that you are looking down on your name by clicking Top on the View Cube. Select the second letter in your name and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge in closer to the first. (Each letter should overlap the letter before it by about 1mm, but this does not need to be exact.)
    • Repeat the previous step for each of the remaining letters in your name. When each of the letters is overlapping the letter before it in your name, you are almost finished.

7. Adjust the Letter Height:

    • Select all your letters and group them into a single object. To do this click and drag a box over all the letters, then click the Group button in the upper right corner of the editor as shown in in the picture below.
    • This is the place that you will be able to edit the color.
    • Your color options are:
      • Red
      • Black
      • Navy Blue
      • Electric Blue
      • Clear
      • Grey
      • Creamy Grey
      • Orange
      • Purple
      • White
      • Green
      • Yellow
    • It is essential that you choose one of these colors otherwise I will print your key chain in a color of my choosing.

    • Is your name a little hard to read? Let’s fix it!


    • Double click on your name and edit the group. Note: You will know you are editing the group if you see a red rectangle under your letters. The letters should also return to their original colors while editing the group.
    • Select the second letter in your name and use the white dot (handle) on the top to make the letter shorter or taller than the letter next to it.
    • Repeat the previous step with every other letter in your name. By doing this we will be able to see each of the letters in the group better when we finish editing the group.
    • Click anywhere on the work plane outside of the red group edit rectangle to finish editing the group. You should see your name change back to the group color and it should be easier to see each letter.

8. Add a Key ring Loop:

** Remember this step is important if you do not have a key ring you will not be able to attach this to make the key chain.


The dimensions included in the video were too small to fit on a key ring please ensure that you are changing these dimensions to use be able to use your creation as a keychain.

    • Drag and drop to place a cylinder on the work plane.
    • Shift + drag the handle on the workplace and make the cylinder 8mm x 8mm in the X/Y dimensions.
    • Drag the Z dimension (vertical) handle to make the cylinder 3mm tall.
    • Drag and drop to place a second cylinder on the work plane and size it to 6mm x 6mm in the X/Y dimensions.

Outer Cylinder Inner Cylinder

    • Drag the Z dimension (vertical) hand to be 4 mm tall.
    • Select the second cylinder and make it a Hole in the inspector window.
    • Select both cylinders and click on Align in the Adjust menu (the three options on the top right corner).
    • Click the dots to align the cylinders so they have the same center (click the middle black handle).
    • With both cylinders selected, group the cylinders into a single object by clicking the Group button on the Adjust menu (top right corner).
    • Select the key ring and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the ring into the first letter of your key chain.
    • To complete the key chain, Group your name and the ring together into a single object.

9. You’re Done:

    • Save the file and send it to me.
    • It must be saved as a .STL file for the 3D printer to print it.
      • You submission MUST include:
      • Your STL File
      • In the comment section:
        • The color you would like your key chain
        • Your Name
        • Address (including apartment number, city, state, and zip code)
        • Phone number (in case there is an issue and I can quickly contact you)
    • I will be printing them and sending them to you before the completion of the course.



3D Printed Key Chain

3D Printed Key Chain

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeName is included and all letters are “nudged” together to make one group.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLetters are adjusted to make all of the letters readable.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAll of the letters must be staggered in height.

15.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAll letters must be one color and from the list provided.

5.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeKey ring loop has been added and follows all of the directions.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAll directions were followed, including name and address submission for the assignment.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0


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