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NSG 302 UP Interdisciplinary Palliative Care for Patients with Lung Cancer Responses

NSG 302 UP Interdisciplinary Palliative Care for Patients with Lung Cancer Responses

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I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need an explanation to help me study.


An Interdisciplinary model of care is when healthcare teams work together for a common goal-Patient care and patient safety. It helps to bring the teams together to work together on difficult cases, to hear other ideas and suggestions.

I work in an outpatient clinic for cancer patients and it is crucial for all team members to come together. Our Interdisciplinary team consists of Medical oncologists, Advance Practitioner, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Patient care tech, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Pharmacist-with the help of Physical therapist, Wound care specialist, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Pain Management, Surgeon, Radiation Oncologist, Mind body, Social worker, Music therapy, Research. It seems like a large team but everyone has a part in patient care. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursday we have Tumor board where all of these team members come together to discuss the most complicated cases to provide the best quality and evidence based care to the patients. It is amazing to see the team come together for a single patient.

Another example in my workplace, is the way the double, triple check for correct medications/chemotherapy occurs. The MD places the order, the nurse double checks it and releases the order, the Pharmacist checks the order and mixes the med and the infusion nurse checks the order against the medical record from the MD and then infuses.

Team work is so important in the care of patients. From the most simple case to the most difficult case. Would not want to do it without the team.


The interdisciplinary care model defines team members who share and overlap knowledge, facilitating parallel communication at different extremities of practice to evaluate patient care and promote better outcomes from its fragments (Jacob et al., 2013). The interdisciplinary team includes physicians, nurses, unlicensed assistant personal (UAPs), and all medical staff working in health settings patient care. All interdisciplinary team members must work well together and collaborate to improve higher quality patient care outcomes. Due to lack of communication and collaboration, it has been noted to result in negative consequences and medical errors and, in turn, patient harm (Lancaster et al., 2015)

As a nurse, I have come across a situation where the physician does not communicate well with the nurse. I had a patient who was having difficulty weaning off the oxygen therapy and was on a 2L nasal cannula. The physician put in a nursing communication order to wean the patient off oxygen and ambulate the patient for 6 minutes on room air. Gradually I decreased the oxygen before attempting to get the patient out of bed. I turned down the O2 to 1 L and saw that patient was sating above 93 %. I then turned the O2 down to 0.5 L and helped her to sit on the side of the bed. After the patient sat there for a few minutes, I noticed she was breathing harder to catch her breath, and all of a sudden, the patient is desatting to 88 % on 0.5 L NC. The patient stated she felt short of breath and did not feel capable of getting out of bed. I proceeded to help the patient back in bed and put her back on 2L NC. I called and updated the physician on the patient not being able to tolerate getting out of bed without oxygen.

Shortly after, the physician placed discharge orders on the patient and immediately realized that the physician did not consider what I had just told him and did not seek to collaborate nor coordinate the patient’s future oxygen needs. I called the physician back and told him the patient was not ready to be discharged because she did not have home oxygen. I recommended he place a case manager consult to have home oxygen arranged and set up. After the call, I felt like the physician should have communicated and asked me if the patient had oxygen at home or should have come to the patient’s bedside to ask the patient questions. After the physician placed a case manager consult for home oxygen, the case manager arranged the delivery, and the patient was able to be discharged the following day safely. Communication and collaboration among the interdisciplinary team is the crucial element for positive patient care outcomes. As members of an interdisciplinary team, we must communicate efficiently to prevent adverse patient outcomes.

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