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San Diego State University Mathematics and Statistics Question

San Diego State University Mathematics and Statistics Question

Question Description

*****************Question 1***************************

Nine Olympic sprinters are eligible to compete in the 4 x 100 m relay race for the USA Olympic team. How many four-person relay teams can be selected from among the nine athletes?

Group of answer choices

**********************Question 2***************************

A boy owns two pairs of pants and four shirts. Use a product table to determine the number of different outfits can he wear to school if he must wear one of each item.

Group of answer choices

***********************Question 3**********************

In how many ways can first, second, and third prizes be awarded in a contest with 100 contestants?

Group of answer choices

********************************Question 4*******************

To find the number of ways to select a group of volunteers to clean-up after a party, you need to use ____.

Group of answer choices

****************************Question 5*********************

How many five-digit pins can be created with the numbers from 0 to 9 if repetitions are allowed and the first digit must be different than zero?

Group of answer choices

**********************Question 6*****************************

Determine the number of distinguishable arrangements of the letters of the word “elementary”.

Group of answer choices

*******************************Question 7******************

At a cafeteria you can choose from three sandwiches, two chips, and two cookies. Use a tree diagram to determine the number of different meals that you can have.

Group of answer choices

***************************Question 8**************************

At a cafeteria you can choose from three sandwiches and two chips. Use a product table to determine the number of different meals that you can have.

Group of answer choices

******************************Question 9************************

Determine the number of ways of drawing one pair of the same denomination from a standard deck of cards.

Group of answer choices

Question 10*********************************************

To compute the amount of Social Security numbers you need to use ____.

Group of answer choices

Question 11**************************************

A pianist plans to play six pieces at a recital. In how many ways can she arrange these pieces in the program?

Group of answer choices

Question 12**************************************************

At a baby shower 15 guests are in attendance, and five of them are randomly selected to receive a door prize. If all five prizes are identical, in how many ways can the prizes be awarded?

Group of answer choices

Question 13****************************************

An access code must be eight characters long. How many passwords are possible if only the 26 letters of the alphabet are allowed?

Group of answer choices

Question 14**********************

The United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation consists of 23 members, 13 Republicans and ten Democrats. The Aviation and Space Force Subcommittee consists of seven Republicans and eight Democrats. How many ways can members of the Subcommittee be chosen from the Committee?

Group of answer choices

********************************Question 15************************************

To determine the amount of license plates with no repeated digits you need to use ____.

Group of answer choices

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